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12 Muslim Rights to Other Muslims Must Know

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Islam is a religion that arrange the ethic of association between human either for fellow Muslims or non-Muslim. In the ethic of association, Islam has given instruction about rights and obligations clearly that must be done between fellow Muslims.


The rules in Islam are more detailed and more concerned fitra in a society from the good side that will be gotten with doing that ethics. Here, we will give explanation about Muslim right to other Muslims who must be done in the middle of society, so it can create a harmonious relationship between Muslims.

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  1. Meet Invitations

If there are fellow Muslims who invite you to come to a meal or another event, you have to meet the invitation. Meet an invitation is sunnah muakkad that can be attractive for someone who invite and it can cause love, except wedding invitations. Wedding invitations are obligatory things on known terms.

“And who does not meet (invitation) then he has immoral to Allah and His Messenger.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

The above hadith explain that if someone invited you, you have to meet that invitation, include you have to help that is needed by that person.

”Each believer is like a building that support each others.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

  1. Saying Salaam

Saying Salaam is Assalamu’alaikum, hopely you are in salvation. It is also a very recommended sunnah because this is a way to grow love and closeness between Muslims.

Rasulullah S.A.W said, “By Allah, you will not go to the heaven until you believe and do not believe until you love each other. Will I tell you something that if you did it, it will grow love between you. Spread salaam between you.” (Muslim)

Rasulullah S.A.W always starts salaam when he met anyone. Even he met with children, he also starts to give salaam.

  1. Give an advice

The next right is giving an advice. If someone came and asked an advice to you for his problem, you have to give an advice because it belongs to religion.

In hadith Rasulullah S.A.W,

“Religion is an advice: To Allah, His book, His Messenger and to the leader of Muslims and common people.” (Muslim)

  1. Answering Hamdalah when you were sneezing

Answering hamdalah when you were sneezing is Yarhamukallah. It is a form of gratitude by praising Allah while you were sneezing. If that person were sneezing and did not say hamdalah, he is also not deserved to give that speech and this is a reward for someone who were sneezing but he did not say hamdalah.

The law of answering someone who sneezed and said hamdalah is obligatory and it obligates to answer with saying Yarhamukallah or Yarhamukallah wa yusshlih balakum. If that person sneezes continously more than three times, on the fourth sneeze, say Aafakallah [may Allah heal you] as a replacement of Yarhamukallah.

  1. Delivering the corpse

Delivering a corpse is a Muslim right to other Muslims that has a great reward.

“Who delivered the corpse until prayer it, for him one qirath of reward, and who delivered it until it was burried, for him two qirath of reward.” He was asked : “What is qirath?”, he replied : “Like two great mountains.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

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  1. Visiting a sick person

Visiting a sick person is a right and obligatory of his brother, especially if he was still a relative, neighbor or friends. It is also a sunnah thing. We have to ask condition, pray him, give consolation and hopes. Because of that, that sick person will feel better and get well soon. You may also read Quranic dua for diseases.

  1. Not hate each other

Another Muslim right to other Muslims is not hating between Muslims, holding grudges between Muslims or prejudice to other Muslims.

  1. Expect something good

Fellow Muslims should always expect good things for other Muslims as expected for yourselves. Besides that, Muslim right hates bad things for them as same as hate bad things for yourselves.

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  1. Helping when persecuted

The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him),

“Help your brother if he becomes a persecutor or a torture person.” A friend ask : We did help him if he became a torture person, but how can we help him, if he became a persecutor? The Prophet answer : We forbid him from persecute others that means we help him.”

  1. Not revile and envy each others

This is also in a line with the words of the Messenger of Allah,

“Do not be envious, do not compete in bargaining (you have no obligation t buy), do not be enemies, and do not you add a price to something that has been bought by your half, and you all become slaves of God who are brothers. A Muslim is a brother to another Muslim, should not abuse him or demean him, humiliate him or deny him. Taqwa is here, while the king suggests to his chest (mentioned three times). A human being is thought to have done evil by insulting a Muslim brother. Every Muslim to another Muslims, haram his blood and his property and his honor.”

  1. Helping in trouble

The fellow Muslim have right to release other Muslims from their trouble. With doing this, Allah will also release us from our troubles that we will feel it in the doomsday later.

Rasulullah S.A.W said,

“Whoever release a trouble of Muslim from the troubles of world, Allah will release a trouble from the troubles of Judgment Day. Whoever ease a narrow for someone, Allah will ease his narrowness in the world and the hereafter. Whoever close (the shame) of a Muslim, Allah will close (his shame) in the world and the hereafter. God is always willing to help His servant, as long as the servant is always willing to help his brother.”

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  1. Taking weight on other Muslim business

The Messenger of Allah said :

“Whoever takes the weight of his brother’s necessity, Allah will always take the weight of his need.” His Word again, “Whosever takes no weight on the affairs of Muslims, then he is not from their own group.”

Besides the twelve Muslim right to other Muslims above, there are many other rights of Muslims. This proves how great the ethics of Islam in the affairs of binding unity and the faith that can be a means of love between a Muslim with another Muslims.

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