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The Law of Cutting Hair While Pregnant in Islam

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In this modern life, there are still many habits and myths that are believed by some people, especially those that are still closely surrounded by strong customs.


Myth is a hereditary habit that was done by parents since time immemorial that has a certain meaning and purpose and generally associated with something supposedly unseen. Myths and habits actually have a good purpose, that is for safety.

Sometimes, a myth that has become a habit can not be logically interpreted logically in science or according to religion, some people are slowly not following it since already embrace a modern thinking.

One of the most commonly used myths is a prohibition of hair-cutting  for pregnant women related to the safety of mothers and future infants later while pregnancy according to Islam does not recognize such myths.

Parents in the past did say that cutting hair during pregnancy is a taboo that should not be violated for various reasons, it is required for young pregnant women up to before childbirth, whereas pregnant women tend to frequently felt hot so it often makes pregnant women feel uncomfortable.

How does Islam perceive it? Is it a true myth associated with salvation or the occult nature according to Islam? To understand it further, please refer to the following article. Read also: how to celebrate wedding anniversary in Islam

The Law of Cutting Hair While Pregnant in Islam

Cutting hair in Islamic law is permitted or legitimate just as long as it does not interfere with the process of pregnancy and childbirth. Since the virtue of pregnant women in Islam is to be grateful for the grace of Allah SWT by taking care of him as best as possible according to Islamic Shari’a. Here is the word of Allah and the hadith that strengthens it.

1. For the pregnant women’s comfort

Every woman during her pregnancy always has a port and more weight. Generally will tend to be fatter and more contained. It is a natural thing since inside the body there is a baby or other human being conceived.

Pregnant women also often feel more stiflingly hot because of physical’s changes. Be grateful for the physical changes including pregnant women’s deeds according to Islam.

The law of hair cutting in Islam is often questioned because pregnant women feel uncomfortable when having to do that where their body feels often stifingly hot, long hair and easy to moist especially for those who are in the hot region or when the summer would make pregnant women feel very uncomfortable .

Islam never gives the Shari’a that makes His people feel burdened and difficulties, islam allowed pregnant women to cut hair or doing a hair care as long as it does not interfere and not harmful their healt nor the babies inside the womb.

It is permissible to do so as long as it can have a good effect and provide comfort to pregnant women. Read also: dua in the morning in Islam

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2. A Form of Shirk (an idoltary practice)

Shirk is an act of belief in other than Allah SWT. The law of cutting hair in Islam is halal (permitted and allowed), if there is a person who believes in the Shari’a which is not from Allah and His apostle then it includes of shirk.

It is also related to cutting hair in Islam, there is absolutely no command of Islam to do so. How to avoid shirk can be done by evading from beliefs that are not in accordance with the Islamic Shari’a.

Follow the shari’a of Islam as ordered by Allah in His word below,

“Nor will I be a worshipper of what you worship, nor will you be worshipper of what I worship, for you is your religion, and for me is my religion.” (QS. Al-Kafirun : 4-6)

3. No Reinforcing Theory 

As pregnant women, especially those who still live with parents or in-laws who still practice the tradition of the previous people who are not contained in Islamic Shari’a, can be explained well either or through a well-respected person such as ustad or religious teacher to explain and show that in Islam there is no hadith or the word of Allah that rules it. Read also: Qur’an verses of respecting parents

As Muslims it will be obliged to follow His shari’a solely as a form of piety so that during the pregnancy and throughout her life will achieve a guidance and a path of haste from Allah SWT.

“I will warn you to fear Allah, keep hearing and obeying since whoever lives among you after me, then he will see a lot of dispute. Therefore you are obliged to hold on to my sunnah for guidance.” (Narrated by Tirmidhi)

4. Precedes The Will of Allah

Pregnant women are often feareds that they will be hit by disaster if not to follow the myth or habit like cutting hair during pregnancy. People who lack understanding about religion will generally tell the story of the previous story ever happened to scare the pregnant women in order to willingly obedient and follow the habit.

But we should not be affraid on any disaster, and not allowed to precedes the will of Allah, as the below surah:

“It is He who forms you in the wombs however He wills. There is no deity except Him, the Exalted in Might, and the Wise.” (QS. Ali’Imran: 6)

Allah is the one created infant and protect him during the pregnancy and  give birth to it into the world. So we must believe in Him. Read also: Tips of Ramadhan fasting for breastfeeding mom

5. Not the Form of Faith

“…But Allah has endered to you the faith and has made it pleasing in your hearts and has made hateful to you disbelief, defiance, and disobedience. Those are the (rightly) guided. (It is) as bounty from Allah and favor. And Allah is Knowing and Wise.” (QS. Al-Hujurat : 7-8)

Following a rule that does not exist in the Apostle’s command is certainly not a form or a reflection attitude of a believer, for doing something out of intention other than Allah.

A person’s faith including pregnant women is tested with it, must be able to defeat the various habits of either traditional or modern that is not according to Islamic law and just sticking to the religion of Allah alone. Therefore, to provide salvation and protection during pregnancy, to Allah alone we must ask and believe.

6. Protection Only Came From Allah SWT

“O My Lord, indeed i have pledged to You what is in my womb, consecrated (for Your service), so accept this from me. Indeed, You are the Hearing, the Knowing and I seek for her in You and (for) her descendants from Satan, the expelled (from the mercy of Allah).” (QS. Ali’Imran: 35-36)

Protection during pregnancy only from Allah alone, do not depend on other things such as customs that are not in accordance with Islamic law that there is no clear argument.

The law of haircut in Islam is permissible. Doing a myth that is not from Allah will not affect the protection and smoothness of a mother’s pregnancy process because the protection comes only from Allah alone. Read also: rules of drinking water in Islam

7. There is No Example Of the Apostle (Rasulullah) About It

“Whoever does good sunnah and then followed it will be recorded for him the reward of the people who follow him and not at all reduce the rewards he gained. On the contrary, whoever does a bad sunnah and then followed by the person afterwards it will be recorded for him a bad reward like the person who practiced it without reducing the sin of the giver for example.” (Narrated by Muslims)

It is not permissible to create and enforce rules and regulations or to order others to do so if the person does not have a clear proposition or theory. One of them is the law of hair cutting in Islam that was never exemplified and made an example by the Apostle.

If it is the right thing, of course it is spread in various arguments and the word of Allah SWT.

8. There are no Harm Both According to Islam or Health

Islam allows His servant to cut hair during pregnancy since there is no harm or difficulty that will be caused by it. Since the time of Rasulullah SAW until now there is no example in Islam that exemplifies or commands to perform such acts.

 According to the health of various studies and the opinions of experts, it is also equally permissible, according to health, there is no danger of cutting hair unless it is accompanied by chemicals or something harmful that may affect the health of pregnant women and the babies inside.

So as Muslims, we do not need to do it and do not have to believe in everything that is not in the Islamic Shari’a, do not worry to cut hair during pregnancy as long as it can provide comfort and not affect health. 

Just rely everything up by believing in Allah alone, so that every business done will produce blessings and far from misguided or immorality like the previous ignorance.

From the various hadiths and word of Allah that have been described, it can be concluded that the law of hair cut in Islam is lawful. So every pregnant woman may do it, it will not affect her health, if believeing in the belief of former people is included in the act of shirk and including as a big sin since belief other than Allah.

Thus the article is in accordance with the law of hair cut during pregnancy in Islam, may be useful as an additional insight for you, do not forget to always run all the daily habits in accordance with Islamic Shari’a in order to get blessing and God bless. Thank you for reading this article. Warm greetings from the author.

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