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20 Importance of Gaining Knowledge In Islam

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Muslims in golden age has contributed the world  with tremendous invention like algebra, astronomy, medical and many others. Those invention still be beneficial knowledge right now.


However, Today, the spirit of science in the Muslim world is as dry as the desert. Muslims country just produce little engineer or scientist than west civilization that produce a huge engineer or scientist. Read more about Importance of Islam in Western Civilization

Whereas Islam is religion that appreciate knowledge, first ayaah in Islam is guide the prophet Muhammad to read, and what went wrong? probably Muslims in this century don’t understand the importance of knowledge in Islam. So, this article will tell Muslims about the importance of gaining knowledge, as these are the importance of gaining knowledge in Islam:

1. Duty Upon Muslim 

Many hadis and ayaah in Al- Quran says that seeking for knowledge is duty upon Muslims. This one of them that the Prophet Muhammad said:

“Seeking Knowledge is an obligation on every Muslim.” (Ahmed)

2. Make Human More Humble 

Having knowledge could be spared human from arrogant character and forming humble character.

“It is only those who have knowledge among His servants that fear Allah.” (Qur’an 35:28)

3. Special Gift From Allah 

Allah SWT has promised to human who seeking knowledge that Allah (SWT) will grant him high ranks in the world and hereafter.

Allah will exalt those who believe   among you, and those who have been granted knowledge to high ranks.” (Qur’an 58:11)

4. The most important thing in the world

Knowledge is more important than wealth,property,women and many others. And Allah SWT want the Prophet Muhammad to pray for knowledge not anything else like wealth and the others.

“And say: My Lord, increase me in knowledge.”   (Qur’an 20:114)

From this story we know that gaining knowledge is command for every Muslims in the world and Allah want human to pray for it because knowledge is more important than anything else in the world.

5. Bring Tremendous Reward 

If we share our knowledge to each other then that knowledge can make someone do beneficial things,we can get tremendous reward even we are died. Prophet Muhammad said:

“When a man dies all his deeds comes to an end except for three: an ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge and a righteous son who prays for him.” (Bukhari)  

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6. Easy Way To Paradise

The way that can make us easy to entry paradise is Knowledge, why? it because beneficial knowledge can give us tremendous reward and the rewards are grow and continue.  The Prophet Muhammad said:

“Whoever follows a path in pursuit of knowledge, Allah makes his way  easy to paradise.” (Bukhari)

Then, increasing knowledge also can learn more about how to ask Allah SWT to make us enter paradise. Then anyone asks Allah SWT for Jannah about three times, then Jannah will say:

“O Allah, enter him into Jannah.”

7. Muslims Need mufti

Muslims around the world always need mufti, mufti’s knowledge is the important things that give Muslim direction to choose the right way or the wrong way. Then, without that knowledge, Muslim around the world will confuse to solve the religion problem that rise in the world

“Verily, those who conceal the clear proofs, evidences and the guidance, which We have sent down, after We have made it clear for the people in the Book, they are the ones cursed by Allâh and cursed by the cursers.Except those who repent and do righteous deeds, and openly declare (the truth which they concealed). These, I will accept their repentance. And I am the One Who accepts repentance, the Most Merciful”[al-Baqarah 2:159-160]


8. The Greatest Honour 

Proper understanding of Islam is one of the best of good characteristics, which Muslim must be honored. As the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah SWT be upon him) said:

“When Allaah wishes good for a person, He makes him understand the religion.” (Agreed upon).

You may want to read about  Right Ways How to be Closer to Allah SWT.

9. Understanding God (Allah SWT)

Knowledge and fear of Allah SWT may be attained by knowing His signs and creation. From that we can more understanding Allah SWT than the other.

“It is only those who have knowledge among His slaves that fear Allâh” (Faatir 35:28)

10. Make Islam Great Again  

Islam has lead the world in golden age. And it’s not a legend or myth. West civilization acknowledge that Muslims scientist have give a great and tremendous invention to the world,  in that age Islam’s countries are the most modern civilization in the world.

This civilization is build by Muslim’s scientist like Ibnu Sina, Al-Khawarizmi, Ar-Rasyid and many others, those scientist have create many invention that support and build civilization like Ibnu sina’s book that give a new way to cure and stop spread diseases that kill people.

Meanwhile, Al-Khawarizmi discover and develop algebra and Ar-Rasyid develop philosophy and many others. From that story, we can conclude that if we want to make Islam great again, we must push our scientifc activity and transforming our culture.


  • Helps You To Solve Problem : Good Knowledge can help us to solve the problem more easy
  • Undesrtanding Yourself : if we know well about yourself , you could do a right way to yourself and another
  • Guide Us To The Right Way: Well known about something can lead us to the right action
  • Successor Of Muslim Intelletuals :We are sucessor of our history so we must knowing many knowledge around the world
  • Restore The Glory Of The Islamic Civilitazion: The way to restore our glory is gaining knowledge
  • Learning Better : If you know the knowledge about something you will more better to learning about something that related with your knowledge
  • Learn Complex Thing Faster : More knowledge can make you easy to solve complex things
  • Learn From The Mistakes In The Past : History can make you choose a right decision in the future
  • Bring Power To Life : Knowledge can give you more power than the other
  • Contributed To Serve Humanity : Many beneficial knowledge that help humanity problem around the world

Those are complete explanation about how many importance that knowledge have. From gaining knowledge we can make the world more better than before.

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