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Importance of Safar Month – Miraculuous Rewards

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Safar months is one of the graceful months chosen by Allah SWT.  Unfortunately, most of people are assumed that Safar month is a reinforcement months because there are lot of troubles and tests bring down to the earth. Indeed, all disasters happened were not because of the Safar month, but it caused of the God’s will.


There is no reinforcement month from Muharram to Dzulhijjah months. All months are special because the month mentioned is existed by Allah SWT permission.

Unfortunately, in this modern era the thought of Safar month is a month of full disaster has already been inveterate in most of human mind. It has the same thought when someone is assuming that a disease can contagious because of the diseases itself.  Read more about The Purpose of Islamic Economy Life

In fact, in the monotheism knowledge, there is nothing happen in this world except of Allah SWT permission. Once, Abu Hurairah hadith mentioned that Rasulullah SAW said,

“There is no such contaminated and also no such haunted dead, and nothing is Safhar.”

Then an Arabic Baduy tribe said,

“Dearest Rasulullah SAW, the camels in the dessert are crown like a group of deer, and then when female deer scabies came into the crown, and why the crown is become infected by the female deer?”

Rasulullah SAW answered,

“And then who is the first one infected the female deer before it came to the crown?”(HR. Bukhari and Muslim).

It is clearly explained both in Al Qur’an and hadith that Allah SWT is forbid all His ummat to have specialize days and or certain months for something that assumed can bring bad luck including the Safar month. All months is having the same meaning which is given by Allah SWT. Read more about Importance of Subh Azan

In essence, the miss fortune or assyu’mu is when people are doing immorality deeds to Allah SWT, as Ibnu Mas’ud RA said,”

If there is miss fortune in something, please look your tongue, because your tongue is one of human sense which is often made immorality deeds.”

Last Wednesday of the Safar Month

Once, all theologians are agreeing that Allah SWT indeed bring down disaster on the last Wednesday of the Safar Month. Reconsider the magnitude of the disaster; it will bring down on the last Wednesday on the current year. Read more about Importance of Reciting Quran in Ramadhan

Ma’rifat theologians also said that there are 320.000 misfortunes happened on the last Wednesday on Safar month. Therefore, the day is also known as Yaumi Nahsin Musta’mir; the most difficult day during the year. Still, we should realize that all disaster that bring down by Allah SWT on the Arba’ Musta’mir should not being a reason to be assumed that the Safar month is a fortuneless month.

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In fact, it would be better for us to assume that Allah SWT brings down the great test to His ummat in Safar month. Read more about How to Give Thanks in Islam

Therefore, when all disaster is assuming as a test, everyone should try to pass it with their best by hoping they will get the best lesson from all. Increasing the deeds of worship to Allah SWT in order to avoid misfortune is one of the ways to deal with it. (Read: things can remove the deeds of worship).

Theologians said that there are some activities we can do to accept the last Wednesday of the Safar month, there are:

  • Sunnah prayer of four rakaat, with each rakaat is read of Al-Kautsar 17 times, Al-Ikhlas 5 times and Ma’udzatain 1 time ended by praying. Insya Allah, he will be guardian by Allah SWT from the day to the current year running. Read more about Reasons Why Good Deeds Rejected by Allah
  • It is recommending reading Yasin about 313 times and closed by praying. (Read: fadhilah of Yasin)

As a Moslem who believe to Allah SWT, we are convinced that Qada’ and Qadar of Allah SWT are the basis of all occurrences. Therefore, our faith to Allah SWT is getting stronger and it will not easily influence by perverted things like zina in Islam which is strictly forbidden.

We must believe that all disaster which is bring down by Allah SWT in Safar month is not because of the Safar month is assumed as a bad month, however, it is happened because Allah SWT loves his ummat, so He bring down all disaster to all human kind as a remainder to always remember Allah SWT and to get rescue to Allah SWT only. Read more about The Purpose of Marriage in Islam


Hence, Safar month is a special month due to we can get closer to Allah SWT. Here are the virtues of the Safar month:

  1. Increase our faith to Allah SWT

We believe that Safar month is as the same as other months mentioned by Allah SWT so we can do all good deeds to others. Do not believing that Safar month is a bad month because everything is happened because of Allah SWT. As His commandment,

“If Allah gives you something harms none can eliminate except Him. If Allah gives you all the good deeds, there’s no one can’t refuse His bounty. He shall gives all the good deeds to whom He wish for in between of his ummat. He is Al Mighty and Al Merciful.” (QS Yunus:107).

2. Faith to provisions of Allah SWT

Allah SWT commandment,

“It is said, it will never happened to us except it is already become His provisions. He is our guardian and to Him only all the devout people shall be faith for.”(QS Taubah: 51)

3. Avoid all things against monotheism

It is being known that the last Wednesday of the Safar month is the day when Allah SWT brings down disaster; still, it does not mean that it will stop us to do activities because it shall not suspend due to the disaster but it is because of our worship to Allah SWT. Read more about Importancec of Judiciary in Islam

For example: we cancel our traveling on the Arba’ Muta’mir is not because we are afraid to get misfortune, but here we are willing to get closer to Allah SWT by doing the activities we have planning. Rasulullah said,

“To whom who postpone of his needs due to thiyarah, indeed he is classified as shirk. Some friends are asking, “How to dispel those assumptions (thiyarah)? He said, “You should express (pray), Dear God, there is no good deeds which are not given by you, and there is no badness unless it is your provisions, and there is none correctly entitled for worship aside you.” (HR. Ahmad and Ath-Thabrani).

4. Increase our God-fearing and faith to Allah SWT

Realizing that everything is because of the God will, it will also increase our god-fearing. We are getting closer to worship to Allah SWT like doing mandatory praying and obligatory praying in order to get his bounty. Read more about Things to do on Friday in Islam

Those are complete explanation about Safar month that has so many importance and miraculous reward from Allah SWT

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