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20 Importance Of tenth Muharram In Islam

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Muharram is an important month for Muslims because there is the day of forgiveness in that month . The day is tenth Muharram, it’s called Ashoraa’s day. Based on the history, tenth Muharram is a special day for mankind because in this day, tremendous events happen. Read also Importance of 15 Shaban in Islam


Such as Allah SWT forgave the prophet Adam, saved the prophet Musa from Firaun(Pharaoh), and many others. Many example virtues that given by the holy prophet Muhammad in this day. So, this article will tell Muslims about the importance of tenth Muharam in Islam.

  1. Seven Great Events For Muslims
    In this day, seven great events happen for mankind especially Muslims. That events begin with prophet Adam’s story. Based on the history, Adam has been expelled from heaven because of his mistake, and this is the biggest mistake that made by human in the history but in this day God forgiven him from his mistake. Then, the Prophet Nuh story, Nuh’s ship anchored on the Zuhdi hill after long sailing from the flood that sent by Allah SWT. In this day too, the prophet Ibrahim saved by God from namrud’s fire torture. Then, the story of prophet Yusuf released from egypt’s prison. Prophet Yunus get out from shark’s belly, and the last are the story of the prophet Ayyub and Musa. Ayyub was healed from disgusting diseases and Mussa is saved from pharaoh pursuit in the red sea. To increase your knowledge read also Akhlaq of prophet Muhammad

2. Special day in the first months
Muharram is the first months for Muslims, so this is the first special day for Muslims in the new Islamic year. And many great reward given by god in this day. In addition, Many Sahabah doing a good deeds in this day. Read also Importance of 15 Shaban in Islam

3. Profitable day for Muslims
In this day many reward given by Allah SWT and many prays accepted too. So this is a profitable day from Muslims if they could utilize this day with good preparation and good deeds. But, don’t fill this day with a bad deeds because this day located in months of Allah SWT. And, you could make a great sins if you spoil this day with bad deeds like war or something that prohibited by Allah SWT in this month.

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4. The first ten days of Muharram are a special days
The prophet Muhammad SAW said that the first ten days of Muharram are important and advised to utilize them well:

O my companions and my ummah! Be careful on the first ten days of Muharram! Do not fail in respect for these days. Fasting and doing the other good deeds have a lot of thawabs on these days. Allah (swt) created the earth and the heaven in the first ten days of Muharram. Futhermore, the end of the world will come on those days. Allah (swt) saved Prophet Nuh from the flood and the infidels drowned on the first ten days of Muharram.” (Gunyat-ut Talibin)

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5. Month Of Allah
Ashura (tenth Muharram) is the date that located in the one of those months in which war and killing have been banned. As Allah says in Al- Quran:

‘The number of months in the sight of Allah are twelve (in a year) – So ordained by Him the day He created the heavens and the earth; Of them four are sacred: That is the right religion. So wrong not yourselves therein.” (Surah Taubah).

6. Fasting at the tenth of Muharram (Ashoraa)

The tenth of Muharram is called the Day of Ashura and is a special day for Muslims. The Prophet Muhammad used to fast on this day. However, fasting on the Day of Ashura is a choice for Muslims. But Prophet Muhammad give the virtues of fasting on Day of Ashura. Also read How to make Ramadhan Fasting Easier For Beginner

It is a compensation for the sins of the past year.’i.e. the sins of one year that has just gone by will be forgiven. (Muslim, Vol. 1).

7. Mercy on Day of Ashoraa

In this day Allah SWT will generous to humankind and give many special rewards to Muslims who utilize this day with a good preparation and good deeds

He who will be generous to his family on the day of Aashura, Allah will be generous to him for the entire year.

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8. Fasting “Ashoraa” erase sins
Imaam an-Nawawi said that it erase all minor sins

Fasting the day of ‘Arafah expiates sins for two years, and the day of ‘Aashooraa’ expiates for one year… If there are minor sins for which expiation is desired, expiation for them will be accepted; if there are no minor sins or major sins, good deeds will be added to the servant’s account and he will be raised in status… If he had committed major sins but no minor sins, we hope that his major sins will be reduced.”

This is a great reward from Muslims after Ramadhan. So Muslims must utilize this day with a good preparation.

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9. Important day even before Islam
This day is sacred day even before Islamic age, Arabic tribes prohibited war in this day to respected this month. They knew that this day is important day in human history and they didn’t want to spoil this important day.

10. Fasting “Ashora” is a great things after fasting in the Ramadhan
In this day Allah SWT give a huge reward to Muslims who fasting in this day and the reward is a forgivenees, in addition this reward is the one of the most honored reward after Ramadhan for Muslims.
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  • Blessed day: Allah SWT blessed this day with a special reward
  • Health beneficial: Fasting Ashura could make your body more healty
  • Historical lesson: In this day, we can take many historical lesson
  • The day of peace: In this month we are prohibited to war or killing the other.
  • Good lesson: In this day, we could take many beneficial lesson
  • The day of reward after Ramadhan: Many reward given by Allah SWT in this day
  • Honored day: Humankind honored this day even before Islamic age
  • The greatest day after Ramadhan: This day is the greatest day after Ramadhan
  • Valuable month: Many values that we can take from this month
  • Good day: This is a good day for muslims to do a good deeds

Those are complete explanation about how many importance that tenth Muharram have.

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