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20 Ways To Earn Good Deeds In Islam

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In Islam, there are many easy ways to earn good deeds. There are various kinds of worship and deeds that have different virtues and positions. Below are 20 ways to earn good deeds in Islam that you should know.

  1. Being a useful human being

Allah Almighty loves Muslims who can benefit others. This can be done by sharing knowledge, channeling some of the energy to help others, even if you have the some of the treasure you can give to people who need it more (charity). The following below here Rasulullah SAW said in his hadith. See also Ways to Get Good Deeds in Islam

“The above hand is better than the lower hand.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

2. Try to cheer your brother

When a brother we are sad. As a Muslim, we should try to cheer her up. Entertain his heart that he can be more patient with the hurt he has, actually comforting your heart is a great good deed on the side of Allah Almighty. Below here Allah Almighty says in the following Quran.

“So when vision is dazzled. And the moon darkens. And the sun and the moon are joined. Man will say on that Day: ‘Where is the (place of) escape?’. No! There is no refuge. “(Qiyamah 75: 7-11)

3. Feeding the hungry people

Sometimes people are selfish, rich people do not care about the poor people. In Islam, it is taught when we meet a person that person is a brother, neighbor, even a poor person does not have enough food. We as Muslims should not let them starve. Below here is Allah Almighty explains in the Quran.

“Have you seen the one who denies the Recompense? For that is the one who drives away the orphan. And does not encourage the feeding of the poor. So woe those who pray. (But) who are heedless of their prayer. Those who make a show (of their deeds). And withhold (simple) assistance. “(Verse 107: 1-7)

4. Pay the debts of others

If there is a Muslim who has excessive wealth, it is better he helps the person in debt. Rasulullah SAW once said that in fact when a Muslim frees his brother from debt, Allah Almighty will deliver him from the fire of hell. Below here Allah says in the Quran. See also Reasons Why Good Deeds Rejected by Allah

“Who is it that would loan Allah a goodly loan. So he may multiply it for him many times over? And it is Allah who withholds and grants abundance, and to Him, you will be returned. “(2: 245)

5. Pray for others

For every Muslim who wants to earn a great reward when you try to pray for each other (whether mu’min male or female). Allah Almighty will give you grateful reward. The following below here Rasulullah SAW said in his hadith.

“Whoever is praying for the mu’min of men or women will undoubtedly reward every kind of mu’min the men and women whom he prayed for.” (Al-Thabarani)

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6. Keeps to control your temper

Anger is an act that is not commendable and often leads to uncontrollable deeds. Prophet Muhammad SAW once said that should a Muslim should be able to control his anger. Below here is the following hadith by Rasulullah SAW.

“Anyone who restrained his anger when he was able to vent it, surely Allah will call him on the Day of Resurrection before the creatures until Allah chose for him the angels he likes.” (At-Tirmidhi)

7. Dzikir to Allah

The best good practice is to dhikr to Allah Almighty. This practice is also recommended by the Messenger of Allah (SAW) for us Muslims to dhikr to Allah Almighty both day and night. The following below here Rasulullah SAW says in his hadith. See also  Benefits of Good Deeds in Islam

“I read: ‘The Most-holy to Allah, praise be to Allah, there is no god but Allah, and Allah is Most Great’, really I love more than the world and the rest.” (Muslim and At-Tirmidhi)

8. Accept the existence of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Indeed, accepting the existence of Allah, the religion of Islam, and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is included in good deeds. Below here is the Prophet Muhammad said in his hadith.

“It is not a Muslim slave to say when he enters the morning and enters the evening: ‘I accept Allah as my Rabb, my religion as my religion, and Muhammad as my Prophet’ three times, but it is a right for Allah to receive it on the day Doomsday. “(Ahmad)

9. Looking for knowledge

A person who seeks knowledge, have the knowledge and teaches knowledge is the people who have practiced good deeds. For those Muslims who seek knowledge, then Allah will make way for them. Below here is the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said in his hadith.

“Whoever pursues a way to seek knowledge, then Allah will make it easy for him the path to paradise.” (Muslim)

10. Eliminate something “disorders” on the road

When you find something on the street, like twigs, nails, and other disorders. As Muslims, we have to get rid of these disorders so that others will not be disturbed. It is an act that can bring us to heaven. Below here is the Prophet Muhammad SAW says in his hadith. See also Virtues of Good Manners in Islam

“There is a man who walks through a tree branch in the middle of the road, and he says, ‘By Allah, I will issue this branch from the Muslims to not disturb them.'” So he was admitted to heaven. (Muslim)

11. Maintaining the honor of his brother

Any Muslim who can protect the abilities of his brother, Allah Almighty will turn his face from hell and God will put him to heaven. Below here is a hadith by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

“Whoever defends the pride of his brother, surely on the Day of Judgment, Allah will turn his face from the Hell.”(At-Tirmidhi)

12. Connecting the bond of brotherhood

Islam does not teach us to break the bond of brotherhood, but Islam teaches us to always connect the bonds of brotherhood. By the bond of brotherhood, Allah will expose our sustenance and Allah will extend our life. Below here Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said in his hadith.

“Whoever wishes to spend his life, extends his age, then should connect (the rope) in the relationship.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

13. Go to the mosque to perform the prayers

Actually performing the prayers at home is good, but it would be even better if we could do it in the mosque. Rasulullah (PBUH) once said that with us going to pray to the mosque, Allah Almighty will give sustenance every time we go and go home. See also Laylatul Qadr Prayer

“Whoever goes to the mosque or returns from the mosque, Allah will prepare for his sustenance in heaven every time he goes and goes home.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

14. Perform prayers in congregation

A Muslim woman performing prayers at home is much preferable. However, for men perform praying in congregation with the priest it takes precedence. Below here is the Prophet said in his hadith.

“The congregational prayer is better than the twenty-seven-degree prayer itself.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

15. Prayer in the first shaf

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) advised us that when you are in the mosque and are about to perform the prayers. You should be in the first shaft position. Indeed, in the first shaf Allah and his angels give shalawat to us. Below here this is the hadith of Rasulullah SAW.

“Verily Allah and His angels recite shalawat to those who are in the first shaf.” (Ahmad)

16. Serve Hajj others at their own wealth each year

Having excessive wealth is a gift from Allah Almighty. Indeed, every Muslim who can provide help by serving Hajj others with his wealth, really it is praiseworthy and all the sins of you Allah will forgive it. Below here is the hadith. See also How to Perform Hajj Step by Step

“Work the Hajj and Umrah in a row, for, in fact, it (may) eliminate the benefits and sins of a smith-like blower that removes rust of iron, gold, and silver.” (Tirmidhi)

17. Become a call to prayer

Whoever becomes a call to prayer, then he will be forgiven all his sins as long as his voice is heard by others. Really this is good practice and following below Rasululullah explain it in hadith.

“The azan will be forgiven (his sin) throughout his voice (sounded), and justified by the one who listens to it both wet and dry and also to him the reward of the one who prays with him. “(Ahmad and An-Nasai)

18. Answer the call of azan

In Islam, Whosoever hears the call of azan is we should answer it. Rasulullah also suggested that after answering the call of azan, we should ask forgiveness to Allah Almighty. Below here is the hadith by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

“Say as the muezzin says, when you are finished then ask (to Allah) He will surely give you.”
(Daud and An-Nasai)

19. Has a noble character

Indeed a Muslim man and woman must have a noble character. You should be a good person, and being kind to others it can add to our age. Rasulullah SAW said in his hadith. See also Virtues of Feeding The Poor in Islam

“Silaturrahim, virtuous, kind and friendly to the neighbors (can) establish tribes and increasing age.” (Ahmad and Baihaqi)

20. Do good to parents

Allah Almighty really loves this good deeds, and this is said by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in one of his hadiths. He said that actually doing good to the parents, pleasing both parents, both father and mother are worship in Islam.

“Pray in due time, do good to the mother and father and jihad in the way of Allah” (Bukhari and Muslim)

Hopefully, 20 ways to earn good deeds in Islam can be a learning for Muslims around the world. There is really no heavy step to earn good deeds. Please, do good with simple things, Allah Almighty will give a proper reward for us.

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