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20 Islamic Ways of Getting Pregnant – Conception

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Getting pregnant is part of family planning in Islam. Here are Islamic ways of getting pregnant to all married couple who have longed to have children.


1. Family planning

The first thing to do to get pregnant in Islam is making a family planning for the married couple. The family planning is to decide the size of the family based on health and economic reason that is permissible in Islam. Islam is never against birth control, as there are no verse in Quran or Hadith mention about it, but Islam did permit birth control.

The only right for human creations belong to Allah SWT alone. Under the will of Allah Almighty, a child will be born, regarding the birth control being practiced or not.

As narrated from Imam As Sadiq (AS) “(Imam) Ali ibn al Usayn saw no problem in coitus interruptus and he used to recite the verse that ‘When your Lord took from the Children of Adam, from their loins, their descendants…’ (Al A’raf: 172) So from whatsoever (seed) Allāh (SwT) has taken a covenant, it is sure to be born even if it is (spilled) on a hard rock.”

2. Eating the recommended foods

Foods bring a great impact for the physical health of a person. Not only that, eating the right foods affects the soul and psyche as well. There are certain recommended foods in Islam that should be eaten by an Islamic couple who wants to be a parent. The Imams have made the list of recommended foods should be eaten by parents to be:

  • Chicory, Quince and Pomegranate

Islam recommended the father to eat chicory and pomegranate as its increase the sperm production as narrated from Prophet Muhammad (SAW): “Eating pomegranate is a cause of increased sperm production for men and makes the child beautiful and healthy as well.”

Quince is best eaten at night of conception, as Quince is best in creating the beatiful faces and pure sperm.

It’s narrated that when he saw a beautiful children, Imam As Sadiq (AS) said, “It is very likely that the father of this child ate the fruit quince on the night of conception.” He also added, “Eating (quince on the night of conception) makes the face (of the fetus) beautiful and good, and the heart strong and firm.”

  • Qawoot

Both the mother and father are recommended to eat Qawoot, a powder consist of many ingredients (mostly seeds and nuts) grind together. The Qawoot is hard to find in most of countries, so it recommended to eat pistachios or almond instead, two ingredients included in Qawoot.

A man told Imam as Sadiq (AS) as narrated: “O son of the Messenger of Allah (SWT), a son has just been born who is weak and simple-minded.” Imām replied: “Why didn’t you eat Qawoot? Eat that and recommend your family to do so too. Surely, Qawoot makes flesh grow and makes the bones firm, and a son will not be born from you except that he is strong.”

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3. Be in the right state of mind

When conceiving a child, both the mother and father should be in the right state of mind, as it bring a great impact for the fetus. They have to in a relax state, not in any emotional condition such as angry or sad. In relax condition, the blood circulation in body of the parents would be good, which resulted in a normal baby.

As narrated from Imam Hasan:  “(If) at every time of conception, the heart is relaxed, blood circulation is normal and the body is without agitation and anxiety, the child will resemble his father and mother.”

4. Parents should have a good relationship

A good relationship between the mother and father would benefit the child a lot. If the parents have strong physical affection towards each other, then the kids would be positively affected too. While fear, worry, and sadness between the mother and father would brings negative effects to the child, such as bad temperament and behavior.

5. Wudu’ and Du’a

In order to have a good child who worship Allah and believe His Messenger (SAW), a Muslim couple should take a Wudu’ before making love in remembrance of Allah (SWT). Wudu’ brings relaxation to the body and calming the heart. This will positively affects the sperm and child.

“Those who have faith and whose hearts find rest in the remembrance of Allah (SWT); Look! The hearts find rest in Allah (SWT)’s remembrance!” – Ar Ra’d: 28

While getting ready to make love, read the following du’a as narrated from Imam al Baqir (AS) below:

“O Allah (SWT)! Bless me with a child, and make him pious. Let there not be in his creation any excess or any defect, and give him a good destiny.”

6. Protection from Shaytan

Do the following acts to get pregnant and protected from Shaytan

  • Your intention in having child is to please Allah SWT
  • Recite Quran and thank Allah SWT before doing the act
  • Start with “A’udhu billahi min ash-Satan ir-rajeem” to make sure the child won’t have the qualities of Shaytan, and continue with “Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim”

7. The right time to make love

Here are the right time to conceive a child as recommended by Islam:

  • Sunday night, to have a child who is content with everything given by Allah SWT
  • Monday night, to have a child with good smelling mouth and merciful heart.
  • Wednesday night, to have a child that will become a scholar of religion.
  • Day of Thursday, as Shaytan won’t go near the children.
  • Thursday night, to have a child that will be a preacher or reciter.
  • Day of Friday, after the time of Asr and after the time of Isha.
  • First night of Ramadan.
  • Late of night, when the body is not tired and the stomach is empty, resulted in a child who is very intelligent.

8. The wrong time to make love

Here are the wrong time to conceive a child:

  • When you about to make a journey at the night, or just return from a journey. The state of the body would be very tired and stressed. It will be resulted in the child being a wanderer. So do Become a pedlar, who used up his wealth in another way which wrong.
  • The first hour of night, because the body state is tired and the stomach is full. Resulted in a child becoming a sorcerer and choosing the worldly life instead of Hereafter.

9. Makruh acts when trying to get pregnant

The way of getting pregnant is of course by sexual intercourse between the mother and father. However, there are several makruh acts in the process which will affect the child:

  • Speaking in the middle of the act, except for Dhikr to Allah SWT. The child will be dumb.
  • Doing the act under direct sunlight, resulted in the child being poor until his death.
  • Doing the act without covering.
  • Doing the act without Wudu’
  • Doing the act in a rooftop
  • Desiring another woman during the act

10. Haram times to conceive a child

Here are the times that are not recommended by Islam to conceive a child

  • During the woman’s period
  • During a state of ihram
  • During Nifas time
  • When the acts is caused harm to either the mother or the father

More Islamic Ways of Getting Pregnant

  1. Mention to Allah in every obligatory prayer, how you want to have a child who will be useful for Islam and loving Allah for life.
  2. Do the Hajat prayer, everyday until you get pregnant, so Allah knows that you really desired it.
  3. Do the Tahajjud prayer, as all the du’a said after the Tahajjud prayer would be granted by Allah SWT
  4. Do good deeds to everyone, and it will be resulted to a good thing to you.
  5. Put your faith in Allah that He will grant your wish
  6. Keep a healthy body to have a healthy child
  7. Do not eat the haram foods or the foods that are doubtful in Islam
  8. Be filial to your parents
  9. Ask your parents to pray for you as well
  10. Recite certain du’a to get pregnant from Quran or Hadith

To those are Islamic ways of getting pregnant. May Allah grant our wish and blessed us with a healthy kids who worship Allah until his death.

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