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25 Effective Islamic Ways to Avoid Bad Dreams

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Every people will get a bad dream in his life. It is because we sleep every day and we will have a dream when we are in the sleep condition. Of course, we want to have a good dream when we are asleep. However, the bad dream will come eventually. As explained by the Prophet in his hadith, the bad dream or nightmare comes from Satan. Either that dream is unlike able, a frightening dream or a sad dream; they fall into this category of dreams. Satan deliberately presents frightening images.


Even to the heart, the Satan made a dream that almost completely resembled the real event. So as to make the person who dreamed of him to be anxious, afraid even to come to despair. In addition, the bad dream can arise when our physical condition is not healthy. Finally, the bad dream can be due to our psychological condition that is disturbed, for example, when we are stressed with a myriad of problems.

“There are three kinds of dreams: the promptings of the heart, feared by Satan, and the good news from Allah.” (HR Bukhari and Muslim).

Other hadith:

“That good dream is from Allah. While the bad dream is from the Satan.” (HR Bukhari No. 6995, Muslim No. 2261)

To overcome the bad dreams here is presented the Islamic way to avoid bad dreams.

1. Spit to left three times

Satan always makes the human heart hesitate, sad, & restless. Through the dream, Satan can put bad thoughts on someone. Therefore the nightmare of this Satan can be denied by spitting to the left three times. It is indeed a symbol of resistance to the nightmare, as we make the Satan a real enemy. Such is the Prophet’s advice to his people.

“The command of the Prophet Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam to spit with a few breaths without water three times to Satan’s presence in the dream of a hated thing is a form of humiliation to him and assume dirty and devoted to the left. Because the left direction is a dirty place and things that are hated and so forth, the opposite of the right direction.” (Al-Qodhi)

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2. Take shelter (Pray Dua)

The best shelter is only to Allah alone. It is because Allah the Almighty always nurtures for anyone who expects His protection. Bad dream sometimes makes them afraid. Fear is haunted by the incident of the dream to cause a non-directional interpretation. Therefore ask Allah’s protection / pray that the bad dream will not cause fear in the heart & mind.

“I take refuge in Allah from the damnable temptations of Satan.”

Other supplication:

“O Allah indeed I take refuge in You from all the actions of the Satan and from the ugliness of this dream.”

3. Do not tell the bad dream to anyone

The bad dream cannot be told to anyone. It is because the true bad dream came from the cursed devil where Satan has made a game in that dream. Satan tries to shake the hearts of people so that they doubt the greatness of Allah SWT. Therefore, Rasulullah SAW forbade to tell a bad dream when it is experienced by His people.

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This is also to avoid other people from having a bad dream because Satan always wants to get more people to join his side. Satan will feel happy, satisfied because we are soluble in the dream that he created. It is also to avoid the bad dream that is not sustainable and we do not keep thinking about it.

“If any of you have bad dreams, then do not tell the Satan’s game when he sleeps to anyone.”  (H.R. Imam Muslim no. 4209)

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4. Do salat

Before going to the bed, we can do salat in order to seek for the protection from Allah when we fall asleep. The power of salat is strong because it can also make our mind cleaner and clear so Satan can’t come to our dream to do temptation. The best salat is tahajud prayer because it is good to do at night and we can be closer to Allah with the silence of the night. It will overcome the bad dream too.

“If one of you see in your dream the thing you hate then let stand for the prayer and do not tell it to others.” (HR Muslim no. 2263)

5. Wudhu or wash face

Wudhu or washing face before go to sleep is an effective way to avoid the bad dream. It is because we will become fresher and cleaner after doing it. As we have already known, the bad dream can come because of the bad physical or mental. So, the water from wudhu or washing face will make us rest easy.

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6. Say Bismillah

We have already known the power of saying Bismillah because it can overcome anything that obstructs us or the difficult problem like the bad dream. By saying Bismillah, we ask Allah for the protection during our sleep and Satan can’t disturb us.

“However, the right one is saying “Bismillah”. If you say something like this, the Satan will grow smaller until he will be like a fly. “

7. Read Qur’an verse

In addition to reciting prayers, the Messenger of Allah recommended us to read Al-Ikhlas, Al-‘Alaq, and An-Nas and then read Kursi verse, which is believed to keep us from nasty or negative disturbances from “outside” during our sleep. Qur’an verse is a strong weapon for us as Muslim because it shows that we believe only in Allah and will not go to the other side, Satan’s side.

“When you lie down on the bed, read the verse of Kursi until it is finished (thoroughly) because then Allah will always take care of you and Satan will not approach you until morning.” (HR Bukhari)

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8. Read Prophet’s story

Before going to the bed, we can read the Prophet’s story about the past and exemplary of their action. By just reading this, we can make our heart stronger and will try to follow their action. In addition, this story can come to our dream so we can avoid the bad dream.

9. Keep the bad clean

If we have already prayed and read Qur’an verse, then clean the bed, as exemplified by the Prophet before going to the bed. Cleanliness is related to comfort and if we do not pay attention to cleanliness, there will be the possibility of a nightmare because of our physical condition is not comfortable.

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10. Say istighfar

If we are awakened by a bad dream, we should say istighfar. This word is very strong to avoid the bad dream that can come again if we continue our sleep. One of the advantages of doing istighfar is given the serenity by Allah SWT to all problems.

11. Reassure self that dreams will be fun

Before going to sleep, be sure to yourself, we will get a good dream or if we encounter recurring nightmares, we really know that the end of the dream will be fun or at least in accordance with what we imagine. This is considered effective because the confidence that we think before going sleep is the right time to affect the content of our dreams.

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12. Change the sleeping position

We can change our sleeping position in order to avoid the bad dream. It is because we hope that we will get a better dream or change the bad dream into the good dream by changing sleeping position.

“We are commanded to change the position of sleep in this matter is a strong hope that the nightmare will switch or change by changing to good, or not scary, it starts by shifting our place or sleeping position.” (book of fathul bari 12/371)

“… and let him change (shift from) his original sleeping position.” (HR.Muslim No. 4196 from Abu Salamah)

13. Yoga and meditation

Both Yoga and meditation are good activities to reduce stress and clear the mind. Consider taking yoga and meditation classes, or practice for a few minutes each day in your own home.

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14. More often gather with family/friends

The bad dream can come because we always feel alone and never socialize with the others. We need to gather with family/friends because they can make our heart feel relaxed and can avoid the bad dream. As we have already known, the Prophet always gather with their friends/family when they encounter a problem.

15. Consult with doctor/ustadz

If we have a problem with our health, we can consult it with the doctor. It is because the bad dream can come due to the bad health. However, if we have a problem with our faith and religion, we need to consult it with ustadz. The advice from the ustadz is very good to avoid the bad dream.

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More Islamic Way to Avoid Bad Dream

Here is presented more Islamic way to avoid bad dreams.

  • Take hot shower
  • Don’t eat food before going to sleep
  • Don’t take medicine that may affect our sleep
  • Doing therapy
  • Going to sleep early
  • Reduce the intake of caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine
  • Think the good or happy memory
  • Listen to the music
  • Believe in Allah
  • Imagine the word of Prophet and Allah

That’s all Islamic way to avoid bad dreams. Hope we can avoid it, Allah will protect us from the bad dream, and get a good dream instead.

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