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Law of Reject Guests in Islam – Brief Explanation

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A guest means a person or group of people who come to a place for personal and business purposes. We all certainly ever have guests or visitors, whether it’s with an interest or just want to stay in touch with someone to unwind and find entertainment.


People who have many guests are usually people who have a wide relationship and know how wisdom of hospitality in Islam, has many siblings and many friends, and that person is happy to stay in touch with his fellow.

Glorifying the guests is mandatory thing in Islamic terms and is one manifestation of one’s faith,

Whoever believes in Allah then glorifies his guests“. (Bukhari).

The person who visits is a sign of good intentions, he likes the people he visits, and is comfortable talking or in touch with his. Guests should be treated well and courteously as we are treated when visiting.

Law Rejects Guests in Islam

What if there are people who do not like the arrival of guests? such as being uncomfortable or afraid of disturbing his family so that they prefer do silaturrahim outside the home (for whom who do not own their own home), feeling bothered, and feeling more comfortable doing his own activities because he feels his privacy is disturbed by the arrival of others.

In Islam, it is not allowed to reject or behave badly on the guests, because Islam teaches good relations not only with God but also with our fellow. The following explanation of the law is based on the word of Allah and hadith of the Prophet.

Disobey Sunnah

The Prophets and Apostles have set an example in daily life one of them about the example in treating the guests, consider the following words of God, “Has there reached you the story of the honored guests of Ibrahim?- When they entered upon him and said,

[We greet you with] peace.” He answered, “[And upon you] peace, [you are] a people unknown. Then he went to his family and came with a fat [roasted] calf.”QS. Adh-Dhaariyat : 24-26)

The Ibrahim Prophet at that time received a guest of an unknown person (who was actually an angel of God) but he continued to receive and treat the guest well, even serving his guest.

The story of God’s word teaches us that every guest must be treated well by using our capacity. The prophets never set a bad example in treating a guest, for example show long face in his presence, speaking disrespectful words, or being unfair to his guests.

As a believer we must follow the example of goodness that is exemplified by the Prophet and Rasulullah.

Away from Goodness

There is no good for those who do not entertain (reject) the guests“. (HR Ahmad 2434).

Goodness is meant in the hadith is associated with fortune, brotherly relations or friendship, and prejudice of others. If a visit to someone else’s house with good intentions must be accepted well too, so that in the future will be a close relationship of brotherhood.

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For people who are used to refusing guests over time will make people reluctant to visit his home, for example when he needs help or have an intent (event) people will think over a­­­­­nd over to come to him or her because it was already prejudiced that he treated others less well, loneliness who will become his life companion.

Prejudices in Islam are divided into two namely good prejudice and prejudice. If you see the problem, it is most likely a bad prejudice that will appear.

  • Refusing Blessings

In earlier times it was narrated there was a man who was happy if his house was a guest, but his wife are not. Every time a guest came to the house, his wife showed a bad attitude, the man told this to the Prophet, after hearing it he said “tell your wife, today I (Rasulullah) and some friends will visit your home, say on your wife to pay attention to the guests at the time out of the house “.

  • Refuse Sustenance

One of the characteristics of a home that has a good fortune is that guests often visit because of the owner’s greatness of soul,

Surely a guest who comes to visit someone brings a fortune to that person from the sky, when he eats something God will forgive the occupants of the house” (HR Muslim).

An example in the past is when the Prophet Ibrahim came to the visitor who turned out to be the angel and the angel brought glad tidings about the sustenance of God in the form of the birth of the Prophet Ishaq when at that time he is aged.

Indeed, not all guests bring fortune in the form of food or other fruit, fortune is not only something that can be bought with money, sustenance can be also a brother or a good friend, guests who come and get a warm welcome from the host will feel appreciated so they will expect goodness for the person visited.

With the presence of many guests, is a way of accelerating sustenance according to Islam, because not a few guests who bring sustenance to the host he visited.

  • Make the Angel Who Spread Mercy Comes

Among the angels of God there are assigned to go around spreading mercy to humanity, the angel when coming to our house will pray for the good of all the inhabitants of the house, the house will also produce a positive aura, peace, and ever-flowing spiritual pacification.

One of the causes of the coming of angel who spreading mercy is the presence of a guest or a sincere person in doing silatturahim, following the hadith of the Prophet,

Any house that is not visited by a visitor, then the angel will not visit the house” (Muslim).

From the hadith it can be concluded that the rejection of the guest will give a loss for the host, for alike he refused the arrival of the angel granting mercy, whereas the angel is a servant of God who loved by him, the angel’s prayer will be granted because they are always in holy, in condition of obedience and obedience to God without stopping.

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  • Away from the Keys of Heaven

Ibn ‘Abbas, when the companions of the Messenger gathered, someone entered and asked, O Messenger of Allah, did you say that the guest is the key to heaven? Ibnu Abbas replied: Yes, we heard it from the Messenger of Allah and he said,

Whenever a Muslim came, he was accompanied by an angel who recorded for the host of goodness and wrote it for every food consumed by the guests with 1000,000 goodness and also removed 100,000 wickedness and also lift him with 100,000 degrees. And it was not wretched for him unless the guest had gone 40 days and it was all given by Allah SWT “.

As we know there are many good deeds that can be the way to his heaven, but we as servants will never know which practices are accepted or in vain in the eyes of God, we should always multiply the practices that draw near to the key of heaven that one of them earned by glorifying the guests, refusing guests does not belong to the crime or the like but running the Shari’a of Allah will surely reward his own goodness that can be a stock for life in the future.

  • Disapprove Guest That Is Allowed

In Islam, there are some things that can be denied to the guests, the law or the Shari’a is implemented if the guest is feared to bring slander or draw close to the immoral act, for example a woman who lives alone in the house and is approached by a non-mahram, opposite in Islam it is permissible for good intentions to protect himself.

It is also recommended by the Messenger of Allah in his hadith

Do not one of you be alone with women except there is a mahram accompanying” (HR Bukhari).

It is so lucky if your house is often visited by the guests, do not complain or surly because the guests come to bring forgiveness, sustenance, remove the sins, and take away the badness from the house. It is haram to refuse a guest especially if the guest comes well with the purpose allowed in Islamic law. Wallahu alam.

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