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Marketing Ethics in Islam and its Principles

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In marketing a product, a businessman often does everything he/she can to get the benefit of one party. Without considering or thinking about the rules that should be adhered to market the item. However, keep this in mind that in religion, business treatises have been discussed in fiqh muamalah buying and selling in Islam.


As Muslims, we must be able to obey and carry out whatever has been commanded in Islam. We should appreciate the function of Islamic religion in managing everything in our life.

Business, according to Islam, has a marketing system so-called marketing ethics in general and certainly has principles that are in accordance with Islam. In Islam, it is permissible to follow market competition, market development, but certainly must be in accordance with the established sharia.

While in Islamic marketing, it is permissible to maintain a good name with customers, maintaining an impression with customers, mentioning the quality specifications of goods, of course, it must be in accordance with the condition of the goods. A businessman must be able to be honest in carrying out trade and follow all the rules of economic transactions in Islam.

Marketing ethics in Islam has principles that maintain the rules in Islamic law or the rules of Islamic economic law. Marketing in Islam must contain Islamic marketing which is marketing that always pays attention to the rules and objectives of Islamic economics. It would be better if a businessman paid attention to the prevailing norms or trade procedures that exist in Islam. The existence of procedures for trading or doing business has been arranged in the Qur’an, besides that, as a businessman, we must know what dangers lurk in doing business such as:

  1. Justice

Fair conduct is something that an entrepreneur must have in marketing his goods or products. If a leader is not able to create justice in a business and to be successful in the afterlife according to Islam, a leader must be able to behave fairly and wisely.

  1. Maintaining Product Quality

As producers, we must be able to give the best to customers. One of the ways we can do is to maintain a friendly relationship with them, namely by maintaining the quality of our goods. As a good marketer, of course, we must provide specifications of goods that match their quality. That is why managing quality goods should be done in business.

  1. Aware of Age Development

Wise in making changes is an action that must be done by a businessman. Even in a sharia economic rule, this should be have by a Muslim businessman. A businessman must be able to capture the existence of an era so that they can keep abreast of the business market without breaking the rules of muamalah fiqh that have been set.

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  1. Honest in Measuring Quality and Quantity

As Muslims, we are taught to be honest in giving information about an item, both its quality and quantity. We must pay attention to this so that we won’t do a mistake in Islam. Therefore, a businessman should state a price that are in accordance with the quality and quantity.

  1. Khiyar in Buying and Selling

In maintaining business marketing, item is the main thing. Building a good relation with customers is something that must be done in your business. In Islam, we have been taught that the buyer is a king. Therefore, as a businessman, we must be able to market and respond to customers in a good and right way.

  1. Functions and Benefits

If we want to market an item, make sure that the item provides benefits to the customer. And of course, the benefits must be in accordance with the purpose of living according in Islam. For example, if you market a khimar for women, of course, the item should have benefits for the user and we can be sure if the items we market are not misused as a media for immorality.

  1. Marketing Goods with Sincerity

Marketing an item is an intention in doing business and this must be based on the feeling of being honest and sincere. And of course, we must know how to be sincere in marketing an item or product. Marketing an item sincerely will return in a blessing for your business.

  1. Trust

As a businessman, we are required to be able to market goods in order to get benefits. While marketing goods, we must be able to maintain the trust of a customer in providing information or specifications. We have to give information on the quality of the goods clearly and accordingly or as it is.

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  1. Try or Endeavor

In doing business, we will definitely market our merchandise. A trader must be passionate about marketing his goods because there is a danger of despair in Islam; therefore, we must be able to avoid it. Maintaining a good name, product quality, and the impression of customers are the secret to a sucessful business. For the sake of maintaining that, of course, an effort is needed for a businessman and this endeavor must be based on true Islamic law.

  1. There is Openness to Customers

In marketing an item, we must have openness in selling goods, the type of goods, the quality of goods, and the purpose of using these items. In addition to let customers understand and know about the ins and outs of these items, this is also done in order to become successful entrepreneurs according to Islam.

  1. Not Marketing Usury

Marketing goods without containing elements of usury or interest is encouraged. In marketing goods as Muslims, we are not allowed to market goods or transactions that contain various types of usury.

By studying business ethics in Islam, God knows we can better understand the rules of Islamic business. Know that God has arranged all the treatises that have existed in this world for thousands of years before the process of human creation. As we should, we must understand what the rules in the Islamic sharia economy are.

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