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10 Useful Tips for Saving Money in Ramadan

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When ramadan (the ninth month of the islamic calender and the month of fasting or sawm) usually will be a lot of needs or expenses that we do.


Ramadan is time for fasting so if we are not smart to manage finances or manage the funds owned will surely have an impact on the extravagance of our expenses.

In addition, during ramadan, there is usually any variety of price hikes or economic high enough. Especially if it is approaching on Eid. For that matter, note the following things so that our ramadan remain economical and in accordance with the needs.

Of course while running the pillars of faith and pillars of Islam, frugality is the thing to do. See also: tips ramadan fasting for breasfeeding moms

Tips for Saving Money in Ramadan

Here are tips so we do not wasteful during ramadan. Ramadan and fasting should be more economical and do not spend the budget for excessive food.

However, sometimes it is not even saving money but waste or we do wasteful. Starting from preparing to breaking fasting, dawn, prepare for the holiday, and so forth. For that, here are 10 tips to save when we run the fasting month of Ramadan.

1. Avoid breaking the fast outside

Avoid to breaking the fast outside or buy food outside the house . Sometimes many prices become expensive when fasting and there is no price reduction. For that, if it is not an urgent, then better avoid to buy food or drink outside. Unless, if indeed we want to charity and provide sustenance to fellow traders.

2. Cooking at home

Cooking yourself at home however will still be frugal and cheap. In addition to sparing and inexpensive cooking itself more hygienic and in accordance with our own desires. It’s just that, although sparingly, cooking yourself at home requires considerable time and effort.

We have to shop, buy ingredients, prepare the spices, cook, so it can be eaten. It is rather different if we buy it outside. See also: tips of ramadan fasting for patient with ucler

3. Breaking fast together for free in Mosque (free iftar إفطار)

For those who want to save money, they also can also iftar (breaking fast) together in mosques or other public places that provide free food. Of course this is devoted for those who are travelers. But if you really want to save money and eating together in the mosque this could be an option as well as an alternative to frugality.

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4. Eat enough and break enough

Eat enough and break enough to taste is a cost-saving tips that must be done. Eat enough and buy open should seek according to need and do not always have to follow private lust. For that, buy enough to eat and break a sufficient according to the needs of our intake.

Sometimes when fasting, our passions push to buy or want something that much. Though it could be that it is only the temptation of demons and won’t be eaten later when it is finished fasting.

5. Choose the iftar you want to attended

In Ramadan, usually a lot of invitations of iftar that came to us. In addition to breaking the fast, usually this event will be a reunion or gathering moments with friends.

Although silahturahmi is a good and appropriate moment, we should be wiser and choose which will be attended.

Since if the costs incurred are too large and expensive, then surely will make us wasteful in spending funds. See also: tips fasting ramadan by Prophet Muhammad


6. Breaking fast with something that fills

To avoid buying a lot of food, later it is better to break fast with something sweet and choose a meal that fills our hunger. If we are satisfied, it will be easy to not eat much again and buy something excessive.

Do not forget though frugality then look for halal drinks In Islam, halal food according to Islam, and also food from halal animal according to Islam.

7. Do not eat too much

Should not snack or buy something while still fasting. Buy something or food when it is already breaking. Usually snack or buy a meal when fasting will lead us on buying in plenty. For that just buy it when finished fasting.

8. Avoid a place for shopping

Entering Ramadan certainly people will also prepare for Lebaran or Eid al-Fitr. If not prepared or anticipated usually we will be easy on buying goods or shopping for Eid’s reason. Therefore avoid places that encourage or condition us to shop. For example, such as: Mall, Market, Bazaar, Cheap Market, and so forth.

9. Increasing Worship at Mosque or at Home

Increasing worship in the mosque or at home makes us more focused to enjoy the nuances of Ramadan worship. Increasing worship keeps us from the temptation to over-spend and less often for sightseeing. Beside the wisdom of being frugal, we can also more focus on worship and avoid the world temptations.

Especially in the last 10 days of Ramadan when entering the Virtue of Lailatul Qadar Night. So on this night of Lailatul Qadar we should also seek and achieve the primacy of the night of Lailatul Qadar. See also: the virtue of salat tahiyatul al-masjid

10. Targeted and Planned for Ramadhan Finance

When entering Ramadan, we should have a clear and measurable Ramadhan financial plan. This is because if without any financial planning then we will be difficult to control our finances and will spend much money.

The targets and financial planning that we make should assume not only financial planning during Ramadan, but also when preparing and ahead of Eid al-Fitr. Current expenditures must be very large and make a financial drop if not planned well enough.

For that matter lets do also the Family Financial Planning in Islam, Tips Arranging Household Finance According to Islam, for financial planning when Ramadan really runs.

Ramadan is not a month to spend our money

All we need to remember is ramadan not a month to spend money but for many charities. Even if we spend a lot of money then use all wealth we have for a lot of charity and spend it in the way of Allah.

Just remember that month of Ramadan is a month where reward being multiplied, so do not let what we have also become useless because it is not optimized for deeds in the presence of Allah.

There are many virtues of Alms in the month of Ramadan, so use it as well as possible.

“And the example of those who spend their wealth seeking means to the approval of Allah and assuring (reward for) themselves is like a garden on high ground which is hit by downpour – so it yields its fruits in double. And (even)0 if it is not hit by downpour, then a drizzle (is sufficient). And Allah, of what you do, is Seeing. (QS. Al-Baqarah : 265)

May we always be His servants who do not exaggerate and always can keep life balanced. Rasulullah never gave an example of a wasteful life, but a simple and humble life.

In addition to frugality during Ramadan, we can also perform various worship or other deeds as well as activities in the month of Ramadan that Produce Reward, Deeds in the month of Ramadan for women menstruation, i’tikaf in the month of Ramadan, and do the primacy of reading Al-Quran in the month of Ramadan. Read also: ways to get good deeds in Islam

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