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14 Positive Aspects of Islam Everyone Should Know

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Islam is one among many of religions and beliefs around the world. Recently Islam is viewed in many negative ways due to the conflict happens. But if we change the way we see Islam, we will see many positive aspects of Islam and we will fall in love with the religion in no time.


It doesn’t matter even if we are a Muslim already, since we often not realizing the beauty of Islam itself. We need to improve our love and faith to Islam. Here are some of the positive aspects of Islam for every people:

1. Equality Between Man and Woman

Long before equality becomes an issue in the modern world, Islam has stated that man and woman are equal. It was written inside the Holy Quran which was sent down to the Earth thousands years ago. It is clear that Islam encouraged equal rights between man and woman. Seeing that gender equality is still and issue even in the Islamic countries, it shows that Islam has foresee this matter.

“Each of you is equal to the other.” – Ali Imran (3:195)

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2. Sharing Religious Figures with Other Religions

Who said that Islam doesn’t believe in Jesus and Mary? Jesus is part of the Islamic biggest history, and his mother, Mary even commemorated as name of a Surah in Quran. Not only believing, Islam is also cherish both figure and they considered as one the biggest figure in Islam.

3. Have a One Holy Month

In Islamic calendar, there is one special month that is very sacred called Ramadhan. On that particular month, many blessing and poured down and every deeds are considered as good deeds. Muslims spent the whole month by fasting to train their patience as well as experiencing the hunger and suffer of the poor.

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4. Great Commitment to Social Justice

Not only equality between men and women, Islam also highly committed to the social justice. One example is through fasting, so that everyone how does it feel to be poor person who might feel hungry most of the time. Beside, zakat as one of the five pillars in Islam also contained the message of social justice, where the rich pay the charity off of their wealth and donate it to the poor.

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5. Prohibiting Violence and Suicide

If many violence act associated themselves with Islam nowadays, it would be totally wrong. Violence is never an Islamic things, as living in peace is highly stressed in islam.

“God loves not aggressors.” – Al-Baqara (2:190)

So that things like terrorism, war, and suicidal bomb never suggested in Islam. In fact, suicide is a great sins.

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6. Islam Respects Woman

The equality between man and woman in Islam, is showing how much Islam pays respect to woman. This hadith below also shown that at some point, woman even have a higher position than man.

A man came to the Prophet and said, ‘O Messenger of God! Who among the people is the most worthy of my good companionship? The Prophet said: Your mother. The man said, ‘Then who?’ The Prophet said: Then your mother. The man further asked, ‘Then who?’ The Prophet said: Then your mother. The man asked again, ‘Then who?’ The Prophet said: Then your father. – Bukhari & Muslim

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7. Islam Spreads Around the World

If you are Islam, don’t worry that you might be alone in this world. Islam spreads around the world. When you traveled to another country, you will surely encounter fellow Muslims as well. You will be surprised of how many Muslims there are out there. Indonesia is indeed the biggest Islam country in the world, but in a more civilized countries like in the Europe, Islam also spread well.

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8. Teaching Lessons of Life Through Action

Patience and beliefs to Allah is one of the main principles in Islam. Muslims gain patience and improve their faith to Allah SWT right through actions, such as fasting through the month of Ramadhan. More than that, there are many sunnah fasting recommended for those who want to train their patience.

9. Opportunity to Erase the Sins

The world consists of right and wrong. The wrongful deeds come with certain consequences, that is sin. We never know how many sins we have committed while we live, and we will pay for the sins in the Day of Judgement. But Muslims are given the opportunity to erase the sins during the Holy Month of Ramadhan.

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10. Islam Gives Right to Woman

As mentioned above, gender equality is already an issue in Islam long before the modern age. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), for example, married an older woman who runs a successful business . The rights of modern woman such as owning their own property, filing for divorce, carrying out economic deals, and remarry after divorce has all been granted since over 1400 years ago.

More of Positive Aspects of Islam

Here are more of the positive aspects of Islam:

  1. All of the Islamic phrases are in Arabic, the Holy Quran was written in Arabic, but Islam is not all Arabic.
  2. Islam worship only one God.
  3. Islam has only one prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Muslims don’t worship to him. Muslims worship Allah only.
  4. Islam pays attention to every little detail in a Muslim’s life.

After knowing all the beauty and many of the positive aspects in Islam, we should be proud as a Muslim. For those who is not a Muslim, it’s time to see Islam in a more positive way, because Islam is nothing like the way it has been pictured negatively nowadays.

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