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6 Beliefs in Islam (A Value To Start)

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Believe means that we have faith in what we believe. We may not see it but we can feel it in our heart that we believe in it. When we believe, we are able to do things sincerely because we are sure that we are in the right path. Being a muslim leads us to believe that Islam is the true religion to embrace.


As a muslim, we need to know the rules and the beliefs in Islam to be able to understand better about Islam. Here is the 6 Beliefs in Islam (A Value to Start) that you need to understand.

1. Believe in Allah

The first belief in Islam is believe in the one and only God of the universe, Allah. By believing this, we confess that there is no other one or thing to worship but Allah. By believing this, we may not acknowledge any other thing as God. Having this belief in yourself means that you give yourself up to believe that your life and death is only for Allah.

To believe in a belief, we’re not supposed to say it only. If we really mean to believe it, we must express it in our action. Those are shown in the importance of praise Allah in Islam.

2. Believe in Allah’s Seraphs

The second belief in Islam is believe in Allah’s seraphs. The seraphs are there to help with the duties and to deliver the message to the messengers. They deliver the message from Allah to the messengers to share to humans. Having this belief means that we believe that the seraphs do exist around us and have their duties among us.

There are some seraphs’ names that we can learn along with their duties. The seraph who helped deliver the revelations to Prophet Muhammad SAW was Jibril. To give fortune and to handle the rain, wind and plants are the seraph Mikhail’s duties. When the doomsday comes, it’s the seraph Isrofil’s duty to blow the trumpet. As the grim reaper, the seraph Izroil revokes the lives of living creatures. When we die, the seraph Munkar and Nakir will ask us about who our God and our prophet is and what we did in our lives. To take notes of our good deeds is the seraph Raqib duty, while the seraph Atid takes notes of the bad ones. The seraph Malik guards the door of the hell, while the seraph Ridwan guards the door of the heaven.

3. Believe in Allah’s books

The third belief in Islam is believe in Allah’s books. Allah gives humans His commands and guidance through the prophets to share to humans. The prophets received the revelations which then were collected into books.

We have known that Qur’an is a holy book of Islam. It’s gifted to the prophet Muhammad from Allah through the seraph. Prophet Muhammad SAW spread the messages of holy Qur’an for muslim people as the guide of life and to give sight about the afterlife.

Before Qur’an was gifted to Muhammad SAW, there were also some other books gifted to prophets before Muhammad SAW. They are Taurat, Zabur and Injeel. Taurat was sent down to Prophet Musa AS and usually indicates the “Law” in the Qur’an. Zabur was revealed to Prophet Dawud AS. This revelation came to Prophet Dawud AS in a series of songs or chants. The Injeel was revealed to Prophet Isa AS. Injeel means Gospel Book and it is often called as The Gospel.

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Those books of Allah were there before Qur’an came as the improvement of the previous books. There are no longer original texts available of the three books. The holy Qur’an is the last sacred and the most perfect among the other books. The primary message of holy Qur’an is Tawheed, or Islamic monotheism.

As a muslim, we believe in all of these books and believe that they were all gifted from Allah Almighty. Though we should only hold onto the holy Qur’an, those books were revealed to the prophets that we also believe in. Take account that we shall not believe in today’s version of these books, because they’re not original and we can’t ensure their authenticity. The only book that is still preserved until today is the holy Qur’an.

4. Believe in Allah’s Messengers

Believe in Allah’s messengers is to believe that there are some people in the world who were chosen. Having chosen as the messengers, they spread the message of the commands and guidance from Allah Almighty. The messengers also shared the good news for those who have faith in Allah and bad news for those who disobey.

Having trusted with the religious duty, the messengers were gifted with the exceptional power and the high level of patience. They worked sincerely and knew no desperation. They put people before themselves and asked nothing as returns.

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5. Believe in the Doomsday

The fifth belief is believe in the doomsday. We must believe that life has an end and when the day comes no one in the whole universe can stop it. No one in the world knows when that day will come nor they can predict it. No one can delay nor hasten it.

When the day comes, no one can avoid nor save their lives, their family, their money and their properties. Believing in this belief reminds us that whatever happens in this world, they are just temporary. Whatever we have today will not mean a thing cause at the end of the day nothing will stay forever. The only thing we can hold onto is our faith and the good deeds.

When life ends, all souls will be awakened. They will be judged based on what they did in their lives. Before the day comes, we shall prepare themselves by doing as many good deeds as we can and leave the bad things behind. We must believe that Allah Almighty will forgive us doesn’t matter how great our sins as long as we don’t worship anything else but Him.

6. Believe in Qadha and Qadar

The last belief in Islam is believe in Qadha and Qadar. Although they are always mentioned together, Qadha and Qadar have different meaning. Qadha is a certainty from Allah that has been set for every human before they were born. Qadar is a consideration that Allah has set for every human. These two both refer to the fate that Allah has set for us. However, our action can impact our fate. The fate that can change based on or action is called Muallaq. We can change our financial condition through hard work and change our grade by studying hard. There is also the fate that we have no power to change, called Mubram. The fate of Mubram includes birth, death and soulmate. Doesn’t matter how hard we try, we can’t escape from death.

Those are the 6 Beliefs in Islam (A Value to Start) that you need to uphold as a muslim. There’s always a hope for someone who believes.

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