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17 Blissful Ways on How to Treat a Family in Islam

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Family plays an important role in the life of a Muslim and everyone else in the world. Islam commands all Muslim to treat their family in the right way, because family is one of the greatest blessing someone could have. Which is why there are some particular ways on how to treat a family in Islam to gain the greatest blessing from Allah SWT.


1. To be Honored and Respected

A family should be honored and respected. Honoring and respecting the family means that we love them with all of our heart and do our best not to let them down. When we are doing anything, we must think about our family and how our action and decision would affect them.

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2. Protecting the Rights

We must protect the rights of each others in the family and make sure that it won’t be violated by anyone. From all the basic rights such as freedom to the little one, they are all should be protected.

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3. Bring Up the Children in the Family

When there are little children in the family, it becomes the elder members to bring them up until they reach the coming of age. Bringing up means feeding them and educate them, as well as as giving them the knowledge about Islam.

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4. Maintain the Kinship Ties

Maintaining the ties of kinship with family considered as one of the best deeds a human can do. We must never fight  with our family so that we don’t talk to them for more that three days. For Allah has promised Jannah to everyone who good to their family.

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5. Helping Them When They’re in Need

Family should always comes first in everything, especially when they’re in need. We must do our best to help our family when they have something bad happen to them because they will do the same thing for us.

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6. Loving and Cherish Them

Love your family and treat them like they’re the most precious gem in the world. Because a family will always stand by us until the very end and they will never leave us alone.

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7. Pay a Visit to a Distant Family

If we have a family living somewhere far away, it has become our obligation to visit them regularly. It’s important for us to check on them, whether they’re healthy or living in some difficulty.

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8. Protecting Women and Daughters in the Family

It was narrated that ‘Aa’ishah said: the Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him) said:

“The best of you are those who are best to their wives, and I am the best of you to my wives.” – Tirmidhi

It was narrated from Abu Sa’eed al-Khudri that the Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him) said:

“Whoever has three daughters or three sisters, or two daughters or two sisters, and takes good care of them and fears Allaah with regard to them, will enter Paradise.” – Ibn Hibban

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9. Provide the Need of the Family

“Each of you is a shepherd, and all of you are responsible for your flocks.” – Bukhari and Muslim

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10. Treat them with Kindness

“And treat your parents with kindness. If one or both of them attain old age in your care, never say to them a word (suggesting) disgust, nor reproach them, but address them with reverent speech. And humble yourself out of mercy before them, and pray: ‘My Lord! Be merciful to them for having cared for me in my childhood.’” (Quran 17:23-4)

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Position of Family in Islam

Family indeed holds special meaning in every Muslims’ life, even for everyone in the world. What makes our family so special is because they have a certain position that cannot be replaced with anything. Here are the position and importance of a family in Islam.

  1. Family is one of the greatest blessing that someone can have. That’s why marriage is one of the most sacred thing, because a family will be established through the marriage. The blessing shouldn’t be taken for granted.
  2. Family acts as the guardian of the younger members of the family. Parents are the guardian of their children, and when they have passed away, the responsibility will be taken over by another elder in the family.
  3. A mother is the first friend and teacher of a child, which makes family the first home for every person. The kindness that our parents gave us ever since we were born so that they deserve to be honored.
  4. A family can be supporter of our prayer.
  5. We can get in Jannah through the prayer of a family.
  6. Getting the blessing of Allah from the family.
  7. Their prayers is a blessing to us.

So those are all the rightful ways on how to treat a family in Islam. Seeing that family is very important part in out lives, let’s all take a good care and treat them in a good manner.

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