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12 Effects of Listening to Music in Islam

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Music for centuries has been part of human life. Both young generation or the old one loves music. Especially for millenial people, music has been part of their day and activities.


The musical industry growing up every day, reach every circle. Music can be bad or good at the same time depend on what kind of music and how we enjoy it. There are many negative effects of music in Islam which every millenial should know.

Effects of Listening to Music in Islam

Music as the form of art act gave many effects without doubt, including to human mind. Islam see music as the product of human or culture, and surely but not completely forbidden on listening music.

Other than music there is also an art act that Islam set a law, which is the law of dancing for women in Islam.

There are several effects of listening to music in Islam, we should understand it and guard ourselves since not all the effects are good for muslim.

1. Cause of hyprocrisy

Rasulullah SAW said,

“The playing of violin causes hypocrisy to grow in heart in the same way as water becomes the cause of the growht of greenery.” 

It is clearly stated from the hadith that music in this case violin can nurture a hyprocisy deep down in someone heart.

Hyprocisy in Islam is forbidden and the Prophet hated that character. The one who commit hyprocisy is when they say something it is a lie, if they promise something they break it, and they can never be trusted since they often to perfidious.

2. Cause of mind pollution

Musical lyrics mostly contain of rude, false and meaningless words. Islam agains their people of listening this type of music.

“So abstain from the pollution of the idols and abstain from false vain words.” (QS. Al-Hajj : 30)

The verse said that muslims should avoid false statement including vile and rude words contain in musical lyrics. Read more about effects of social media on Islam.

3. Lead muslims into astray 

Music both instrumental or vocal can lead muslims into astray. Some music is a way to incite people to do what was conveyed in the lyric.

“And of the people is he who buys the amusement of speech to mislead (others) from the way of Allah without knowledge and who takes it in ridicule. Those will have a humiliating punishment.” (QS. Luqman : 6)

4. Lost our degree before Allah SWT

Rasullah SAW said in the following hadith that whoever perform singing will included as the digraceful group at the Day of Resurrection.

“A person who sings will be put in the group of those people on whom Allah will not look with grace on the Day of Judgement.”

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5. Angel will not entering our house

From Imam Ali (a.s) said,

“Angel do not enter the house which has wine, drum, tambourine or a flute. Even the innovations of the people of that house are not accepted and the fortunate blessing from the are taken away.”

Also Imam Ali Reza (a.s) said,

“That person in whose house is kept for forty days a drum, flute or any other musical instrument, chess or similiar things that person invokes the wrath of Allah and if that person dies during those forty days his death shall be of a transgressor and a libertine. His abode shall be Hell and what a terrible abode it is.”

Those tools mentioned are included as musical intruments. The effects of music in Islam mostly negative since it can taken away the fortunate blessing from Allah.

6. Make us forget time

Isn’t people nowadays often spend their time for something in vain. For example we could see many people engaging with their earphose listening to music and forget time completely.

That is what scholars feared of listening music, it can make muslims complacent. Time is priceless nothing can turn back time and we should appreciate it and used it wisely. Read more about Islamic ways to find peace.

7. Make us forget to perform worship

Another effects of listening music is we forget to perform worship and even so forget on remembering Allah SWT. Melodious music can sedate someone and make them neglect worship.

“And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.” (QS. Adh-Dhariyat : 56)

The purpose of mankind created by Allah SWT is to worship Him. And if we neglect on worshipping Allah then we deny our Creator. The punishment of neglecting worship to Allah is severe and the hell will await us in the Day of Resurrection.

8. Lead people to commit bad action

There are several music that contain of harsh or evil material. Some of them use vile act or vile words in their performances. Those kind of music can lead people to commit bad action, they can inspire them to commit whatever been told in the lyrics or performance.

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9. Make us addicted

Instead of listening music we can change it with reciting Quran or conducting dua and other useful activities including charity.

Because music is addictive, the rythim and melody has the same effect as cigarettes or drug. But if muslim can not leave on music completely than Islam recommended to choose music that teach goodness.

Music that teach goodness can give a good influence toward human. Instead of listening to dark and rude music this type of music will give us an ease and relieves our mind.

10. Affect on mental health

Soothing music will help people fight their depression based on the science study. Depression has been a serious mental illness for decades. It reduces brain activity and ability.

And soothing music can help people to fight this mental illness, the melody, the words in it that bring positivism will help people to calm their heart and mind. Read more about effective islamic ways to cure depression.

11. It can be a tools to spread Islam

Nowadays we can found musician that perform a religious music. The content of this type of music mostly about glorifying Allah and His Messenger.

Muslims can listen to this type of music if they want to. Since the lyrics also contains of praise and teaching of Islamic religion. With that function music can be used as a tools to spread Islamic teaching which is more flexible and reaches all circles of people.

12. Music can be a positive activity

There are many activities inserting music, sometimes we used music to unite people or use music for fundraising. And those are a positive activity that muslim should do.

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