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17 Ways How to Develop Self Control in Islam for Better Life

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Who said that Muslim has no enemies? Surely Shaytan is the enemy that a Muslim must won from, but there is one more dangerous enemies that is invisible but too close with their heart: their won self. In order to win from Shaytan, a Muslim should win from the battle against themselves first. The most difficult thing is to conquer what’s inside them.


It is said by Allah Almighty that the most perfect type of Jihad is one against their own selves.

But as for he who feared the position of his Lord and prevented the soul from [unlawful] inclination.” – An Naziat (79:40)

It becomes important to master the self control in Islam to help us become a good Muslim. Here are the ways how to develop self control in Islam:

1. Make the Faith to Allah Stronger

A Muslim whose heart is filled with the fear of Allah will be able to win the fight with Shaytan. Not just that only, a strong Muslim would be able to control themselves through the fear he has to Allah. As his mind is always occupied by Allah he won’t be doing something that makes Allah angry or disappointed.

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2. Following the Path and Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW)

During his life, the Prophet (SAW) has set examples to us how we live in the world rightly through the Sunnah. By following what the Prophet (SAW) has given the example to us, we will always be able perform self control, since our Prophet never lose it even once. The Prophet (SAW) is not someone who was owned by his desire, but he is the who controlled it.

3. Seeking Knowledge About Islam

Know more about Islam will bring peace and warm into your soul. By understanding Islam more, you will be falling in love more and more, and realizing how Islam has bring peace to all of its believer. You would also know what is allowed and not allowed in Islam, you will be walking carefully through this life.

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4. Understand Quran and Its Meaning

The Holy Quran is the guidance to all Muslim in the world. The existence of Quran is to show Muslim how should we live in the world and what happen in the Hereafter and the Day of Judgment when we are living not accordingly to the Quran.

5. Doing Many Good Deeds

Doing good deeds will please Allah SWT. Also it brings peace to the heart. The more we do good deeds, the more our mind focused in positive thing and our body will get used to do something useful to others.

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6. Watch and Think What You Say

Be careful of your head and your mouth. As both could bring blessing either disaster to your life is they are not used carefully. Always think about something positive and think twice before saying something. Restrain yourself from saying bad things and control your mind so that you won’t think of anything negative.

7. Choosing a Good Company

You are who your friends are. Be careful in choosing company since they will affect you in many ways. Good friend will take you to the right path to Allah SWT, but the bad one will cause disaster in your life. Surround yourself only with good companies, so many positivity will gather around you.

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8. Be Patient and Persevere

Indeed, Allah is with whoever patient and persevere. As Shaytan will continue to tempt us Muslim to go to the wrong way, we should always restrain ourselves an noticing the signs when Shaytan was around. Indeed, Allah is with the patience.

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9. Disciplining Your Own Self

Self discipline is a part of self control. If we can discipline ourselves, the we will be able to control our body and mind as well.

10. Seek Help from Allah SWT

The best of helper is Allah, so return to Allah and ask help from Him so that you will be able to control yourself from anything negative. Allah will give His helping hand to anyone who ask for it.

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Benefits of Self Control

Self controlling is needed to keep our life in the right track and making sure that we are doing something forbidden by Allah SWT. By being able to control yourself, you lead to a successful life as a Muslim, in dunya and the Hereafter. Here are some benfits you could gain from being able to perform the self control:

  1. Mastering the self control makes the decision making process a lot easier. However, your way of thinking has now simpler and you can look over matter in a simpler way as well.
  2. Whoever know and able to control themselves are close to success. It means you are using your time more effective than ever so that your productivity is increasing.
  3. Self control cuts off all the bad habits you used to and you might do. It’s a very good chance to make you closer to Allah SWT.
  4. You patience level has been up and the perseverance level has also going up too. Which is a very important aspects to live a successful life.
  5. Self control improving your focus and that is how your productivity increase. You do more positive things that makes you improve in many ways, rather than useless one.
  6. Rich people are those who has a good self control. As they know how to restrain themselves from things that may bring disaster to their lives.
  7. People who are good at self controlling are people who tend to live a harmonious life. They can be able to avoid certain situation that forced them to choose one between two.

Those are the ways how to develop self control in Islam. In daily life, self control is important and that’s what define our future. Keep in mind that people who are good at self control are those who would likely be successful in their lives. Who don’t want to be a successful person both in the world and in the Hereafter?

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