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15 Clear Ways How to Avoid Negative Thoughts in Islam

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Allah created human as a perfect mortal in the world. However, they have some shortage such as like to moan and grumble. It has written in Al-Qur’an, Allah said:


“Verily man is impatient by nature bewailing when evil befalls him and tightfisted when good fortune visits him” (Al-Ma’arij: 19-21)

Everybody should wipe out negative emotion such as complaining, regretting, and grieving inside their soul. Those concerns contribute a harsh symptoms to the body. The body becomes frail, sore, and flagging to face the day. If you experience those tendencies, you should not be ignorant. Here we convey 15 how to avoid negative thoughts in Islam

  1. Reading Al-Qur’an and the meaning

Al-Qur’an is a living guide for all Muslims. There are bunch stories, wisdom, laws, and life guidance inside. If your heart and mind feel so stuffy and you could only think denial, try to read Al-Quran and fathom its meaning. Allah said:

“Tell them: “It is a guidance and a healing to the believers. But to those who do not believe, it serves as a plug in their ears and a covering over their eyes. It is as if they are being called from a place far away.” (Al-Fushilat: 44)

  1. Do sunnah fasting

Every Muslim suggested doing sunnah fasting to accelerate their faith. A bad thought stayed in the mind because he is away from God. If Muslim want to get closer to Allah, he should perform Allah beloved worship. Allah said in hadits Qudsi

My servant always draws closer to Me with the practices of sunnah so I love him. If I had loved him, I would have instructed to his ears he used to hear, to his vision he used to see, to his hands he used to hold, to his feet he used to walking. If he pleads for Me, surely I grant him and if he pleads for protection, I will certainly protect him “(Bukhari)

One way to get closer to God is by fasting. Many types of sunnah fasting can be done, such as fasting Monday and Thursday, middle month fasting, etc.

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  1. Do tahajjud prayer

Tahajjud is a sunnah prayer which is highly recommended for a Muslim. Allah came down to earth at a quarter of night and was listening the groaning of His servant. If you have done on a regular basis, tahajud will lighten the burden on your heart, make your face more luminous, and simplify the affairs.

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  1. Always recite dhikr

Dhikr is like a nutritious food for the heart. People who never did dhikr is like a soil which have never been exposed to rain. If you often worry about anything, you should reckon when was the last time you mention Allah in your daily? Try to reduce listening the songs on your gadgets, multiply the dhikr and said Allah names.

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  1. Share your worries with other

People sometimes feels depressed because he doesn’t has someone to lay on. You could share your stories to your best friends and family. They would happily give some feedback and listen to your worries. Sharing is a healing to your body and lighten the burden on your shoulders.

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  1. Attend islamic knowledge assembly

Attending an Islamic lecture is another way to strengthen our faith. Nowadays, there are a lot of Islamic studies can be found in mosques. There is no reason to be lazy to present. You can spare some time on the weekend and keep up your favourite lecturer in certain place. You can also start by subscribe their channel  on social media such as Youtube.

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  1. Be more grateful

Sadness, sorrowful, and negative thoughts always haunt a mind. That’s all because of people sometimes do not thankful with what they have. Do not take for granted your health and family who always stand by you. It’s such a blessing and not everyone can get what you have today. Be more grateful to Allah and He will add His favor to you. Allah said:

Which of the bounties of your Lord12 will you twain – you men and jinn – then deny?” (Ar-Rahman: 13)

  1. Stop prejudice

Prejudice could be very tiring for the mind and soul. The person, who likes to suspect others, would worry his life and compared himself with others continuously. Allah hates people who did presupposition everything. Allah said:

“(He also did this) to chastise the hypocrites, both men and women, and those who associate others in His Divinity, both men and women, and who harbour evil thoughts about Allah. They shall be afflicted with misfortune, Allah is wroth with them. He has laid His curse upon them and has prepared for them Hell. What an evil end!” (Al-Fath: 6)

  1. Stop daydreaming

Daydreaming is a futile activity and has more shortcoming for us. Muse people tend to not pay attention to his surrounding and live in his imaginary world.

  1. Read more books

There are a lot of books talking about self development in the bookstore. You could read many good books to accelerate your knowledge and insight about life. You could read an Islamic books and also steep into Al-Qur’an, hadith,etc. It will refresh your soul and avoid you from a bad thoughts.

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  1. Do not read or watch negative contents

Nowadays, we could easily found a bad news in the media. They are talking about war, murder, robbery, and many extreme occurrence. You should dodge and make a shield to dispel negative contents from all the corner. Because, it will infiltrate your heart slowly.

  1. Think positive

Try to think positive. Set your mind to always think the happiness, joyful, and magical occassion which has happened in your life. Always stick to Allah and gather with friends who give an enchanted vibe. Allah said:

“(O Prophet), your Lord has neither forsaken you, nor is He displeased.” (Ad-Dhuha: 3)

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  1. Do exercise regularly

Exercise give a lot of benefit for your body. You could favour a sport and do that regularly. A healthy mind comes from a healthy body. If you want to be happy, you can do some exercise. It will make you more energetic, confident, and lusty.

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  1. Do not feel downhearted

Do not feel like the world is falling apart towards you when you feel like nothing is right in your life. Allah always have a best plan prepared for you. Desperation, downhearted, regretful are not Muslim habit. You only need to do the best and let Allah do the rest. Like Rasulullah said:

Allah loves an optimistic attitude and hates desperation. “(Hadith)

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  1. Do not do destructive activities

Bad habit like drinking alcohol, zina, eating haraam food is forbidden in Islam. If you want to have a tranquil heart and peaceful soul, you should elude immoral motions. Your good deeds will please Allah and He will always answer your pray.

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That’s all about 15 ways how to avoid negative thoughts in Islam. Hence, never forget to always do your obligation towards God. Try to avoid trouble leading to a bigger problem. And be always grateful for what you already had.

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