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20 The Importance of Education in Islam

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As the religion of humanity, indeed Islam is a religion that cares about all aspects of human life, including education. The Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW clearly demand and guide the Muslims to improve the skills and morals of the younger generation. This is because education is a human capital investment for the future, to equip the younger generation with noble character and high skill. Islam has taught about the importance of education that should be done for self-improvement and self-improvement.


“O you who believe! Protect yourselves and your families (from) a Fire whose fuel (is) people and stones, over it (are) Angels stern, severe; not they disobey Allah (in) what He Commands them but they do what they are commanded.” (At-Tahrim 66:6)

Here is presented the importance of education in Islam.

1. Maintain self

Maintaining self and family is absolutely done for every human being through debriefing in all aspects of education; primarily religious education, by not neglecting aspects of education and other skills, such as; economics, social and so on, so that each self is able to direct itself to the pleasure of Allah. Allah loves His servant who maintains himself because it shows that he loves the creation of Allah.

How important is education, because only by the process of education can man maintain his existence as a noble human being, through the empowerment of the basic potential and the gift given by Allah. If all that is forgotten by neglecting education, human will lose his identity.

“And not is (for) the believers that they go forth all together. So if not go forth from every group among them a party that they may obtain understanding in the religion, and that they may their people when they return to them, so that they may beware.” (At-Taubah 9:122)

2. Avoid wrongdoings

Drug abuse, a brawl between students and free sex shows the role of religious education in the family has not been fully done by parents and the lack of control and exemplary principles of parents not built early on. We need the education to avoid the wrongdoings like above. Character and religion education are some best ways to make us have good characters and strong iman.

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3. Make the character more disciplined

We need education so that we will be more disciplined and able to carry out Allah’s commands. This can be started by praying 5 times or small things around us.

“Command your children to be of interest when they are seven years old, and beat them if they do not want to be salvaged by the age of ten.” (Abu Dawud, Al Turmuzi, Ahmad, and Al-Hakim)

4. Make our degree higher

The Qur’an has repeatedly explained the importance of knowledge and education. Without them, human life will be undoubtedly miserable. Not only that, the Qur’an even positions people who have the knowledge to a high degree.

“O you who believe! When it is said to you “Make room,” in the assemblies then make room, Allah will make room for you. And when it is said “Rise up,” then rise up; Allah will raise those who believe among you and those who were given the knowledge, (in) degrees. And Allah of what you do (is) All-Aware.” (Al-Mujadilah 58:11)

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5. Obligation as Muslim

We need to take education and get knowledge from it. It is because Allah commands that every Muslims must seek for knowledge.

“Seeking knowledge is the obligation of every Muslim”. (HR Ibnu Majah)

6. Not getting lost

Islam emphasizes the importance of knowledge in human life. Without knowledge, human will surely walk through this life like a lost person, whose implications will make the human more and more obsolete in the hereafter.

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7. Provision for the world and hereafter

We need the knowledge to live in this world. In the hereafter, we still need it to go to the heaven like Allah has promised. Knowledge can come from education.

“Whoever wants the world, it must be with knowledge. Whoever wants hereafter, it must be with knowledge. And whoever wants both, it must be with knowledge “. (Imam Shafi’i)

8. Utilize the senses

With hearing, sight and heart, human beings can understand and understand the knowledge presented to him, even humans can conquer all beings according to their will and power. We can utilize the senses by getting knowledge and education.

“And Allah brought you forth from the wombs (of) your mothers, not knowing anything, and made for you the hearing and the sight and the hearts so that you may give thanks.” (An-Nahl 16:78)

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9. For the growth

When we get a lot of education, we will grow faster as a person who has a deep of knowledge in this world. This will lead to the next stage until adulthood.

10. Become rich in knowledge

We need to get a lot of education because there are many things that we still don’t know about the world and hereafter. By getting the education, we will get more knowledge and know how this world works and can be more innovative.

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11. Keep up with the times and technology

Time will fly and no one can stop it. With the change of time, surely there are many changes too in the life and world. There will be new things and if we can’t keep up with the times, we will be left behind. So, we need to get education and knowledge as much as possible.


12. Regeneration to face the future

Muslims need to be motivated to be willing and able to increase their participation in the provision of facilities and infrastructure for early childhood education and increase community participation in educating their young children on formal, informal and non-formal channels. The assistance and easiness provided by the government, as well as increased community participation in early childhood education, provide a sense of optimism that efforts to improve the nation’s intelligence can be implemented. Early childhood education is an invaluable investment for future generations of the nation.

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13. Create good akhlaq and strong iman

With education able to change human morals that have implications for human civilization and Muslims itself, then in the process of formal and non formal education should be based on the teachings of Islam and in any activities so that the learners have a stronger faith, knowledge and can practice science with the best possible so that the realization of an Islamic civilization accompanied by capable sciences and advanced technology.

14. Revelation of Allah

Education in Islam is important because it is the spirit of the beginning of the revelation of Allah, the first command in Islam is to read, read in a broader sense, including in it is researching, studying, understanding, observation, learning process and education peruses. Thus education is an early milestone of the revelation.

“Read in (the) name (of) your Lord the One Who created -He created man from a clinging substance. Read, and your Lord (is) the Most Generous, The One Who taught by the pen, Taught man what not he knew.” (Al-Alaq 96:1-5)

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15. Give experience

On the other hand, education has an important meaning for the child to gain valuable experiences, experience, and benchmarking experience as the main pattern in looking at the outside world. Family education is an education in Islam, a primary and preferred education, is said to be preferred because it is based on Allah’s command, so that parents are responsible for saving their children from hell, both in the world and the hereafter. Not surprisingly, Muhammad Saw states that giving education and learning at home is better than merely doing good to the child.

“The giving of attention (education and learning) from parents to their children, is better than only being good to them.” (HR Ahmad)

16. Follow Prophet Muhammad

From the beginning, Islam has encouraged education. It encourages scientific research, opens learning circles, utilizes community resources, approaches to problem-solving, storytelling and free education. The importance of education in Islam is based on the fact that the Prophet Muhammad made education an integral part of Islam. The Prophet Muhammad established the first Knowledge Session in Dar’ul Arqam.

So high (above all) (is) Allah the King, the True. And (do) not hasten with the Quran before [that] is completed to you its revelation, and say, “My Lord! Increase me (in) knowledge.” (Ta Ha 20:114)

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17. Provide a good environment

Humans are easy to imitate others. If they are left in an environment that is not supportive, it is not impossible that bad traits can be absorbed and used in everyday life. We have to give strict control over who our friends are.

18. Teach Islamic values

One of the biggest causes of children being disobedient to religion and parents is the lack of Islamic values in themselves. In leisure, parents can provide a universally accepted Islamic value. For example with the story of the example of the prophet and his companions in the past. Furthermore, Islamic values can also be nurtured through Islamic educational films.

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19. Make life more meaningful

Without knowledge and education, this life will be felt empty. There are not enjoyment, pleasure, and innovation to build this world. We can’t find something new like the inventor that has been researching for years to create one thing or theory.

20. Improve the quality of human

The course of human history is not primarily determined by the number of people (the majority), but by the quality of its Human Resources (HR). So, improving the quality of human is very important by getting the education.

The Prophet (s) said; “Humans are minerals in good and evil: Those who are good in Jahiliyah are good in Islam if they understand.” (HR Ahmad)

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That’s all the importance of education in Islam. We need to know this to become the better human and get more knowledge. Hope this article will give us benefits.

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