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Definition of Islamic, Insaniyah and Wathaniyah Brotherhoods

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A sense of belonging to the brotherhood or a sincere sense of brotherhood between fellow Muslims and all other religious people has still not been said to be maximal.


There are still a lot of people who do not care about the misery of others; even there are still many who have not been able to accept togetherness in differences to be a force in unity. There are still many people who are still bounded by a high sense of ego because they think themselves to be the right one. (Also read: Brief History of Islam In Egypt Which Will Make You Amazed).

As in the hadith which reads:

“A believer in believers (other) is like a building, one another reinforces one another.” (Narrated by Al Bukhari and Muslim)

Terms to create a sense of brotherhood:

  • Doing sincerely because of Allah SWT and in accordance with the rules of the content of the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Apostle.
  • Doing sincerely because of our Faith that cannot be replaced by anything.
  • Doing all deeds in accordance with the rules of Islam that are good and right.

There are many ways we can do with a great heart that spreading the feeling of brotherhood in our daily lives which can be fun:

  • Carry out prayer together (congregation) with a sincere heart and understand that we as humans cannot live alone without the help of others. Never classified people based on their social status! Togetherness in affection with inner purity is absolutely necessary.
  • Pride is meaningless one percent when we experience the most terrible disaster, when we are seriously ill until the day we die or when our religion and beliefs are humiliated by other nations.
  • Sincerity means helping fellow Muslims from their trouble and fellow religious people without any sense of selfishness just because they want something (Showing off wealth or increasing their prestige to be respected by others).
  • Sincerely forgive the mistakes of others and understand that in this world no human being can escape from mistakes, shortcomings, and weaknesses.
  • Greet each other and spread greetings with a peaceful face and create a sense of mutual affection.
  • Forget about differences and getting well together to create a united, harmonious society, mutual respect, and willingness to accept each other’s shortcomings.
  • Strengthen and enhance friendship by way of holding a joint recitation, or during the month of Ramadan, you can hold a joint event and tarawih prayer in congregation.

Rasulullah was once asked by a friend,

“O Messenger of Allah, proclaim to me a charity that can bring me to heaven”. The Prophet answered; “You worship Allah, do not associate Him with everything, you establish prayer, give alms, and you connect hospitality.” (Narrated by Bukhari)

  • Steer clear of acts that are hated by Allah and give understanding to all people about what actions Allah dislikes and contain painful punishment, for example committing murder, immoral acts, etc.
  • Pray for everyone.
  • Promise to do good under the name of Allah SWT.
  • Be sincere and accept criticism.
  • Do not feel always right because no human is perfect. Respecting the opinions of others is the key to forming mutual harmony.

There is a behavior that must be carried out in order to create an atmosphere of Islamic, insaniyah, and wathaniyah brotherhoods, namely:

  1. Islamic Brotherhood

Feeling and acknowledging that fellow Muslims throughout the world are brothers and sisters that we should protect. We strive for their rights to Islam if they are in a warring country and pray for them. (Also read: History of Islam in Afghanistan Muslims Should Know).

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These are the stages of the precious stages in Islamic brotherhood:

  • Ta’awun: namely mutual help between religious people because of God.
  • Ta’fahum: that is a mutual understanding that no one can escape from shortcomings and mistakes.
  • Ta’aruf: According to Islam that is the desire to know others with the intention of increasing brotherhood.
  • Takaful: that is a state of being mutually united in joy and sorrow, and together, they solve all problems with compassion and mutual respect for different opinions.
  1. Insaniyah Brotherhood

Feel and acknowledge that all humans in the world is our brother. There is no difference that becomes the basis for mutual hostility because there is no one who lives in eternity.

  1. Wathaniyah Brotherhood

Maintaining mutual harmony between religious communities and cultivating a sense of mutual need, mutual respect and respect for differences within the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia and together upholding the dignity of the nation in the eyes of other nations.

But, at this time, the existence of brotherhood in the nation’s national life of Indonesia is still far from expectations. Self-righteousness always exists in each individual. Each person does not care about the sense of togetherness. Ironically, they already know about brotherhood and the basis of Islamic Law, namely the Islamic rule that obliges to foster a sense of affection, love fellow believers, and care for each other. (Also read: History of Islam in Indonesia That Muslims Should Know).

They still ignored and did not carry out the norms of goodness that existed in Islamic, insaniyah and wathaniyah brotherhoods. If this continued in the long term, Indonesia could experience a brotherhood crisis which could be a laughingstock for other nations.

Let us do everything that had become the determination of brotherhood in Islam in honesty and sincerity . It is impossible to have to wait another thousand years which may be a rule of good Islamic rules that are truly tainted by behavior that should not exist.

Even now, if we have carefully examined our mind’s eye, the meaning of brotherhood has been neglected because it has been tainted by the interests of the world which for them have more charm that they cannot refuse. Interests based on mutual blasphemy, mutilating each other, dropping each other, and so on.

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Interests that have made the meaning of brotherhood increasingly distant and rarely applied in daily life are due to worldly affairs which are full of business competition, political interests, and so on. For them, it feels more important and profitable and they consider Islamic, insaniyah, and wathaniyah brotherhoods as a waste of time.

It needs to be fought so that brotherhood among the religious communities in the archipelago is maintained and strengthened every day.

The existence of brotherhood norms is misinterpreted by certain parties in the name of Islam. This is the most dangerous enemy for Muslims themselves. Many Islamic teachings have been modified with various rules and deviant and sinful behavior. That is when the Islamic rule that is in the teachings about Islamic, insaaniyaah, and waathaniyah brotherhoods become meaningless. (Also read: The Law of Conveying the Truth in Islam and Its Proposition).

It is time for all Indonesian Muslims and the whole world to unite and fight for the rules of true Islamic rules based on a strong sense of brotherhood. (Also read: History of Islam in Syria People Rarely Know).

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