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14 Importance of Virginity in Islam for Muslimah

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In modern days, virginity has become a sensitive issue. Now that people are no longer living in an “old fashioned” world, virginity is not considered important. While in some culture and religion, virginity is truly valued, such as the importance of virginity in Islam that remained high. If you are a Muslim woman, you should protect your virginity at all cost until you get married. A woman who married after losing her virginity will be labeled as “not sacred” by the society and her husband’s family as well.


There are good reasons as to why virginity is very important in Islam that makes sex before and without marriage is a sinful act. Here are the importance of virginity in Islam:

1. Virginity is Valued

In several Islamic countries, virginity is so highly valued that a woman who is going to get married must get a virginity test before she is accepted as a wife. It did happen in Middle East and India. Islam itself has strongly stressed the importance of virginity so that any woman who have sex without marriage will be accused and punished by the society. The first blood emanates from a woman’s genital at the first sexual intercourse ever is considered as sacred. It has the ability to cure many illnesses and disease although there are no scientific proof to verify it yet.

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2. Allah SWT Entrusted Important Matter to a Virgin

The most famous virgin in the world is none other than Maryam, mother of Prophet Isa (AS). Maryam is one among 4 woman who the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said to be guaranteed in Paradise. The virgin Maryam was very trustworthy to keep on her virginity despite the accusation from the society for being pregnant with no husband. However the baby she carried is not an ordinary baby, who Allah entrusted only to her.

3. Virginity is Highly Praised

Chastity is very highly praised in the Holy Quran. For any man and woman who are chaste, the Quran send them a high praise. One of the most praised virgin in the Quran was Maryam, mother of Prophet Isa (AS) as well as Prophet Yusuf (AS).

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4. Virginity is a Strong Sign of Chastity

Chastity has become one of many identities in Islam. No matter how world has changed, Islamic view on virginity never change. Thus, virginity considered as a strong sign of chastity that the Prophet (peace be upon him) recommended to marry a virgin.

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5. Virginity Should be Kept Until Marriage

Virginity is something to be kept by a woman until she legally married. She must keep it at all cost until the first night of marriage come. Marrying a virgin and non virgin woman give a different vibes, whereas the first person she lost her virginity to will be forever in her mind.

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6. Virginity is Morality

Virginity is strongly valued in Islam because it holds some qualities that should be in a Muslim’s self: chastity, fidelity, loyalty, morality, a good family and healthy upbringing. Only troublesome woman who easily lost her most precious thing so easily like it doesn’t matter.

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7. Virginity is Purity

Your partner is the mirror of your current self. If a Muslim expect virginity as a quality from her future husband, she should be keeping her own virginity as pure and chaste men should marry pure and chaste woman.

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8. Virgins are Priority

In Islam, virgins have their own priority, according to the Prophet (peace be upon him). The Prophet recommended to marry a virgin, except for rape victim, who lost her virginity unwillingly. Virginity is a virtue of remain chaste and show a moral quality from someone.

9. Parents Also Take the Responsibility

Not only a woman should protect her virginity, parents of young girls should be responsible for it as well. Giving their daughters a good education and moral principle in Islam, so that they know not to lose their virginity. Parents should also protect their young daughters from unhealthy circumstances that may led to rape and other abuse.

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10. Virginity Prevents Sins

Sexual intercourse before marriage is zina in Islam, and whoever commit zina will be placed in the Hell. Thus, keeping the virginity prevent a Muslim from committing sins.

11. Proving Loyalty to the Quran

The Quran has stated that a zina is the worst kind of sin. And instead of committing zina, Muslims better doing more good deeds and worshiping Allah SWT. By following what’s written inside the Quran, then a Muslim has prove her loyalty to Quran as a guidance in her life.

12. Marrying Virgins is Encouraged

More than non virgin, the Prophet (peace be upon him) recommended to prioritize in marrying a virgin.

It is reported in Sunan Ibn Maja and al-Mu`jam al-Kabir of Tabarani that the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) said, “Marry virgins, for they are sweeter mouthed, have more children, and more easily satisfied.”

13. A Virgin is Special

The hadith below shows that a virgin is special in Islam,

It is reported that `A’isha (Allah be pleased with her) said, “O Messenger of Allah, do you not see that if you descended into a valley in which there is a tree that has been eaten from and a tree that has not been eaten from, which would you stop your mount at? He said, ‘The one that has not been eaten from.’ She said, ‘I am that one.’ That is, because the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) did not marry a virgin except her. – Bukhari

14. Marry a Virgin is Sunnah

According to a Hadith, marrying a virgin has become sunnah in Islam. It means that it is more recommended marrying a virgin woman than a non virgin woman.

So those are all the importance of virginity in Islam. May all of us are able to keep our virginity till marriage. Aaamiin.

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