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13 Effects of Social Media on Islam

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We lived in the digital modern era where internet has become an important part of our lives. Internet later produces social media. Social media is nothing new since it has existed way before the modern era. Older generations know the early stage of social media such as MySpace, Yahoo Messenger, or Friendster. As time goes by, social media evolves to what they are today.


As much as we depend on the internet, social media has equal part in our lives. It’s almost impossible for modern not to have Facebook account at the very least. It shows how social media has penetrated through every layer of the society. Everyone enjoy using the social media service.

But what are the effects of social media on Islam?

It would be a long narration to talk about the effects of social media, particularly in Islam. The main reason why people use social media would be how they are able to communicate with others throughout the world, no matter in which part they are. People make friends everyday in social media, even exchanging information as well as doing business.

Positive Effects of Social Media on Islam

Firstly, let’s talk about the positive effects of social media in our lives. Social media is the fruits of knowledge people learn.

1. Da’wah Becomes Easier

The biggest advantage of social media for Islam is da’wah now becomes a lot easier. Muslims are able to spread knowledge and beliefs to one another through social media. It’s very common for modern Muslims to stream da’wah on Youtube and other apps so that they increase knowledge about Islam every other day.

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2. Islam is More Widely Known

Because of social media, Islam is more and more widely known throughout the world. Everyone knows all about Islam and its history. Not only it’s important for non Muslims, but Muslims themselves feel the benefit of social media.

3. Connecting to Distant Families and Friends

The main reason why people use social media is for them to stay connected with distant families and friends. As it’s hard to see them everyday, social media is the answer to tie kinship, one of the many noble act in Islam.

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4. As a Medium to Increase Knowledge

We can make use of social media to increase our knowledge. There are many things we can learn from social media such as doing business, learning new languages or new skills. It’s hugely advantageous as long as we use it in positive ways.

5. As a Good Source of Information

Not only connecting people, information are also shared in social media. So that we know what happen in the other side of the world in real time. It increases awareness, sympathy, and unity especially when a nature disaster or other bad things happen.

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6. A Way to Spread Islam

In the past, Muslims has to come across the world to spread Islam. But with the emerge of social media, spreading Islam is now easier. Social media provide us anything we need to spread Islam worldwide.

7. Clearing the Misunderstanding About Islam

The misunderstanding about Islam can be cleared through social media. People are able to access many positive contents about Islam and from there, their wrong impression about Islam will be cleared.

Negative Effects of Social Media on Islam

Beside all of the positive things internet and social media bring us, there comes the negative effects too. To avoid the negative influence of social media, we must use it wisely. Here are some of the negativity of social media.

1. Social Media is Addictive

People use social media all the time. They are online every hours just to see what’s the latest things going on, While it’s positive in some ways, it got us addicted us well. We barely let go of our phone and it’s like we couldn’t live without getting into social media everyday.

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2. Create Distant with Others

Social media connecting the distant while disconnecting us with the surrounding. How could it not be, people are so focused on their smartphone, chatting with some other friends who are far away but do not pay attention of what happen near them. It’s very ironic.

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3. Make Muslims Forget Their Obligation

The worst effect of social media addiction is that we forget our obligation. We have so much fun using the social media that we doesn’t realize how much time has passed. We don’t know that we miss the time for obligatory prayer. Nothing worse can be.

“Satan has overcome them and made them forget the remembrance of Allah. Those are the party of Satan. Unquestionably, the party of Satan – they will be the losers.” (Al-Mujadila : 19)

4. Cause Misunderstanding About Islam

Da’wah is easier because of social media, but misunderstanding about Islam is also easily spread through it. We can’t deny that there are many abusive and terrorist incident are connected to Islam by some irresponsible persons at it created a horrible image about our religion.

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5. Causing Fight Among Muslims

Disharmony caused by social media can also happen within Muslims. Social media is the place where hatred is spread everywhere so we must be careful not to be trapped in one of those.

6. Many Inappropriate Content

Not only positive things, negativity are also spread in social media. There are many inappropriate content we could access. It’s why we should use social media in a good way.

As a good Muslim, we should using the social media wisely. Especially after we become aware of all the effects of social media on Islam. Let’s make the use of social media in a positive way and leave all the negative effects behind. Modernity should make our lives better, not the other way.

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