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9+ Effects of Social Media in Islam – The Advantage and Disadvantage

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Here we go again in the azislam.com, Islamic information center site. If azislam.com has discussed some articles like effects of ignorance in Islam, punishment for not fasting in Ramadhan, and importance of foods in Islam, in this occasion, azislam.com will talk about effects of the social media from the Islamic perspective. But before we start it,
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Social media recently has been a part of our life, almost all of us has a social media account or at least have an access to social media. It could be reached by smartphone, tab, PC, or laptop. Every person both young or old, man or women have been involved in using of social media.

From the dictionary itself the word social media describe as a websites and applications that enable to create and share a content or to participate in social networking. It allowed us to connect to another person from around the world, across the country and borderline. It share a lot of information, ideas, interest, career opportunities and so forth.

Social Media in Islamic Point of View

Social media has two sides, it could be bad or good at the same times. Islam as religion always guide their people to always see things from its nature, purpose, benefits, and impact for ourselves, surrounding and mostly our relation to Allah SWT.

Social media is technology, invention, and also part of the development that can not be avoided. Sooner or later muslims must adapt to it since it became necessity and if we use it wisely than social media will give us a lot of benefits.

In Islam, people are encourage of self-development which means as muslims we must always learning something new and adding insight.

“So high (above all) iis Allah, the Sovereign, the Truth. And, (O Muhammad) do not hasten with (recitation) of the Quran before its revelation is completed to you, and say, ‘My Lord, increase me in knowledge.” (QS. Taha : 114)

From the above verse it is very important for muslim to increase their knowledge and science along with technology is part of knowledge. Thus social media as a product of knowledge should be embraced by all muslims, utilize it as it best and use wisely.

Effects of Social Media in Islam

As mentioned before that social media will give Islam two side of effects, both good and bad side will be discussed here.

The Bad Effects of Social Media in Islam
1. Muslim will be addicted to social media

Currently, it will be easy for  us to find a person that addicted into social media, they use social media like almost every time. They will became confused, bored and feeling empty without social media. Instagram, Facebook, and twitter is a common social media used by so many people. And all of those application or platform are accessible easily by using a smartphone. A lot of entertainment, news, gossip, and social interactions are summarize into a single phone in our hand. That is why people is easily addicted into social media.

2. Muslim will leave prayer

“Satan has overcome them and made them forget the remembrance of Allah. Those are the party of Satan. Unquestionably, the party of Satan – they will be the losers.” (QS. Al-Mujadila : 19)

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Today we find that people getting more and more engage into social media until some point that they neglected their duty and activities. Including muslims, using social media made us forget about time and furthermore sometimes we forget to perform prayer. Our duty and obligation to Allah SWT become forgotten. And from the above verse we knew that those deed is an act of Satan and muslims will get a great loss.

3. Inappropriate content

Social media can not be controlled 100%, since all people across the world could access it, there is almost have no boundaries. That is why we can not fully filter any contents within social media, if there is a good content that there will be a bad either. Some people following the western culture, showing inappropriate things in their social media account is usual.

What muslims could do in this situation is avoiding those content, and if possible report it. Some obscene contents, anarchist contents and violence also exist in social media. Rasulullah SAW said that obscenity is a branch of hypocrisy and said that,


“Indeed Allah hates the indecent and obscene person.”

“Modesty is from faith, and faith is in Paradise, (whereas) obscenity is from severity, and severity is in Hell.” 

4. Bring up hatred

Hoax and fake news is easy to became widespread in social media, how easy people to use it and making a hoax and fake news is very creepy nowadays. We knew that social media had been accessed by billion of people both educated or not they can use it. The worst part is people are easily deceived by it. As a muslims to prevent ourselves from that we should always holding in Al-Qur’an and Hadith as our guidance, do not follow the hate speech or hoax or fake news that pops up in social media. Be wise while using it.

5. Reducing interest of socializing in real terms

The negative effect that may cause by massive social media use is it cause on reducing interaction between people in reality. We see that now, people can easily connected to a relative or friend which is separated so far away, but in contrary we also could see a family in a dinner time we are not mingling together and busy with their smartphone. Chatting with other person in social media and not heeding on other family member.

The Good Effects of Social Media in Islam
1. A medium to learn

Social media like many others not always bring harm or bad things, but also it can be utilized for something good. For example by social media we could learn something from other person fast and easily. Some social media account are dedicated for specific matter, such as gardening, architecture, designing, cooking stuff, writing and so forth. It is easy now for someone to learn a new thing from internet and social media.

2. A medium to spread good things

The example is we could spread a quote of hadith or Al-Quran’s verse to social media, so that other will know and learn about it. Social media also can be a tool to spread goodness among people. Helping someone who urgently needs by exchanging messages very possible to do.

3. A source of information

People who want to know about Islam, now can learn it or studying from everywhere, anywhere, and whenever they want since the appearance of social media. Gaining information from social media is easy, but we also should be very careful to find the right sources and not misleading. Allah SWT though muslims to always learn and seek information or knowledge as the following verse said:

“Is one who is devoutly obedient during periods of the night, prostrating, and standing (in prayer), fearing the Hereafter and hoping for the mercy of his Lord, (like one who does not)? Say, ‘Are those who know equal to those who do not know?’ Only they will remember (who are) people of understanding.” (QS. Az-Zumar : 9)

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4. A platform to connect people

Now it is possible for people in Indonesia to be connected to people in Europe or so forth. Making a relationship, brotherhood, or friendship through social media is possible to do. And from social media we also can meet again with an old friends or relatives.

Another effects that social media in Islam is as follow:
  • Help Islam to spread their though both for muslims and non-muslims
  • A platform to create a communities among muslims in the world
  • It can help us to do fund rising and so forth to help people
  • They create an influence that inspiring thousand of people to do good things

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