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Law of Circumcision for Women According to Islam

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Ibrahim ‘Alaihissalam has been circumcised with gadum (the name of the cutting tools) while he is 80 years old.” (HR. Bukhari Muslim)


Circumcision has been doing since the period of the Prophet of Ibrahin AS. It is been running as the role model of the Prophet Muhammad SAW sunnah.

The advantages of circumcision for men kind are to purify and remove our self also for healthiness of the vital area.  Below are information related to circumcision in Islam.

Theologian opinions about circumcision

There are some opinions about circumcision for women in Islam. it is based on some of theologians’  source or doing istimbath at the source which are still have correlation to the pillars of Islam, the basic law of Islam, Faithful function to Allah SWT, the source of Shari’a Islam and The pillar of Faithfully.

Here are some explanations related to circumcision based on fuqaha or fiqh expert.

The law of circumcision for men kind

Imam Hanafi dalam Hasiyah Ibnu Abidin, Imam Maliki dalam Asy Syarhu Ash Shagir and Imam Syafii dalam Al Majmu Adfadsfad are having opinion that the law of circumcision is mandatory.

They mentioned that when a population agrees not to doing circumcision, the government has the right to fight against those society by the condition the population is disobeying something as if as they are not doing worship like praying and echoing adzan.

Fiqh expert said that it is sunnah for women to do circumcision. It is based on the Hadith

“Circumcision is sunnah for men and it will praise the women.” (HR. Ahmad and Baihaqi)

It is also supported by the postulate,

Cut of your kufr hair and be circumcised.” (HR. Asy Syafi’i)

The Law of Circumcision for Women

Ibnu Qudamah said that circumcision is mandatory for men while it is sunnah for women. It has been delivered too with Rasulullah SAW,

” Cut a little bit, do not too much because it will brighten the face and pleased the husband.”

Thus, it is allowed to cut a little bit and do not into its base for the women. It is different from the men because the main purpose for the men is for his saintly and hygiene while for women it is for dignity only.

In conclusion, it is sunnah for women to having circumcision, still, it will be returning to the tradition of the country itself. When they do, it is usually been doing since they were still child. When the women is already being adult, it will not being burden for not having circumcision.

Different from the men, he still needs to be circumcised though he is adult. Circumcision between men and women can increase the happiness in doing the obligation husband to wife in Islam, the obligation of wife to husband in Islam, the women obligation is Islam.

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The purposes and Advantages of Circumcision to Women

There are different purposes and function for doing circumcision for women in each region. Though it is sunnah, there are still some purposes and advantages of doing circumcision for women. Below are some purposes and advantages of circumcision for women as it is suitable with the Islam religion.

  • To follow sunnah of Rasulullah SAW

When a woman is following the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, it means that she is already following what has been recommended by Rasulullah SAW. It shows that she is following her role model as a good muslim. It is also supporting the purposes of Human Creations, the process of human creation, the nature of Human Creation, Human Consep in Islam.

  • To follow the nature things

“There are five things of human natures: circumcision, shaving genitalia hair, pull the armpit hair, cutting nails and cut the mustache.” (HR. Bukhori Muslim).

  • Getting the dignity

Women who have been doing circumcision will get her honor as Rasulullah SAW promised. Thus, it is recommended to do it when she is little girl and yet baliqh so when she grows up she will not need to be circumcised anymore.

The advantages of Circumcision for Healthiness

There always purposes and advantages from Allah SWT into everything He has been commandment. It is not for His interest but it is for the good of human kind.  As it is stated on Al-Qur’an:

  • (The punishment) it is because of your own deeds, and indeed, Allah SWT will never persecute of His Ummat. (QS. Ali Imran: 182)
  • Indeed, Allah SWT will not persecute someone as big as zarrah, when there is goodness as big as zarrah, it certainly Allah SWT will make it double from His side in a huge reward. (QS. An Nisa:40)
  • Truly, Allah SWT will not zalim to the human kind at all, still those human are doing zalim into their selves. (QS. Yunus:44)

Based on the explanations above, the command to do circumcision is having good purposes for human kind. Here are the benefits which are seeing from the health sight:

  • Keeping hygiene

Circumcision will make our vital organ or intimate organ in a clean condition. It is obviously will bring goodness for our health.

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  • Avoid infection

For men kind, circumcision can prevent the urinary tract infection or other dangerous diseases which resulting from the accumulation of the dirt or unsmooth urinary. Therefore, an earlier circumcision will help to avoid the infection.

There are many infections resulted before someone is having circumcision. Therefore, in order to prevent and as our Godly to Allah SWT, we are recommended to do circumcision.

  • Avoid HIV

One of the most dangerous diseases is HIV. By doing circumcision, we can minimize the risk of being contaminated HIV because it come from the free sex or the promiscuity whereas someone is often changing his partner.

  • Avoid cancer

Circumcision can also help us to avoid cancer especially cervix cancer which most happened to women. Thus, circumcision is not prevent the cancer to men only but also for women.

As a husband and wife, we certainly do not want to spread a kind of disease to our spouse which caused of illness into each other.

Beyond all the advantages of doing circumcision, we should remember that the most important thing of doing circumcision is it can support the harmonious and happiness of husband and wife as it is mentioned on Family in Islam, Sakinnah Family in Islam, the harmonious family in Islam, Sakinnah, Mawaddah and Warrahmah Family.

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