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How To Dress Up for Men According To Islam

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Indeed, it is not fair if you only judge someone from his performance because the performance of someone cannot forever determine  the characteristic and quality of his faith. But performance is first thing that we can study and analysis to know the characteristic and faith of someone (see also how to improve faith in Islam). How is closed and opened someone’s clothes, how is tidy or not someone’s clothes become one of factors to determine the characteristic of someone.


Islam also arranges how to dress up for men and women, because both of them have awra and as Muslim, we must take care ourselves and our awra from other’s view. This matter has explained clearly in Al-Qur’an Surah Al-A’raf ver 26 which means :

“O children of Adam, We have bestowed upon you clothing to conceal your private parts and as adornment. But the clothing of righteousness – that is best. That is from the signs of Allah that perhaps they will remember.” (Q.S. Al-A’raf : 26)

So that, this article will discuss about how to dress up for men according to Islam.

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  1. Must Close Awra

If awra is not closed and taken care well, it will cause damage and sins for ourselves and others. In Islam, The awra of men is parts of body from knee until navel. But, it should be better, if a man also  closes his navel until his neck or uses long or half sleeved because if those parts are exposed and looked by a woman, it can cause a slander or sin for both of them.

Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa sallam said, “Do not a man see the awra of other men ….. “ (Narrated by Muslim)

  1. Avoid Syuhrah Clothing (Sensational)

Syuhrah clothing is a cloth that can invite people’s attention because its type or forms is unusual, such as it is too luxurious, too different or shabby and poorly. Especially if the goal sets to be famous and get sensation in society or an event.

Rasulullah saw said :

“Whoever wear Syuhrah clothing, then Allah wil wear a similar clothing in the Hereafter. Then, that clothing will be lighted the fire of the Hell.” (Narrated by Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah)

  1. Use a simple clothing

Using a luxurious and too expensive clothing is one of waste forms and it can cause many negative slanders such as it can make others insecure or jealous, it can cause pride, showing and arrogant. Of course, those things are very forbidden in Islam. See also how to cure arrogance in Islam.

Rasulullah saw said :

“Whoever leave a clothing with tawadhu because of Allah, while he is able to wear it, then Allah will call him in the Hereafter in front of all of creatures, then he is commanded to choose faith jewelry which he wants to wear.” (Narrated by Ahmad and Tirmidzi)

  1. Use a White Clothing

Islam does not limit the color selection of clothing, but white is better than others. Moreover if it used to do hajj, prayers and others.

Rasulullah saw said :
“Wear a white clothing, because a white clothing is holier and better. Shroud your corpse with a white cloth.” (Narrated by Ahmad, an-Nasaa’i)

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  1. Avoid a too long clothing (Isbal)

Isbal is a clothing or material that its length pass the ankle. In Islam, men are not allowed to wear a clothing which its length pass the ankle. Many hadith narrated about this prohibition, such as Ibn Abbas, Ibn Umar, Ibn Mas’ud, Abu Huraira, Anas, Abu Dzar and many more.

Rasulullah saw said :

“Sarong which droops under the ankle, the place is in the Hell.” (Narrated by Bukhari)

Besides that, he also explained in the next hadith which means :

“Three kinds of people who in the Hereafter, Allah will not talk, see them, purify them and for them a poignant torture.” Then he continued, “They are musbil (Isbal people), mannaan (people who pry gifts) and people who popularize their product with a perjury.” (Narrated by Abu Dawud)

The prohibition of Isbal clothing has a reason that Isbal is haram and a big sin, mmoreover if it is followed by pride. About this thing, Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa sallam said :

“Be careful from Isbal, because indeed Isbal is a pride.” (Narrated by Ahmad and Abu Dawud, see Shahiih Abi Dawud)

The usage of clothing (sarong/pants) for Muslim men is according to sunnah from the Prophet Muhammad saw, it is around calf. He also gave his word about this matter :“Sarong of a believer is reaching a little above middle ankle, then until the two ankles. Then whoever under the two ankles, then he is in the Hell.” (Narrated by Ahmad and Abu ‘Awwaanah)

  1. Advance The Right Parts of Body

Islam recommends to start everything by using the right hand, especially for the noble business.

Imam an-Nawawi rahimahullah said :

“The principle of Sharia is sunnah to start by using the right part in all business that relate with glory and beauty.” (Syarh Muslim)

Then Ummul mukminin also told that ‘Aisha radhiyallahu anhu has said :

“Rasulullah saw likes to advance the right part than the left part when he uses sandal, combs, ablutions and all of his business (noble).” (Muttafaqun ‘alaih)

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  1. Avoid a silk and gold clothing

Gold and Silk clothing are two beautiful things and it is usually used by women. But those things are forbidden to be used by Muslim men.

Rasulullah saw said :

“Gold and silk are halal for women from my people, but they are haram for men.” (Narrated by Ahmadn and Nasaa’i, see Shahiihul Jaami’ : 209)

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  1. Avoid a clothing that imitate Kafir

Besides using halal and tidy clothing, we have to remember that a Muslim is not allowed to use a clothing that imitate Kafir. The clothing of a Muslim must be according to Sharia.

Rasulullah saw said :

“Whoever imitate a people, then he is a part of them.” (Narrated by Abu Dawud)

  1. Do not use a clothing that imitate women

This matter has been clear and firm in many hadith, that a Muslim men is not allowed to use clothing or look like a woman, and vice versa.

Rasulullah saw said :

“Allah dams a woman who imitates a man and a man who imitates a woman.” (Narrated by Bukhari)

He also said :

“Allah dams a man who wears woman’s clothing, and a woman who wears man’s clothing.” (Narrated by Abu Dauwd and Hakim)

Thus the article about how to dress up for men according to Islam. Hopefully this article can add our knowledge and our faith. Amen.

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