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13 Good Ways How to Become Successful in Life in Islam

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Success is undoubtedly a goal in life for everyone. But the path to success in never easy, and some give up in the middle. Only those who are strong enough will be able to finish the journey and reach success at the end of it. In order to be successful, many people do anything needed even when it’s violating law and people.


As a holistic way of life, our religion provided the way how to become successful in life in Islam. With these very Islamic way, a Muslim will be successful not only in life but in the Hereafter as well.

Here are how to become successful in life in Islam:

  1. Set the Intention Right

Everything begin with the intention. If we start something with the right intention, to seek for blessing from Allah SWT, it will be easier for us. When we are working hard to be successful by looking at Allah SWT, He will always be with us. It matters more than anything. Also read Benefits of Good Deeds in Islam

  1. Have Passion in Your Efforts

Nobody will be able to reach for their goals unless they have passion in it. Passion is an inner drive that motivates us to always work even harder and not giving up. Passion is main ingredients for success as it works as machine who keeps us alive.

“Even so, there are some who choose to worship others besides God as rivals to Him, loving them with the love due to God, but the believers have greater love for God.” (2:165)

  1. Give the Best on Work

One can dream as high as possible, but dream will remain dream if you don’t work to make it true. Your work define your success, as Allah SWT will not change someone unless they have will and work for the change. Also read Quran Dua for Success

“You who believe, be steadfast, more steadfast than others; be ready; always be mindful of God so that you may prosper.” (3:200)

  1. Focus on Success

“Indeed, Abraham was a [comprehensive] leader, devoutly obedient to Allah, inclining toward truth [ḥanīf], and he was not of those who associate others with Allah.” (16:120)

If we want to be successful in life, we may take a look at the life of the Prophet. On the verse above, it was Ibrahim who devotedly focus on reaching his goal as a hanif.  Stay focus on what you aim, do it in the right way, and remove all the distractions.

“So proclaim openly [connotation of going through something, like to split the desert in two with your trail] what you have been commanded (to say), and ignore the idolaters.” (15:94)

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  1. Push the Limits

“But We shall be sure to guide to Our ways those who strive hard for Our cause: God is with those who do good.” (29:69)

Everyone will meet obstacles in their way to success and those who is not strong enough to endure it give up in the middle. Push the wall who stands between you and the success. Have faith that you will eventually reach the end and obstacles are only temporary. Also read Importance of Dignity of Work in Islam

  1. Never Stop Learning

“And whose affair is [determined by] consultation among themselves.” (42:38)

Another way how to become successful in life in Islam is by never stop learning. Exchange ideas and share minds with others so you can have many things to learn everyday. All those people will help you to reach the success faster than when you are doing it alone. Always look for new ideas, open to new concepts, and never afraid to innovate new things.

  1. Improve Everyday

“Seek the life to come by means of what God has granted you, but do not neglect your rightful share in this world. Do good to others as God has done good to you.” (28:77)

A successful person never satisfied with who he is today. He always want to climb higher, be better, and improve everyday. Set a high standard, even for yourself, so that you always want to be better. If you have reach a point of success, don’t stay there for to long. While being grateful to Allah SWT, aim for higher point of success in life. Don’t be lazy and use your time efficiently. Also read How to Improve Faith in Islam

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  1. Do Good to Others

Before you become a successful person, prove that you are useful and helpful to everyone around you. So that when you reach the top someday, you stay humbled and devote your success for the good of others.

“[Believers], you are the best community singled out for people: you order what is right, forbid what is wrong, and believe in God.” (3:110)

  1. Be Persistence

Despite everyone know that persistence is what they need to reach for success, most of them are unable to be. Persistence is the combination of pushing yourself to the limits and improve everyday. By being persistence, you are always one step closer toward you goals. Also read How to Become Rich in Islamic Way

“Believers, why, when it is said to you, ‘Go and fight in God’s way,’ do you feel weighed down to the ground? Do you prefer this world to the life to come? How small the enjoyment of this world is, compared with the life to come!” (9:38)

  1. See Advantage in Disaster

“With every hardship there is ease, with every hardship there is ease.” (94:5-6)

Life is full of surprise, even the unpleasant ones. Always think positive of Allah SWT, because there are blessings in disguise. A clever person is someone who always see good in every unfortunate things.

  1. Make Many Friends

Instead of enemy, make as many friends as possible. When you are in a bad relationship with someone, you may have lose a great teacher from whom you can learn a lot. Also read How to Choose Good Friends in Islam

“You will see your direst enemy has become your closest friend.” (41”34)

  1. Do What is Possible

Between two opportunities, choose one that the most possible. If you are sure about what you’re going to do, it’s easier for you to be successful.

Aisha (RA) said, “Whenever the Prophet had to choose between two options, he always opted for the easier choice.” (Bukhari)

Those are the ways how to become successful in life in Islam. One thing you must remember is that success is due to Allah and from Allah. So always be in remembrance of Allah SWT when you make your effort toward success.

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