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13 Virtues of Durood Which are Important In Islam

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Sayyidina Amirul Mu’minin, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad


Khalifatul Masih al-Khaamis ayyadahullaahu Ta’ala binashrihil ‘aziiz

أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له,

وأشهد أن محمدا عبده ورسوله.

أما بعد فأعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم * الحمد لله رب العالمين * الرحمن الرحيم * مالك يوم الدين * إياك نعبد وإياك نستعين * اهدنا الصراط المستقيم * صراط الذين أنعمت عليهم غير المغضوب عليهم ولا الضالين. (آمين)

ن الله وملائكته يصلون على النبي ياأيها الذين ءامنوا صلوا عليه وسلموا تسليما

The translation is: Allah and His angels send mercy to the prophet. O ye who believe ! You also send selawat and best regards as much as possible to him. Al-Ahzab 57

  1. Why is God such as to emphasize to the believer to read shalawat? Is the Messenger of Allah SWT necessary on our prayers.

No. In fact, He has taught us how to worship my servants! if you are present before me with your needs, then to make your prayers answered and your needs are fulfilled, now the intermediary is only one, that comes to me by the intercession of my beloved prophet.

  1. If you do not choose this intermediary, then all your worship will be in vain; because, everything, all the creatures / I have created for our beloved prophet.

Hadhrat Masih Mauud a.s. said; “Although the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) has no interest in the prayers of anyone, but in it there is a very deep secret.

  1. A man who, because of his personal love, begs for blessings and mercy for a person, he is the result of a personal love being a part of that person.

So, the blessings that exist in the person he is praying for, that is the blessing that descends on him as well.

  1. And since the infinite gifts of God are infinite, therefore those who read the selawat, who desire / bless the Messenger of Allah will get a share of the infinite blessings in accordance with the turmoil of their hearts.

But this blessing is very rarely born without the turmoil / spirit of maturity and true love.

Maktubaat Ahmadiyat early volume pp. 24-25. In this quotation, from things that the Promised Messiah a. explain to us, it is clear to us that the importance of reading selawat. First, he said, you remember that the Messenger of Allah did not need your prayers.

  1. Do not think that only with the reading of your prayers the dignity of Allah’s Messenger became high.

Before him he is a form that is loved by God. In it, he said, there is a deep secret and the secret is that when there is a person due to a personal bond and because of love to someone he asks for blessing and grace for that person, then he becomes part of the person’s / person’s being united in love and in relationship / interwoven. For example, in the bonds of the kinship of the world, consider that I give an example like a mother’s love of a child.

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  • Sometimes you may have seen when a child started walking, when a little bit of awareness began to arise in him, which if he got a little bit of food stuff, sometimes from that little bit of food that was mostly not in pieces, in the form of small zarrahs.
  • He (the child) will attempt to enter in the mouth of her mother small zarrah-zarrah was due to the bond of love and braid that is in the child against his mother.
  • Well, due to the small pieces of the mother’s stomach will not be satisfied but it is an effort of sahiran affection and consequence of the movement then the mother as much as that love for the child and it will continue to grow and the mother will be more than before the above hold such a small, innocent move his mother paid attention to him.

So such examples you will continue to find more examples in world ties and in other family ties. Then the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said in this quotation says that if in love becomes a being, then the gifts he gains and the blessings he attains as a result of the prayers you are praying for are also what you get.

He said: By the grace of the grace and the blessings of the infinite God and His infinite gifts which He has sent down to the Messenger of Allah (saws) and keeps the middle He has sent down and it will continue He will decrease as long as the world still exists.

  1. Then you are also due to read shalawat, due to the personal bond that is contained within us with the person of the Messenger of Allah must increase more closely should be.

From the gifts that come down to him from Allah, those people will continue to get that with a sincere heart to continue sending a visit to him. But the requirement is that there must be a spirit / feeling of turmoil, there is a sense of love that is born within you at the time of reading that shalawat.

  1. Because of the number of the Promised Messiahs a. reading shalawat, the infinite blessings that descend on him, in relation to that he said;

“At a time when a lot of reading shalawat, ie until a long time I kept busy sending shalawat / greetings to the Messenger of Allah. For I believe that God’s ways are very subtle streets without which the prophet can not be achieved as God says وابتغوا إليه الوسيلة – Maidah verse 33 (Seek the mediator to him) Only after a while in kasyaf I see two drinkers came.

  1. A man came into my house by the way of the inside and one came into my house by the way out and on two shoulders lies the pockets of light and he then said:

هذا ماصليت على محمد – haadza maa shallaita ‘ala muhammadin – This is because you sent a visit to Muhammad saw Haqiqatul-wahyi footnote p.128 Tazkirah p. 77 Matter 1969

So in it he says that because I want to get qurub / proximity with my Creator, with My Own and I know that to attain His closeness and qurub is not an easy task, the way to attain God’s closeness is not an easy path; even after going through a difficult and dangerous path can reach God’s attachment. So to attain that proximity in accordance with the permission of God-that can be achieved.

He said: That now to arrive at Me, that is to come to God there is only one way, there is only one mediator, and that is Muhammad saw. Well, this is what he said that because of the interesting lessons from it I read a lot / sent shalawat to him. And as if I was drowning in that mind all the time and I continued to send shalawat / greetings to him; then in conclusion God told me that even though now with the mediator the intermediary has attained closeness with me, to me is shown such a scene in kasyaf.

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  1. That two people on the shoulders are two pockets of nur, from the road inside and outside came inside my house saying that all this was obtained because of sending shalawat / salam to Muhammad saw.

So, the intention of entering from the inner and outer path is also that now from that blessing all kinds of blessings and gifts will continue to flow on him and to him also thanks to the Messenger of Allah will continue to arrive. So these are the blessings of the trip.

  1. Hadhrat Masih Mauud a.s. in calling an inspiration it says: “صل على محمد وال محمد سبد ولد ادم و خاتم النبيين -shalli ‘ala muhammadin wa aali muhammad sayyidi wuldi aadam wa khaatamannabiyyiin – Convey a visit to Muhammad and Muhammad’s family who are the masters and from between Adam’s son and khatamunnabiyyin. “

Hopefully, these 13 virtues of Durood in Islam will increase your knowledge on the teaching of Islam. Have a nice day.

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