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10 Dua for The Last Day of Ramadhan

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Indeed, there is no place to rest our hope apart from Allah. Allah is our only place to ask and depend and He will fulfill all of His promises.


Especially in the month of Ramadan, believe and trust me if everything we ask will be heard and granted. This is the promise of Allah SWT to those who carry out their fast with a sincere and devoted sense which will born a pure heart and a clean soul only to Allah. Read also : how to increase iman in Islam

Just like the prayer that Rasulullah had taught specifically in the sacred month,

“Asyhadu an-laa ilaha illa-Allah, astaghfirullah, Asaluka ridhoka wal jannahwa a’uudzu bika min sakhatika wan naar.”

That means :

“I testify that there is no god other than Allah, I plead the forgiveness from Allah, I ask Your blessings and heaven, O Allah and I beg to avoid from Your wrath and the punishment of Hell.”

As for every night, we are also suggested to recite a dua,

“Allahumma innaka afuwun tuhibbul afwa fa’fu annaa.”

That means :

“O Allah as You are Forgiving, You love forgiveness, so forgive me.”

As the month of Ramadan approaches the end, it does not mean that good deeds become looser cause when it near the end of Ramadan we must be more diligent in practicing the good. Before the end of Ramadan, one thing we can do is pray. Read also : how to do Ramadhan fasting for the first time

The Last Ten Days

In history, Sayyidah ‘A’ishah RA is told during Ramadan when entering the last 10 days, the Prophet Muhammad abandoned his wives and focused on worship at night and woke his wives for worship. The worship done by the Prophet at night is dhikr, itikaf and recitations of Al-Qur’an.

It has been told to us that Abu al-Yaman said, has preached to us Shu’aib said, has told to us Abu al-Zanad from al-A’raj from Abu Hurayrah said that Rasulullah said :

“Whoever establishes the lailatul qadar by faith and wishes the reward, is forgiven his past sins.” (Narrated by Bukhari : 34, also narrated by pilgrims of hadith)

From the commandment of the Prophet SAW in the last 10 days are dua of Ramadhan and there are 2 dua that especially for the end of Ramadhan which are dua of Qunut at Witr prayer and dua wish upon lailatul qadar.

Dua of Qunut

Has told us by Qutaibah and has told to us Abu al-Ahwash from Abu Ishaq from Buraid ibn Abu Maryam from Abu al-Khaura ‘As Sa’di he said, al-Hasan bin Ali r.a. said,

“Rasulullah SAW, taught me some of the sentences I uttered in the Witr prayers, namely Allahummahdhi fiiman hadait, wa’afafhi fiiman ‘afait, watawallanii fiiman tawallait, wabaarik lii fiima a’thait, waqinii syarrama qadlait, fainnaka taqdli walaa yuqdla’ alaik, wainnahu laa yadzillu man waalait, tabaarakta rabbana wata’aalait.”

Dua Wish for The Night of Lailatul Qadar

Has told us by Qutaibah and has told us by Ja’far bin Sulaiman Adh Dhuba’i from Kahmas bin al-Hasan from Abdullah bin Buraidah from Ayesha he said,

“O Rasulullah, if I know the night whether lailatul qadar, what I say to Him? “He said,”Say: Allaahumma innaka ‘afuwwun kariimun tuhibbul’ afwa fa’fu ‘annii (O Allah, verily You are the Most Forgiveness and Most Gracious, You are happy to forgive, so forgive me).”

Abu Isa said, This hadith is a hasan sahih. (H.R. Tirmidhi 3435 is also narrated by Ibn Majah : 3.840, Ahmad : 24.215, 24.320, 24.322, 24.330, 24.559, and 25.018).

One of the best ways to complete Ramadan is to offer a farewell dua that is read on the last night of Ramadan, but it is also recommended to read the dua on the last two nights of Ramadan on the night of 29th and 30th.

Here are some alternative dua that you can use or recite at the end of Ramadan. Read also : best dua to thank Allah

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1. Dua at The End Of Ramadhan 1th

Jabir bin Abdillah RA from Muhammad al Mustafa SAW:

“Whoever reads this dua on the last night of Ramadan, he will get one of two goodnesses, to meet the upcoming Ramadan or the forgiveness and grace of Allah”. “O Allah, do not You make this fast as the last fast in my life. If you are determined otherwise, then make this fast a blessed one and not only a void.”

2. Dua at The End Of Ramadhan 2th

“O Allah, I beg you with your mercy, nobility, goodness, forgiveness, gifts, kindness, and gifts. Do not make this Ramadan as my last chance. May you take me to the next Ramadan in the best of circumstances and show me the next hilal (crescent moon) of Ramadan along with those who see the power of Your Mercy. Bless Your grace. There is no God other than Allah SWT.”


3. Dua at The End Of Ramadhan 3th

“O Allah, I beg You, may You pour your blessing to Muhammad and His family and make this month full of the glory of Ramadan that has passed from us since You sent down to this world as a blessing in keeping religion, my soul and all my needs. Give me the blessing to overcome all the problems, also complete the gift of Your blessings, send me from all the badness and decorate me with the holiness of this month.

4. Dua at The End Of Ramadhan 4th

“O Allah, I do not wish to make this fast become the last fast in my life. If you had the opposite determination, then i (as a servant) begs then make this fast full of blessed one and not only a void. If there is my sin that you have not forgiven or the torture that I will get for that sin that causes the dawn to rise this evening or this month passes, then please forgive me O the loving Substance of all who love.”

Read also : importance of reciting Qur’an in Ramadhan

5. Dua at The End Of Ramadhan 5th

“O Allah, please accept my fast with the best possible acceptance, forgiveness, mercy and also the essence of Your pleasure so that ultimately you can win me in all goodness and all the grace You have lavished on this sacred month.”


“Save me from a hesitation on the disaster that is lurking and also the prolonged dua. By Your grace, lend me to those who have the virtue of the night of al-Qadar, the night you have set as the good night of a thousand months in the majesty of rewards, the beauty of gratitude, the glory of the wealth, the long life and the prolonged ease.”

6. Dua at The End Of Ramadhan 6th

This dua is a dua that Rasulullah taught as a farewell dua for the night of Ramadhan in the 28th and 29th night. People who pray for this on the last night of Ramadan will get 2 goodness that is met with the next Ramadan or forgiveness and grace from Allah.

“O Allah, Ramadan will soon be passed, I plead to You through Your glorious Faces, through Your perfect sentence, if there is still left upon me a sin that you have not forgiven, or the sin that caused me to be tortured for it or until the passing of this month of Ramadan, then forgive everything O Allah.”


“Oh Allah, do not You make this fast as the last fast in my life. If you are determined otherwise make this fast as a blessed one for me and not the void one, that is merely the Holy One of Allah with all the Word. Amen.”

7. Dua at The End Of Ramadhan 7th

“O Allah, give me a guidance to your depravity and do not give the way of Satan to overpower me. Made me a heaven a place to stay and rest for me, O the Fulfillment of the Need for the person who ask.”

8. Dua at The End Of Ramadhan 8th

“O Allah, put my life in the sunnah and honor me with all my prayers that had been granted. Bing me between all the middlemen, O Who is not busy with the request of the person who asks.” 

Read also : fasting six days of Shawwal

9. Dua at The End Of Ramadhan 9th

“O Allah, cover me with grace and also give me taufiq and guard. Purify my heart and also the spot of slander, O the Merciful of His believing servants.”

10. Dua at The End Of Ramadhan 10th

“O Allah, make my fast along with grateful and recipients above Your blessing and also the apostle’s apathy. Their branch is sturdy and also strong thanks to the principal and finally, accept the essence of Ramadan fasting and also let of heart when performing it only for Allah SWT.”

At the end of the month of Ramadan, only forgiveness and also the deliverance from the punishment of hell that we can expect from Allah the Forgiving One and we hope that Allah may accept all the charities and worship we have done during Ramadan even though only a few and very many shortcomings.

May Allah be able to make us an istiqomah (steadfastness) in performing worship after the sacred month of Ramadan.

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