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25 Importance of Breakfast in Islam – Benefits

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Eating is one of the most basic needs for us Muslim. We need energy supply for the body, so we can do as many as activities for the day. Breakfast is the most important meal that we shouldn’t skip everyday. Even Prophet Muhammad (SAW) stressing over the importance of having breakfast as his healthy eating habit, and suggest his followers to do so. The habit of the Prophet (SAW) himself is not groundless. Turns out there are many importance of breakfast as the reason why we shouldn’t skip it.


As his breakfast, the Prophet (SAW) ate seven dates to not be harmed and poisoned. As the Prophet (SAW) strongly suggested to us Muslim, here are the importance of breakfast in Islam and why we shouldn’t skip it:

1. The Most Important Meal of the Day

Every doctor will say that breakfast is the most important between three meals in a day. It is strongly recommended that we don’t skip breakfast, as it is very important to our body. Even Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “Whoever eats seven ‘ajwah dates in the morning, will not be harmed by any poison or witchcraft that day.”

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2. Keeps Us Focused Throughout the Day

Eating breakfast means we gained energy at the start of the day, as it makes us more focus in doing activities. Especially when we are working, or just doing regular activity. Being hungry shattered our concentration into pieces because our stomach is hungry and unconsciously we count the time left until lunchtime.

After eating breakfast, we fueled the energy from the morning until afternoon and giving our brains energy to work well on our activities.

3. It Controls Our Appetite

Even though the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) himself never skipped breakfast, people skipped breakfast so that they could eat less in the afternoon. But the hunger we feel from early morning to afternoon, with estimated time 6 to 8 hours, we will eat recklessly and unable to control our appetite.

Not having breakfast in the morning, we snacking in the morning and piling up calories that are not useful to our body.

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4. Makes Us Happier

Empty stomach affects our brain and and moods much. Morning people knows well the importance of food in the morning. With food stomach, we’ll be happy and content doing all the activities! Morning meals is a good booster to our both energy and mood. Also balancing the sugar level and reducing the crankiness in us.

5. Supplying Energy to Our Body

Every people knows well that we won’t be feeling that good if we don’t eat and our stomach is empty. This bad feeling greatly affected us, especially when we skipped breakfast. During the night we sleep, all the food we eat before has been digested and our stomach left empty when we wake up. Skipping breakfast means telling our body to wait for 8 more hours before eat. Imagine what happened to our body if we don’t eat for more than 12 hours? We won’t have an energy supply which cause our body lethargic.

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6. Healthy for Body and Heart

Studies and research has found the most importance of breakfast is the big benefits it brings to our health. The result of the research is eating healthy breakfast in the morning is improving the health of our heart and reducing the risk of gaining weight which led to obesity.

7. Improving the Memory

Another research conducted about breakfast also found another importance of the morning meal. It because breakfast in nutritious for the brain. It boosts our memory system in our brain so breakfast prevent us from having memory loss or a bad memory. With a good memory, we will be more focused and energized doing our work everyday.


8. Reduce Crankiness in the Morning

People tend to be cranky and sensitive in the morning, and it is understandable. He probably have less sleep the night before and craving for some more. Being in rush every morning often makes us forget that we haven’t have breakfast. Bad mood and empty stomach is not the best combination to have in the morning, and our workmates and classmates would likely stay away from us.

More Importance of Breakfast in Islam

  • Lower the risks of diabetes, stroke, and heart attack.
  • Protect us from obesity which is a danger for our health.
  • Good for mind and brain.
  • Boosting our metabolism during the day.
  • Keeping the blood sugar level stable.
  • Reduce the risks of starving.
  • Prevent overeating later in the day.
  • Provide more vitamins, mineral, and fiber for the body.
  • Prevent low energy.
  • Make our body more energetic and less lethargic.
  • Provide more endurance of hard and difficult task.
  • Keep us away from mood swings.
  • Prevent our body from over weighted.
  • Make us eat less calories in the afternoon.
  • We feel full longer and not easily hungry.
  • Help us to lose weight.

Risks of Skipping Breakfast

Beside there are so many importance of eating breakfast in every morning, here we give you the information about how many risks you can get if you always skipping your breakfast, as follows:

  1. Less focused because we count the time to lunchtime.
  2. Starve our selves and causing serious digestive problem.
  3. Overeating later in the day, which is another cause of digestive problem.
  4. Increase the chance of overweight.
  5. Increase the risks of type 2 diabetes.
  6. Developing the chronic cardiovascular condition.
  7. Causing excessive weight gain.
  8. Causing bad mood and low energy levels.
  9. Increasing the risks of cancer
  10. Causing migraines.
  11. Badly affecting body metabolism.
  12. Triggering hair loss.
  13. Lowering body immunity.
  14. Increase the bad cholesterol.

So those are the importance of breakfast in Islam. After reading all those importance and the risks we may carry if we skip breakfast, we know why the Prophet (SAW) himself never skipped his breakfast. Eating and the existence of food we could eat is a blessing from Allah SWT. And the only way we feel gratitude towards Him is by eating as suggested by His Messenger (SAW), and under remembrance of Him while doing so. Skipping breakfast and prioritizing the work is wrong, so if are still become one of those people, we might as well change that.

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