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12 Greatest Importance of Revelation in Islam

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“A Messenger from Allah, reciting pure scriptures, wherein are lasting commandments.” (98:4)


Revelation is one magical moment where Allah SWT sends messages directly to His selected servants. It is, of course, not necessarily direct since Allah SWT usually use his angel, Jibril, to send down the message. However, Allah SWT only sends message to whom He is fond of.

The message itself contain important things that may change the life of human being. It’s why the importance of revelation in Islam is very great for ummah. Without the revelation, mankind may lost and never find the right way to Allah SWT.

Here are more explanation about the importance of revelation in Islam:

1. Perfecting the Religion

Islam is a perfection. It’s the last religion sent down by Allah SWT as Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the Messenger. The rules, essence, and the core of Islam are all written in the Quran as the revelation for Muhammad. Thus, revelation makes Islam a perfect religion. See also Character of Prophet Muhammad

“This day I have perfected your religion for you and completed my favour upon you and have chosen for you Islam as religion.” (5:4)

2. As Guidance for the Living

The Holy Quran is the greatest revelation for Islam and human being in general. It contains the holistic aspects of life, from everyday matters to the guidance for afterlife. It remains a guidance for the living, a reference in doing everything in life. See also How to Improve Faith in Islam

“And We have sent down to thee the Book to explain everything, and a guidance and a mercy, and glad tidings to those who submit to Allah.” (16:90)

3. Solving Problem of the Ummah

A revelation came to the problematic ummah, as a solution that Allah SWT Himself offer. For example, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was sent down to the people of Makkah who were lost and strayed away from Allah SWT. They need to be brought back to the right path by the revelation. As the recipient of the revelation, the Prophet (peace be upon him) bears the responsibility to spread it to others. See also Importance of Iman in Islam

4. Pointing a Servant to be Allah’s Messenger

Allah SWT has 25 Messenger on Earth. All of them are pointed through a revelation, and every each of them receive the different revelation by a different manner. As for our Prophet (peace be upon him), his first ever revelation were Surah Al ‘Alaq with the very first word “iqra’” means read. See also Importance of Moral Values in Islam 

Those revelation is Allah’s way to point Muhammad as His last Messenger.

5. Preventing Conflicts in the Society

Everyone dreams to live in peace. However, conflicts are unavoidable and sometimes war broke in any part of the world. Here are the importance of revelation in Islam lies. It appears as a prevention of conflicts that may arise in the society. See also Ways To Earn Good Deeds In Islam

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6. As a Proof of Allah’s Existence

Revelation only can be done by Allah SWT. It’s a proof that Allah SWT exists, even though He never show His form to any being. It’s a way to convince us about the Greatness of Allah SWT that He is capable in creating such miracle.

7. Establishing Rules of Islam

Revelation contain useful information for the ummah, as well as establishing the rules of Islam. It provides a way of living for the human being.

Five Types of Revelation

Once the Prophet (peace be upon him) was asked the question: ‘How does revelation come to you?’ He replied ‘The sound of a bell ringing continuously is heard; sometimes comes a man who delivers the message – the Word of God. (Bukhari)

According to the Prophet (peace be upon him), there are five types of revelation. Here are those five types:

  • Direct Revelation

On the direct revelation, Allah SWT may convey His message to His servant in a manner only Him knows. Sometimes very smoothly and sometimes in a harsh way. The words of revelation was allowed by Allah to be uttered by the tongue of a servant when he is slumber.

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  • Answer to a Supplication

Allah SWT could also give revelation or Ilhaam as an answer to the supplication His servant made. Even when he doesn’t made any supplication, he will feel a strange unconsciousness as if he’s drowning in the water. As soon as he recovers, he feels a reverberation of what had just happen to him and sweet words suddenly emerges from his tongue.

  • Descending Through Heart and Mind

This kind of revelation appear as a sudden thoughts or inspiration, as long as he is slumber. When the recipient of the Ilhaam is currently awake, then the revelation comes out of the blue and he suddenly gets infused by the words, along with a strong feeling that it comes from Allah SWT.

  • Through the Dreams

Some servants receive the revelation through the dreams. Not the kind of ordinary things, of course. But a dream where Allah’s Angel appears before him, taking the form of human being and delivers message from the Almighty. The message sometimes seen written on the wall, stone, piece of paper, etc. containing the information of events that would happen in the near future.

  • Sound Behind a Veil

People often take it as a “whisper”. It can be called so since he hears a sweet, ecstatic voice which leaves someone in a good feeling. Upon hearing it for the first time, the recipient may wonder who talk with a such sweet voice and where it come from, to realize later that it is the voice of an Angel.

Revelation is one magical event, containing message from the Almighty Allah. That is why the importance of revelation in Islam is very great.

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