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17 Brilliant Ways How to Gain Respect in Islam

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Gaining respect from other people is actually pretty hard to do. People valued because of behavior and personality, not for the material things of power they have. No matter how rich you are, you won’t gain any respect if you have no manner.


The same thing when you are poor and have no power in the society, but you always treat people with goodness, you will gain respect from others. We are respected for who we are, not what we have. Respect is not the most important thing, but it’s always good to be respected. Here are the ways on how to gain respect in Islam:

1. Value Yourself

Valuing yourself is important in gaining respect from other. Wear a nice and decent clothes according to Sharia, and look best wherever you are. As for woman, cover your head with hijab and wear the best make up ever exist, a smile. If you know how to appreciate yourself, others will respect you.

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2. Keep Your Promise

A Muslim must stay true to his words. Don’t make promise you know you are unable to keep. If you don’t feel like doing something, then say it beforehand. Remember to always be respectful while rejecting people. As a Muslim, we have to be realistic that we can’t please everyone. Rather than making them disappointed in the end, it’s better to tell them beforehand.

3. Say Only Good Thing and be Well Mannered

Watch your words when you are speaking. Speak only good words and avoid causing hurt to anyone. And don’t forget to always show a good manner. Positive thing gathers positive vibes around and other people would feel comfortable around you.

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4. Be Confident

We can’t expect everyone to like us. Even Shaytaan doesn’t like Allah SWT. So whatever other may say about you, just walk straight to your dreams and what you think is right. Let them say whatever they want to, and you keep going. Once you reach your dream, all the people looked down at you in the past will be turn around to respect you.

5. Be optimistic

For every occasion you think it’s unfortunate, always look for the bright side. Try to be optimistic as hard as you can, and overcome any obstacle come in to your way. Be kind to people and find a way to help others. By helping others, your burden will feel lighter and you can look forward with more hope in heart. Be optimistic and let the positive vibes going around you.

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6. Be Someone Others Could Look Up to

Always do good so that everyone would follow what you’ve done. Work hard and be kind so that everyone want to be you. The most valuable achievement is when you know that you inspired others. Create a picture in your head about someone you want to look up to and be that person. If you have a role model, tell them that you want to be like them.

7. Make Dua to Allah SWT

It’ very hard when you are struggling in your way to success, but other people are underestimating you instead of giving support. Surely you have to give your best in everything, but don’t forget the biggest hand who could help you: Allah SWT. Whenever you feel it’s hard, come to Allah SWT and ask for His help.

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8. Respecting Other People

The ultimate key on how to gain respect in Islam is by paying respect to other people first. You always get what you give, so don’t expect other people to respect you when you have never done the same thing for them.

9. Be Kind Even to People Who Hates You

It’s undeniable that there must be people who hate us. But don’t let all the hatred put you down and becoming an obstacle for you. Pay the hatred with kindness even though it’s very hard to do. But the more kindness you give, the more kindness find their way back to you.

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10. Don’t Make Use of Weak People

When Alah SWT bless you with power, don’t abuse it to intimidate others. Just because they are weak, you are violating their rights and use them for your own good. No dictators even gain respect from the society. Treat every people equally and pay respect for them. Remember that Allah never see a human based on worldly thing, but for his devotion to Islam.

More Ways to Gain Respect in Islam

  1. Show patience to others, don’t get angry too easily. Keep in mind that your anger is too expensive that no one could afford it.
  2. Don’t dominate others and pushing everything you think are right.
  3. Be yourself in front of other people, don’t pretend to be someone else you’re not.
  4. Give other people chance to proof themselves, to say something, and to do anything according to what they believe.
  5. Don’t be materialistic and measure everything by money and wealth.
  6. Don’t be too open about yourself because a little bit mystery make others to respect you.
  7. Be honest both to yourself and to anyone else.

So those are the doable ways how to gain respect in Islam. If we’d like other people to respect us, then we must start to respect other people as well. Because we reap what we sow, it’s always important to do good. Respect others even when they hold different values from us. Show sincerity and honesty in every little thing we do in live. Do the best in everything you do as well. Be kind and humble always.

Respect comes out naturally without you have to ask. Never try too hard to gain respect for others and forgetting that you should respect them too. Just remember to respect others, and naturally they will respect you back.

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