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The Brief History of Christmas in Islam

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The word of Christmas comes from Latin which means born, however it is common to be interpreted as a ceremony if Christian to celebrate of the birth of Isa Al Masih.


Christmas celebration began since 325-254 BC which was done by Paus Liberus then decided on the 25 December, which has the same occasion of adoration of the Sun God whereas it was held on 6th January, 28th April, 18th May and also 18th October and then it was legitimated on 25 December. Read more about How to Avoid Negative Thoughts in Islam

While in Islam’s doctrine, we believe that Yesus is a Prophet which is known as Prophet of Isa AS. The date of birth of Isa AS Prophet was contradicted between Christian and Al-Qur’an. Then what is Christmas in Islam version and it is review? Here are the explanations to make it clear;

Theorem of Al-Qur’an about Prophet of Isa AS

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala commandment,

“Then pain of giving birth will force her (Maryam) to lean on the base of Palm tree and said, “Dearest, it would be better I die before this is become something which has no meaning and forgotten.” Then the angel of Jibril spoke from the lower stand,” Please do not grieve, indeed, your Lords has made creek under you, please be shake of the palm tree to get near you, certainly, the tree will fall down the ripe of the date palms to you.” (QS. Maryam (19), 23-25).

It was explained that Isa AS was born by Maryam on the summer when the palm tree was bear fruit and then they are eating the date of the palm. Read more about Value of Friendship in Islam

“Then Maryam was pregnant, isolate herself into faraway place.” (QS. Maryam:22).


“The pain of giving birth forced her (lean on) to the base of the palm tree, she said,Dearest, it would be better if I die before this is become something which has no meaning and forgotten.” (QS. Maryam: 23).


Then the angel of Jibril spoke from the lower stand,”Please do not grieve, indeed, your Lords has made creek under you.” (QS. Maryam:24).


“Please be shake of the palm tree to get near you, certainly, the tree will fall down the ripe of the date palms to you.” (QS. Maryam:25).


“Then eat and drink as you like, and if you see people please be said, “Indeed, I vow to fasting because of Allah is Merciful and I shall not speak to anyone today.” (QS. Maryam:25).

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“When it is said to them, “Come on follow to what Allah SWT is revealed and His Rasul. They are said,” It is enough for us to get from our husband to be done it. And will they following their ancient though their ancient was know nothing and not get (also) guidance?” (QS. Al-Maidah 5:104).

Some of the clauses are mentioned that the birth of Prophet Isa AS was not on 25th December, but it is in autumn, because it is said that Maryam was ate the date of palm for both of them.

According to the basis of Islamic Law, Christians are believed that 25 December was the date of birth of Prophet Isa AS and as well as it also the birth of the Sun God, so that on that date the Roman citizens were celebrating the occasion with big party full of food and drink. Read more about The Secret Power of Asmaul Husna

The Romans are refusing to embrace as Catholic because they do not want to lose the celebration on having the big party on 25 December though their Caesar was already Catholic. Therefore, the Caesar was made strategies in order to all Romans are willing to embrace Catholic by announcing that 25 December was the birth of Prophet of Isa AS.

Thus, Romans were made a conclusion that Prophet Isa AS was the son of the Sun God which is in Islam version, Christmas are not to celebrate the birth of Prophet Isa AS but the birth of the Sun God.

In fact, as in religious functions of Islam, it is mentioned that we do not know the term of God, therefore, theologians mentioned that it is forbidden for Moslem to greet of Christmas as it is being validation by MUI which also mentioned the same statement. Read more about How to Grow a Loving Heart in Islam

Theorem of Christmas

“Those who resembles to community, he shall belongs to them.” (HR. Ahmad and Abu Dawud).

It is clearly mentioned on the above hadith about the law of Christmas greeting and its attribute. Rasulullah forbids his ummat to resemble a kind of community and act like as if we are alike. It is mean that if we are following Christian then we are classified as Christian and not as Moslem anymore.

Opinion of Minister of Religion Affair about Christmas Greeting

The Minister of Religion said that Moslem is allowed to give Christmas greeting because they are various virtues of correlate hospitality. It is not shown by following the ritual of the Christian but it is as a kind of tolerant as Indonesian has various religion.

The law of Christmas Greeting in Islam is allowed as long as we are not following their ritual but it is refer to the appreciation as religious ummat and as citizen in Indonesia.

We might heard in the past about the controversial of Christmas greeting whereas there  is a different opinion between  it is forbidden while some of theologians disagree due to it is a kind of expression of tolerant and will not interfere Moslem.

Then if Christmas greeting is forbidden, it is necessary to reconsider whether it is an institution fatwa or as personal opinion. Whilst, indeed the Moslem community in Indonesia should refers to the Government manner as they are showing substantiation of Islam as peaceful religion.

The government is not questioning about the Christmas greeting or others greeting to other religions, therefore, Christmas greeting is not forbidden from the point of view of President, Minister of Religion whereas they are always appreciate Christmas celebration together. Read more about Importance of Learning in Islam

Christmas greeting is a type of manifestation of tolerant inter-religious in Indonesia so it is allowed in order to give respect the others religion. However, the Minister of Religion Affair also appreciates to those who are disagree with the government manner whereas in Islam law, some theologians are also refers to the main source of Islamic theories and Qur’an, Sunnah, Qiyas and Ijma.

In addition, some theologians also have in depth-knowledge to examine each problem using different method that makes has different result too. Read more about How to Improve Concentration in Islam

“Allah never prohibits you to good deeds and be fair to those who are not against you because of your religion and (also) drive you out from your country. Indeed, Allah loves to those who are fair.” (QS. Al Mumtahanah:8).


“He is a living creature of Allah SWT that can be dead and can be resurrected on doomsday in Islam someday like other creatures.  However, Allah SWT is giving a salvation for some conditions which is being alive, dead and be raised whereas it is the most difficult condition of His ummat and may be giving abundant salvation for Him.” (Tafsir Al Qur’an Al Azhim 5-230).


“And may all abundant salvation from Allah be given upon me on the day I was born to the world which is the devils disturbance.” It is said by some of theologians based on QS Al Imran. When I died and then resurrected Allah gave His salvation to all the phases.” (Al Jami Li Ahkamil Qur’an 11/105).


“And may all abundant salvation be given upon me (Isa AS), on the day I was born, died and be resurrected again.” (QS. Maryam:33).

Other Quran Verses

  1. Al-Mumtahanah 60:8,”Allah never prohibits you to do good deeds and be fair to those are not against you because of your religion and (also) drive you out from your country. Indeed, Allah loves to those who are fair.”
  2. An-Nisa’ 4:86,” If you rewarded an honor into another honor, please give a better rewarded than it shall be given or equals.”
  3. An-Nahl 16:90,”Indeed, Allah commanded (you) to be fair and do good deeds.”

Thus, hope those review related to the history of Christmas in Islam may be useful and increase our knowledge about Islam education.

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