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The Law of Women Wearing Gold in Islam

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Allah SWT has arranges everything including how to beauty ourselves in Islam, etiquettes in appearance for muslimah, how to dress up muslimah, how to muslimah make up.


Today, it is common to see that most of women are wearing various jewelries to cover up their appearances in attracting of their surroundings especially the men folks. In fact, some of women are pushing their selves to wear many accessories in their appearances so it makes them are foolish. The purpose of wearing those accessories is to get compliment of their appearances.

Here, Islam is already explained about the law of wearing gold for men and women whereas inside of it women are permitted to wear jewelry as their accessories in order to make her appearances are more beautiful as long as it is not cross the line. It means that the application of the jewelry is not exaggerated and appropriate with the laws as it is stated on the Shari’a Islam and the basic of Islam.

Does a woman in Islam is permitted to wear jewelry as it is made from gold?

As a muslimah, we are still wondering whether wearing jewelry is permitted or prohibited in Islam. Thus, this article will clarify about the issue arise with some theologians hadidh that supporting the explanations. Read more about Law of Women ask Divorce in Islam

Women are wearing gold in Islam

To make her appearances more beautiful, most of muslimah women are wearing accessories to support their performances like bracelet, necklaces, rings, earring and other accessories which are made from gold. However, is it permitted for women to wear jewelry which are made from gold?

Amirul Mu’minin Ali bin Abi Thalib RA was narrated that Rasulullah SAW was taken his silk and placed it to his right hand and take the gold on his left side while said,

“Indeed, the two of these things (silk and gold) are forbidden for men.” (HR. Ahmad, Abu Dawud and An-Nasa’i).

It has explained that the law of men folks wearing gold in Islam is forbidden especially silk and fine gold. However, women are allowed to wear jewelry both are made from gold and silver. Some theologians are also mentioned their agreed (ij’ma) about the issue of permission of women are wearing jewelry;

An-Nawawi Rahimahullah said,

“It is permitted for women to wear and make up her with silk and silver by the condition it is being agreed (ij’ma) with the others hadidh.” 

An-Nawawi is said,

” All muslimin has agreed that women are permitted to wear various jewelries which are made from gold and silver like necklaces, rings and bracelets and other jewelries which are wear in the neck or other places without any arguments.”

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Al-Hafidz Ibnu Hajar is mentioned,

” Rasulullah SAW forbid us with seven matters and He is prohibited any one of us to wear gold ring.” (Al-Hadidh)

It is narrated from Abu Dawud and Ad Daruqtni and shahih by Al-Hakim from Ummu Salamah RA,” Ummu Salamah was wearing gold anklet and he asked to Rasulullah SAW,

” Dear Rasulullah, is this a kind of kanzun (a treasure deposit)?” Rasulullah SAW answered,” If you are fulfill its zakat from the anklet, and then it is not a treasure deposit.”

Aisyah RA said, “I gave some jewelry to Rasulullah SAW which was given by An-Najasyi (The King of Habasyah) that is gold germ ring of Habsyi.

He took those jewelries with branch that was stretched or some of his fingers. He called Umamah binti Abul ‘Ash (the daughter of Zainab which is Rasulullah SAW‘s daughter) and said,

“Dear my granddaughter, please make up yourself with this jewelry.” (HR. Abu Daud).

It is justified that since Rasulullah SAW era, Islam is already permitted women to wear gold as their accessories. Still, the purpose of wearing the accessories is to have the feeling of more beautiful and confident of themselves. Read more about  Law of Cutting Nails When Menstrual Period in Islam

However, it is recommended to all muslimah to fulfill its zakat from the gold was mentioned as if we are keeping the jewelries for their future assets. As it is narrated from hadidh of ‘Amr bin Syuaib and his father and his grandfather:

Once, a woman came to Rasulullah SAW with her daughter by bringing two thick bracelets and Rasulullah SAW said,

“Did you already fulfill its zakat from this bracelet?” the woman was answered the question with no and then Rasulullah SAW said,

“Did you feel happy when Allah SWT wore this bracelet to both of you on the doomsday which made from the fire of Hades?”

The woman was releasing her bracelets immediately and gave it to Rasulullah SAW while said,

“I gave these two bracelets to Allah SWT and His Messenger.” (HR. Abu Dawud and An-Nasa’i).

In the vice verse, Islam is prohibited men folks to wear jewelry like gold as it is narrated by An-Nawawi,” It is prohibited for men folks and vanished (the law) of permitted at the beginning of Islam.”

In summary, it is permitted for women to wear gold as their accessories in Islam in order to make her appearance more beautiful. Read more about Law of Circumcision for Women According to Islam

However, as the good women in Islam, it is advisable for women not to make up their selves in exaggerated in wearing those accessories. It must comply with the rules as it is stated on the shari’a Islam and the basic of Islam because Allah SWT does not like exaggerating something which is not properly in everything. Exaggerating something without any advantages will cause of the other problems arises.

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Those are the explanation about the issues of wearing gold in Islam for women. May this articles can increase our knowledge about the purpose of wearing gold in Islam and most women are not doubtful anymore when they are willing to wear gold as their accessories in order to make her appearances more beautiful.  Read more about Law of Cutting Hair While Pregnant in Islam

In the vice verse, the men folks are advisable to realizing the wearing and the functional of gold for their accessories since it is clearly stated that the law is forbidden since the edge of Rasulullah SAW. May Allah SWT is always guide us in the right ways.

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