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13 Virtues of Truthfulness in Islam

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Truth is related to the reality, what has actually happened. Meanwhile, truthfulness is about how a Muslims speaks and tell about the truth that reflecting the reality, even if in some kind of way it was hurtfull.


In our daily life both in home, work, or in our society sometimes we are facing on a lot conditions and situations that leads us in a decision wether to speak about the truth or telling lies.

Truthfulness contains a wide meaning since it came from our heart and related to our behavior and speech which is, if one of these aspect did not fulfilled than it would be a lie. Doing those aspects never be easy and it is became very rare nowadays, some people telling lies to get what they want, avoid them from punishment, getting more benefit such as a trader who reduce their scales, a student who cheat in his exam to get a good grades, and so forth.

Truthfulness not only should be done among human beings but it is also including our truth to Allah SWT as the God and the Creator by worshipping Him sincerely.

All of our worship, prayer, fast, good deeds, must be done with a pure heart and what ever happened in our life even it was a misfortune or a good luck given by Him we must accept it since we love Him not because we expecting a gift. It is our duty as a Muslims to always spread goodness, practice the though of the Prophet, and follow His command. Also read : virtue of doing taraweeh prayer in 1st Ramadhan fasting

Truthfulness According to Islamic Though

Islam as the religion is a guidance and the truth for mankind, bringing us a rule, laws, though, science, and knowledge that came from Allah through the Prophet and the Apostle. Islam teach us to always keep the truth in each part of our life, such as the following verse :

“O you who have believed, be persistently standing him for Allah, witnesses in justice, and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just, that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah; indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what you do.” (QS. Al – Maidah : 8)

The above verse instruct Muslims to always speak of justice and truth our deed and everything we do, and do not let us affected by hatred to speak about justice and truth. Whoever it is, they should be treated well and equal moreover in front of Allah SWT. And He knew what we did.

It is also said in another commandment that we are encouraged to be friends with the righteous,

“O you who have believed, fear Allah and be with those who are true.” (QS. At-Tawbah : 119)

Rasulullah SAW also ever said in the following hadith by Abdullah bin Mas’ud ra,

“Be truthful since honesty will leads you to the truth, and righteousness leads you to heaven. And someone must always act honesty and always be honest so that they will be recorded by Allah SWT as an honest person. And avoid conducting lies since lies will lead you to evil, and evil leads you to hell. And a person always applies lies and always lies so that he is recorded by Allah SWT as a liar.” (Narrated by Muslim)

Virtues of Truthfulness in Islam

Be truth in our mind (intention), behavior, and speak is not easy, indeed it is very difficult to be done for. But as a Muslims we should know that there are a lot virtues behind truthfulness in Islam, this will encourage us to do so. Below is the virtues of being truth that will give us benefits in life :

1. We will be rewarded by Allah SWT

As said in the following verses,

“And the one who has brought the truth and (they who) believed in it – those are the rigtheous. They will have whatever they desire with their Lord. That is the reward of the doers of good – That Allah may remove from them the worst of what they did and reward the their due for the best of what they used to do.” (Az-Zumar : 33 – 35)

From the above verse it is explained that whoever believe in Rasulullah became the righteous, they will be rewarded, and Allah may remove and kept them from the bad things around them or bad things from their act. Read also : virtues of Shaban in Islam

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2. Avoid us from bad habits

Accustomed to tell the truth since an early age will give us a lot of benefits since it will protected us from the habit of lying, accusing people, blame others of what we done, not responsible, and so forth.

3. It will give us an ease 

Truthfulness will make our live more at ease, we dont have to worried that someday our lie might be discovered or that someone will be hurt by our lie or for not telling the truth. And as Muslims we should know that whatever we have been done, even it was as small as a dust will be accounted in the Judgement Day. As it is written in the following verse :

“And do not pursue that of which you have no knowledge. Indeed, the hearing, the sight, and the heart – about all those (one) will be questioned.” (QS. Al – Isra: 36)

4. Truthfulness will kept us from sins and included as disbeliever

The opposite of truthfulness is lie or kept the truth that included as sins. Even some lies are permisible but with a special circumstances but lies is indeed a sin. It will harm ourselves and other person. As said in the surah An-Nahl below :

“Indeed, those who do not believe in the verse of Allah – Allah will not guide them, and for them is a painful punishment. They only invent falsehood who do not believe in the verse of Allah, and it is those who are the liars.” (QS. An-Nahl : 104 – 105)

From the above verse it is explained that liars are equalized with someone who do not believe in the verse of Allah (disbeliever) and they would not given bless nor guidance from Him. Read also : virtue of doing umrah during Ramadhan

5. Prefent us from bad words from others

Speaking the truth will kept us away from bad mouthing others and this will make us away from the bad words from others too. Some will reluctanly tell bad things about us if we are sincere and truthfull.

6. Being truthfulness will make us believable

As the reward of being truthfulness is we will make another person rely on us and make us the believable one. They would not be worry on trusting us, speak, hang out, or work with us. Nowadays it is hard to find someone who can be trust specially in work or business. Also read : law of doing donating blood during Ramadhan

As the Prophet Muhammad SAW ever said in the following hadith,

“Two parties to a deal have the option of changing their minds until they part, if they are open and honest, their deal will be blessed, and if they conceal and tell lies, the blessing of their deal will be diminished. (Narrated by Al-Bukhari & Muslim)

7. Made our heart always istiqomah

Being truth always is a hardwork and it never be easy, as for that a Muslim who kept truthfulness in their life will have a strong heart and they sure also be istiqomah.

8. Kept us and those around us from being astray (misguided)

It is already explained at before that liars or someone who kept truth from others will be punished by Allah SWT. And not only that they will be dissociated from His blessing and guidance.

“And of the camels, two and the cattle, two. Say, “Is it the two males He has forbidden or the two females or that which the wombs of the two females contain? Or were you witnesses when Allah charged you with this? Then who is more unjust than one who invents a lie about Allah to mislead the people by (something) other than knowledge? Indeed, Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people.”

9. Kept us from bad things

Rasulullah SAW said that,

“The worst crime is the spoken of liars.” (Al-Bihar : 21/29)

Imam of Ali as. ever said that,

“Be careful of lying, for (the place of) lying is the lowest of bad morals, as the part of violation and the example of the contemptible.” (Al-Bihar : 78/16)

From the above hadith and though explained that lie as the opposite of truthfulness is a crime and the worst of bad morals that might cause domino effects of vile acts. That is why truthfulness will protect us from such of things. Also read : law of marriage when pregnant in Islam

10. It will give Muslims an honor

Imam Ali as. said that truthfulness is an honor and he also said that honesty is a brother of justice.

Imam Shadiq as. said,

“Indeed Allah SWT did not send the Prophet, unless to tell the truth and fulfilling the mandate”

11. Avoid Muslims from the evilist Hell

“And who is more unjust than he who invents a lie about Allah? Those will be presented before their Lord, and the witnesses will say, ‘These are the ones who lied againts their Lord. ‘Unquestionably, the curse of Allah is upon the wrongdoers.” (QS. Hud : 18)

As already told previously that lying is the worst crime and indeed the Prophet also ever said that whoever lies about Him deliberately will taken and places in Hell.

12. Truthfulness lead us to get closer with The Apostle

Rasulullah SAW said in the following hadith,

“Thus among you, the person closest to me in the Judgement Day is the most truthful of his words.”

13. Truthfulness will make us a good example and loved by others

Be a trustworthy person, honest, and responsible will make us a good example both for our family or even society. And it will make us a lot more easier to be friend with and loved by others since we can keep their secret and being sincere in our friendship.

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