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The Debatable Law of Digital Wallet in Islam

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Digital development is growing rapidly such as online payments or using a digital wallet. The term digital payment can be called a digital wallet. This digital wallet is already well known.


But do you know what the law of digital wallets in Islam is? Let us discuss it more deeply and clearly what it looks like. See the explanation below:

Benefits of Digital Wallets That are Not in Accordance with Islamic Shari’a

Digital wallets have actions that should be in accordance with Islamic Sharia. This conformity is what if it is used not in accordance with Islamic Shari’a and creates a haram impression.

This illicit impression comes from usury from a deposit of money. The root of a deposit is borrowing and saving. But returning again must be in accordance with the agreement. Just like the company that receives the money, usually, they immediately turn the money around.

Money Turnover in a Digital Wallet

This money turnover often occurs at discounted moments or pieces when using a digital wallet. Ustadh Dr. Erwandi Tarmizi, Ma said briefly as below:

“When the deposit or money saved digitally and received by the company, it is immediately played. The turnover indirectly lends money to the company. At a certain moment, the money borrowed will increase so that it can be used when the discount moment is, of course, usury. So do not use a digital wallet when discounted because what can be used to pay can be an interest.”

Basically, deposits are providing loans to certain people/companies. In Islam, the law is permissible. But when the loan benefits one party where there is interest or discount, it violates the law of God.

The trick should be if you want to use a digital wallet, it is recommended or it would be nice if you do not take advantage (discount).

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Law of Digital Wallet in Islam

The law of digital wallet according to Buya, he said, was based on the knowledge of several religious expert sources such as regarding usury if it was linked, it would be as follows:

“If our intention is to pay for services, we are legally lawful. Because they have an agreement and there is no usury here. A simple picture when we pay our needs first, through a system that has a balance cut. And given to the service provider, it is okay not to usury.”

So that in essence, the law of a digital wallet is permissible because there is actually a digital wallet to make it easier. Shipping uses digital itself to pay for the services they have provided to consumers, regarding illegitimacy and whether a digital wallet actually returns to the digital wallet users themselves. Usually, from the online side, they have provided terms and conditions as information on agreements with consumers and that needs approval.

The current trend is developing which sometimes becomes an anxiety for the community but as a people of Islamic religion, we must return to the contract and understand the values ​​of usury.

For that reason, it is best for digital wallet users to understand and read correctly about the approval of the terms and conditions of using a digital wallet in order to avoid misunderstandings regarding this matter.

While the company itself has tried to make it easier for consumers to pay if their wallet is left behind, forget not to bring cash, then they can use a digital wallet.

Usury in Payment Transactions

Allah SWT also said in the Qur’an Al-Imron verse 130 about the sale and purchase transaction which is not in cash. And if the payment is due and the debtor has not been able to pay off, the amount of money will increase.

“O ye who believe, do not eat usury by multiplying, and fearing Allah so that you may have good fortune. Take care of yourself from hellfire which is provided for unbelievers.”

Digital wallets are not only for purchasing services or buying items that you do not know. This will be like Wadi’ah which cannot be changed in the sense that when you deposit your money Islam is not permitted if processed.

In certain conditions, it should be the use of a digital wallet in an emergency so that if it is not an emergency, then pay normally is better. Meanwhile, top-ups are also like exchanging physical money with balances.

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Unclear Application of Digital Wallet Regarding Goods and Services

Of the many services in digital wallet applications, the digital wallet is not clear about the goods or services to be purchased.

Here is the opinion of Ammi Nur Baits:

“Every day, in a digital wallet if it holds that much money, then the strong guess is that the money is used, so the bonus or discount given is interest or even usury.”

Every action usually has tips and methods, therefore, here I will also give tips on using a digital wallet. Following are the tips:

  • The use of digital wallets is better to use when you do not carry cash.
  • Pay attention and read the terms and conditions of the digital wallet before deciding to approve the policy so that there will be no misunderstanding in the future.
  • Be clear about the bonus or discount because it may be usury or profit from the deposit.
  • It is better to prioritize cash than a digital wallet.
  • Choose a digital wallet that has conformity with Islamic Shari’a according to your knowledge and learn what the system clearly is.
  • Do not save too much money in a digital wallet.

The Conclusion:

The law of digital wallets in Islam is permissible. Moreover, the digital wallet is actually to make it easier for people to transact when not carrying cash but still we have to pay attention to Islamic Shari’a when using it. Some clerics have also explained that using a digital wallet is permissible when in an emergency.

While the case of usury has also been explained also in the surah Al-Imran verse 130 as explained above, there is still no clarity about it because it is a new matter. However, the above opinion has been based on religious experts and the theory of thought is based on Islamic Shari’a in the Qur’an and the opinions of the scholars regarding Wadiah or Cort.

It would be nice if you, as a user, also know clearly the agreement to use a digital wallet so that in the future there will be no misunderstanding or deviate from it. Cash payments will also be better if preferred.

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