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10 Ways to Ask for Your Office Prayer Room Politely

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We know that Muslims in Indonesia is majority, and we have an obligation to perform prayer 5 times a day. A prayer room is a common office space and provided for Muslims so that they can perform daily prayer easily. That convenience is also Muslims’ right, and equal to all other religion.


But sometimes certain office did not provide their place with prayer room, or sometimes although they have a prayer room, that place is not really comfortable or proper for Muslims to pray. In such condition, we are allowed to demand for a better prayer room to our office. You can read also law of working in marketing industries in Islam.

A better prayer room, or freedom to perform their religion will give a great impact for the company itself. There are several effects of prayer room and freedom to perform religion for employees:

  • Employees have the sense of belonging to the company.
  • Employees will feel cared by the company.
  • Facilitating employees with prayer rooms will help them to manage their time.
  • Employees who are diligent in worship may improve their ability to completing task from the company.
  • Religious matter is important as a stress therapy for a person.

Here we would like to share tips for you of ways to ask for a prayer room to your office.

10 Ways to Ask for Your Office Prayer Room

There are certain tips we can do to ask for an office prayer room. Since all company must have their own rules and requirements for public or employees facility.

1. Explain to the company the importance of prayer

Before we start to ask for prayer room, if you working in a company where most of them are non Muslims, then it is important to give them an overview first. You have to tell them how important prayer for Muslims. You may want to read also about rules of saying salaam when entering an empty room.

As mentioned in the following verse,

“But if they repent, establish prayer, and give zakah, then they are your brothers in religion, and We detail the verses for a people who know. And if they break their oaths after their treaty and defame your religion, then they fight the leaders of disbelief, for indeed, there are no oaths (sacred) to them, (fight them that) they might cease.”

QS. At-Tawbah : 11-12

And the Messenger also emphasizes about that matter as stated in the following hadith,

“The prayer (salat) performed during its specific time. Whoever abandons his prayer, he has no religion. The prayer (salat) is the pillar of the religion of Islam.”

Narrated by Al-Baihaqi

2. Make them as the program company loyalty program

Providing prayer room for employee will give benefit for both parties. It can be counted as a loyalty program, means that the company can meet the basic needs of their employee, it might help to increase their loyalty towards company.

3. Give them the benefits if they build prayer room

If you want to ask for a prayer room, then you have to explain to them what is the benefit of building one. For example, a proper prayer room give a decent image for the company that they care about their employees.

A prayer room also give employee motivation and passion to work hard. Workers who diligently worship to Allah SWT will motivate them to work well, honestly, since they were afraid of the punishment from Allah SWT.

4. Prayer room will allow Muslims to do their prayer without interfering with daily activities

A prayer room will also saving their time. Why? If a company have no prayer room in their office, then the employee will search the nearest prayer room or maybe using current space in the office. It can waste their time and energy. You may want to read also about reasons why Islam forbid to celebrate valentine day.

5. Prayer room can also be used for certain events

This will be the best part of having prayer room. Some company have been doing this for years. They create an events in the prayer room that related to good act. For example it can be a space for study events or sharing with poor people.

This kind of events will give a great benefits for the image of the company as well as helping to improve the employee’s character. It can be a tools to build their character and knowledge.

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6. Submit it in a proposal form

If you do really intend to convince your management to build prayer room then it is important to give them a formal proposal. A formal proposal will help them gain a vision of how important a prayer room for employee.

In your proposal you can add certain things like example of other company who already build prayer for their own employee. Also give them basic rules both from the government such as in the form of law or rules about the right of religious matter for employee or workers. You may want to know about reasons why doing hajj when young is a must.

7. Give them an overview of the budget

Now this will play significant part of ways to ask your office prayer room, it’s about the estimation of budget. Budget is very important, you have to meet the company expense with the employee needs. Each company have their own budget, and they always manage it.

If you want a prayer room, it should be created in budget proposal. Give them an estimation, how much does it will cost the company to build prayer room. They will calculate between the cost and the benefits.

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8. Explain how struggle an employee is if they have no prayer room

Tell them, difficulties experienced by employee if they have to seek their own prayer room. Since prayer room should be clean, comfortable, and proper.

9. Prayer room for guest

What if there is a guest or client who wants to pray? If the company does not have a prayer room, it will give a bad impact for the company image.

A prayer room is not only facilitate employee or workers but it also be a facility for guest. Meeting can take a lot of time, therefore a prayer room is very important for a guest or client. You may want to read also about ways on how fasting can make you more discipline.

10. It can be a therapeutic private rooms for employee

Explain to the company that prayer room can be a private therapeutic rooms. When they got stressed from work or daily jobs, it can be a place to release those stress. And moreover it can be a place just to spend some times to talk between employee or even between employee with management.

Those are the proper ways to ask for a prayer room to your office. Make sure you do it politely without causing any fuss and things that may raise conflicts between you and your company. Hopefully this article will be helpful for you.

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