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Racism and Islam – Human Rights – Justice

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Racism is discrimination and prejudice towards the person because of their race and sometimes ethnicity. Racial describe discrimination on an ethnic or cultural basis, outside of either these differences are defined racially. Nowadays, the racism and Islam are related each other after the issue after 9/11, most Moslems have been experiencing for bullying and felt discriminate, by Islamophobia. Moslem is actually is not a race but form of bullying to Islam is equated with racism. The racism is not only to outside Islam (Islamophobia) but also inside the Islam


Racism in Islam happened in the beginning of human life when Satan thought himself superior to Adam on account of his origins. Since that day, the Devil has misled several of Adam’s descendants and imitate the Satan believing themselves superior to others, inflicting them to oppress and exploit their fellow man. As quoted in Quran 7:12:

“God said, ‘What prevented you from Sujud (prostrating) when I asked you?’ [Satan] said, ‘I am better than him (Adam). You created me from fire and You created him from clay.'”

Quite usually, the religion has been accustomed to justify racism. Judaism, for instance, despite its Middle­-Eastern origins, is misrepresented as a Western religion; however, the entry of Jews into all levels of Western society truly betrays Judaism’s moralist reality.

Islamophobia and Racism

It is true that Islam is a religion and Muslims are not a race. Nonetheless, that should not claim that Islamophobia is a form of racism. It is the same way when we say that black people are not a race so that anti blackness is not the form of racism. We understand that it is not that true because black people come from many ethnic and many nations all over the world, which suffered from anti-black discrimination. That is why it is practically the definition of racism.

The form of Islamophobia as well happened in the Sikhism. It is such a cases of violence against Sikh are considered. Sikhs are not Moslem, and they are much odd with Moslems. However, they had been shot and killed, got harassed at the airport. They are suffered from the other forms of Islamophobia because of their brown-skinned with the beard and turban outfit.

These Sikh men (the follower of Sikhism, a monolithic religion which originated during the 15th century in the Northwestern Indian) are never asked their ideas about Sharia law, Burqas, the Quran, etc. They got perceived their monolithic idea because of their race. In the contrary, there are many white men with turbans and kurtas exit from yoga studio was not shot and killed. They are as well not harassed for forcing their woman wearing burqas.

Islamophobia is racism hidden under appearance claiming of being opposed to barbarism. If it is not a form of racism, then the Sikh men in turbans, who absolutely do not part of Islam and are apart spiritually from Muslims than Christians are, would not be getting harassed.

Islamophobia display through the surface characteristics of the race. Sometimes people in some are discriminated because of the color of their skin, their outfit, their long beard, the Middle Eastern of their name. Thus, this is the form of racism and discrimination that should not happen to our Moslem people all over the world.

Racism Inside Islam

The Moslem community is a global community of diversity, variety, and color. We have learnt accept some Moslem (and non-Moslem) without seeing to their color, nationality or ethnicity. Nevertheless,  black Moslems (and another colored skin Moslem) experience racism from our brothers and sisters in Islam. Every effort to tackle these problems has been swept under the rug with the phrase “One Ummah brother, we admit no racism in Islam”. How do you able to describe the feeling of superiority towards black and brown people? Why are we let it flow for anti-blackness in the Muslim community? When we are not willing to accept the problematics beforehand and take a look at and solve these blatant problems proactively.

When non-Moslems are racist to black Muslims, it’s quite easy to deal with the issue. We anticipate with ignoring these racist and forgive them for his or her mental object. However once your own “brothers and sisters” reject you because of your skin color, it’s quite unhappy and problematic. It seems like there is no shelter to whom who need the protection. The Arab domination towards black folks is still not passed. It might be there has not ever been a unified in Moslem community.

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Allah (swt) honor the authority of an individual over others only on taqwa (religiousness) rather than on race, creed or colour. The Holy Qur’an in Chapter 49, Ayat 13 says:

O mankind, certainly have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Certainly, the most honorable of you in Allah’s sight is the most righteous of you. Certainly as well that Allah is Knowing and Conversant.”

Islam discards certain individuals or nations being superior because of their wealth, power, or race.  Allah created mankind as equals,  who are to be distinguished from each other only on the basis of their faith and righteous.

As The Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)  said:

O people!  Your God is one and your forefather (Adam) is one.  An Arab is not better than a non-Arab and a non-Arab is not better than an Arab, and a red (white skin people with reddish tone) people is not better than a black person and a black person is not better than a red person,  except in religiousness”

From the Prophet statement above concludes that Allah does not see people as their skin color, their hair color, eye color, whether Arab or non-Arab is the same as long as they have performed what Allah order to the Moslem.

Black Moslem

It is the story about one of the Companions of the Prophet (PBUH), he is a black Muslim namely Bilal Ibn Rabaah. He was an Abyssinian (now it is around Ethiopia) slave who had been lived in Mecca and embraced Islam in the Prophet era. Almost all Moslems know about this black slave who was freed by Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) with the help of Abu Bakar. The Prophet appointed him to be the minister of treasury (Bayt-al-Mal) and chose him as the first caller to the prayers (Muazeen).

Sometimes a part of Moslem wondering why the moral story about Bilal on how not to discriminate the black Moslem. In fact, there are many dehumanized black Moslem by the white Moslem nowadays. Moslem are taught that  brother- and sisterhood is the key to a strong and unified Muslim community, so that they should not consider the black Moslem as underdog.


Black Woman Moslem as well non-Arab Woman

Some women face racism either from Moslems or non-Moslems. They get mistreated and raped in the Middle-East by their Arab bosses. They should not have been trapped in this situation. In fact, they have been violated and get harrassed by their same “brother”. This is not as the way people should treat to their “sister” even though she is black, poor, and from other nations.

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How to Solve Racism

Racism can be combat if we are as a Moslem respect first to others so that they would give a positive way to us as well our religion. At least we have to try on how to minimize the racism which is the problem nowadays.

  1. Be Confident in Who You Are

If you are the subject of racism just be confident of who you are. The racism happened because the victims feel insecure with whom they are from. You should be pride from where you are, your race, ethnic, nation. Just believe that Allah considers people with the same equality and be grateful that Allah created you just the way you are.

2. Saying Salaam

Islam teaches Moslem all over the world saying salaam when we meet our brotherhood/sisterhood wherever you are. The salaam like “As Salaamu Alaykum” has a meaning of  “peace be upon you”

3. Do Not Generalized

If you being experienced on racism or harassment by the people in certain country, then don’t judge another people in the same country has the same attitude.

4. Say No to Racial Joke

Train yourself not to talk about the racial joke or just joke toward to some race which could be hurt of the one’s feeling.

5. Step out of Your Comfort Zone

According to Quran 49:13 (Al Hujurat) that Allah has created human from males to females, with various tribes, and should know each other. So that, if you go to a new place, be kind with the native country wherever you go. You should introduce yourself and make a kind gesture so that the foreign people will respect you.

6. Arrange Multi-Cultural Event

It is better if you have Islamic community or local masjid ask to arrange the cultural event and we will see many various people from different culture and countries join in the same event.

7. Stand with Each Other

Allah asks us to help each other and we have obligation to find another if they need our help. Whether when one in condolence on their death family member or other things they need support from you. The way you treat them when they in their darkest time show them that you can rely on.

8. Humble Yourself

Most Moslems understand that they are nothing more than a slave of Allah. We should feel small in front of Allah and there is no one superior, wealthiest, richest. An arrogant people will not be allowed for them to enter Jannah.

Thus, that the racism and Islam would be related as long as depends on how people consider others. Just remember of Allah and you may live peacefully together. Hopefully, this article will a little bit solving problems of human race issue nowadays.

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