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33 Importance of Labour in Islam – Obligation

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Labors are the part of society that are weak and often abused. We don’t really understand that they are very important. Islam also pay attention for the particular of labors, because of these importance of labor in Islam we need to know:


1. An Important Part of Production

The economic cycle in Islam and in general consists of three aspects: production, distribution, and consumption. Every aspects has its own stakeholders that plays their own important roles to make sure the economics are growing by the day. Production is the parts where goods are made, for the sake of the consumers and under the economic purpose. Islam is a religion that particularly pays attention to labors, as they are one of the important parts in the production process. Also read Importance of Generosity in Islam

2. As a Provider to Our Needs

In the production, labors are indeed plays an important role. One of the important roles of the labors is how they help to provide us with the things he needs. The rice that served on our dining table is the work of the labor, the spoon we use to eat is also by the labor, up to the shoes we wear everyday are also the work of the labors. This is why labor are important not only in the production process, but they help us with our daily needs as well. Also read Priority Of Praying In Islam

3. To Create Mutual Symbiosis

The relationships between employers, labors, and consumers is mutually benefited each other. In this case, the employers need to sell goods to make a living, but they can’t make the goods themselves as it won’t be resulted sufficient amount. So the employers would need labors to work for them, so they will be able to make a large number of goods to sell. This goods is produced under the demand of the consumers. Also read Importance Of Offering Food To Fasting People

4. An Opportunity to Make a Brotherhood

Brotherhood is one important thing in Islam and should be considered as the gift from Allah SWT. We have to appreciate and grateful towards the labors as their work hard benefited us. This is a good opportunity to create a strong bonds between us and the labors by sending each other prayer and good wishes. Also read Importance of Respecting Your Parents in Islam

5. To Make Our Everyday Lives Easier

The existence of labors are indeed make our daily life easier. As they help us provide everything we need. We have to be grateful to them, by not violating their right and pay their wages in an sufficient amount and on the due time. We also should use the goods well to make it barakaah for the labors. Also read Importance of Gratitude in Islam

6. A Brother to Protect

Labors since a long time ago are considered as the weak part of the society. Their rights are violated, they are also abused in their workplace. We have to protect our brothers, the ones who helps us in our lives. We have to make sure they receive their payment on time and the amount is sufficient as well. Also read Importance of Breastfeeding in Islam

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7. To Improve the Economic Growth

The importance of labor in Islam is very big, also in the society. Especially labors plays a big role in the economic growth. The more labors, the more goods can be produced. It means the more goods to sell. Also read Importance of Helping Others in Islam

8. To Help Another Muslim to Fulfill Their Needs

Labors are also doing a good deed in their work. As said above, they help to provide our goods. They benefiting us, and benefiting themselves at the same time. Labors are doing good deeds by helping their brothers (another Muslim) to fulfill their needs everyday. Also read Importance of Asr Prayer


9. Showing Us the Ethics of Hard Work

Nobody knows that working as labors is very hard. The amount of work, let alone the pressure at work is very high. There is one thing we can learn from the labors is their hard work. We should adopt their hard work ethics in our lives. Also read Importance of Good Manner in Islam

10. To Make Human be Grateful Towards One Another

In our lives, it is impossible for us not to need the help from other person. With the mutual symbiosis, we know that the labors has helped us a lot, and we should be thankful for that. Also read Importance of Gratitude in Islam

More Importance of Labors in Islam

Here are more importance of labor in Islam and their obligations we need to know:

  • Right to get a proper wages.
  • Right to get off days.
  • Right to be paid on the due time.
  • To receive wages at the fair amount.
  • The wages has to be given directly after work.
  • Right to choose a job that appropriate for him.
  • Right to have rest between work time.
  • Right to choose a job that suitable with him.
  • Right to be fired when the performance is lacking.
  • To obtain the rights determined by the employers.
  • Their dignities should be preserve.
  • To not be abuse during his work.
  • To be given time to do religious rituals.
  • Right to complain about the injustice.
  • Right to receive kindness.
  • Right to create unions between labors.
  • Right to refuse the work that might done physical harm to him.
  • Right to work at the exact amount of time.

Obligations of Labors

Beside becoming the important parts of the society, and the rights that need to be fulfilled by employers and society, the labors also have some obligations too, as listed below:

  • To follow the order of his employers.
  • To work at the exact amount of working time.
  • To do the work assigned by his employers.
  • Perform the specified work and do his best in it.
  • To work under the good condition of physical and mental health.

So those are the information about the importance of labors in Islam. Now we know that labors are our brothers whom needs our support and protection. From now on, may us all become a better person who appreciated the works and rights of labors more.

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