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15 How To Be Successful in Business in Islam

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The number of entrepreneur showed an increased trend year by year. Many people begin to switch their job and try to open business as their job. Time flexibility and unlimited income are the ultimate reasons which attracted scrum to start a business.


In Islam, Rasulullah SAW has become the perfect example as entrepreneur. Since a child Rasulullah SAW learned from His uncle Abu Thalib to shepherd cattle and sold them to neighbouring countries. And, we as His people should take Him as our model for becoming an entrepreneur. Actually, what is the key to reach successful in the business in Islam? Here we present 15 how to be successful in business in Islam.

  1. Set intentions

From Abi Hafs Umar bin Al Khottob RA said: I heard Rasulullah SAW said:

Indeed every deed depends on its intentions. And in fact, everyone (will be repaid) based on what he intends” (Bukhari Muslim).

Before start the business we ought to ask ourselves, what is the purpose we want to reach? Other than wordly affairs, we must remember that our destination is to gain mardhothillah – sincerity of Allah. So we will always stick to Islamic ways as our guidance on running business.

  1. Do halal business

Halal is my way. That’s the slogan we must put in mind. Do not tempted with the big income gained from the wrong way. Halal is important element to pursue soul tranquility and blessing in our life.

  1. Focus

“Man saaro ala darbi wasola”

Words of wisdom on the top means “whoever walk on the path, he will arrive (the destination)”.

We should make that phrase as our motivation in business. Along the way we will face a lot of barriers and disturbance. Consistency and focus are the key to meet succes and develop the business.

  1. Dont be in debt

“Believers! Do not swallow interest, doubled and redoubled, and be mindful of Allah so that you may attain true success. And have fear of the Fire which awaits those who deny the Truth.” (Ali Imron [3]: 130-131)

Running a business indeed take a lot of fund. But do not force yourself to take some money from the bank as loan.

As we already knew, being in debt to the bank means we have trapped in usury. We could start the business from the bottom, step by step or we could borrow some money from our relatives which clearly not going to be exposed with interest. Read also Law of Not Paying Debt in Islam

  1. Never stop learning

Business is all about learning. Along the process we will meet some difficulties to face. We should take the lesson and learn from the mistakes. We could learn by searching a mentor whom we trust and adore, joining community, learning from social media or internet, etc.

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  1. Never give up

Indeed, there is ease with hardship. Most certainly, there is ease with hardship”(Al-Insyirah : 5-6)

Allah always remains us to not give up in everything we face. As the verse above, Allah has promised us there is ease after hardship. Never give up if you have to deal with some tribulation in your business like unprofit investment, zero buyer, etc. We only need to increase our competency and continue to fight. Because no pain no gain, there is no success without a struggle.

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  1. Pay some attention to your employee

As time goes by we will nees some workers to help us run the business. As business owner we should carry on our obligatons such woker salary,incentive, and their health insurance. Do not taunt and act arbitrarily towards them. We ought to advance the worker’s right immediately after the job is finished. As Rasulullah SAW said:

Rasulullah SAW said, Give a worker his wages before his sweat is dry” (Ibnu Majjah)

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  1. Do not forget alms

Alms or donation is opening door sustenance and it’s proven by many people. The more we give, the more we get. iIt is the way how to be successful in business in islam. As Allah said in Al-Baqarah verse 261:

“The example of those  who spend their wealth in the Way of Allah is like that of a grain of corn that sprouts seven ears, and in every ear there are a hundred grains. Thus Allah multiplies the action of whomsoever He wills. Allah is Munificent, All-Knowing.”

  1. Thinking out of the box

Now it’s very easy for us to reach an access to get as many as possible information to build a business. We should present a business which is out of the box, unique, creative, and difficult to imitate. We should dig many ideas and choose the right business which fit our resources and ability.

  1. Self organizer

Success comes from discipline and consistency. At the first building a business, there were excitement, a big passion to learn and enthusiasm to join some seminar, community, etc. As business start going well many of us begin to ignore the good habit and feel lazy.

So, to avoid that we must nurture and organize ourselves. Get used to wake up early morning to pray tahajjud and recite Al-Qur’an. Subuh is the right time to refresh the mind and get some insight to expand the business.

  1. Don’t forget to do dhuha prayer

Dhuha prayer is sunnah prayer which has a lot of benefit for muslim. Praying dhuha continously will give indirect affect to our blessing and estrange us from danger. As Rasulullah SAW said:

Indeed Allah said: “O son of Adam, do for Me 4 rakaat in early day, I will fulfill your needs until the end of day” (Ahmad)

  1. Get ready for the worse

Start a business means ready for to the fail. Failed in business is ordinary thing. It’s a rare or maybe impossible to meet someone who always succeed in his business. There were times when it was so hard to rise up after a failure.

If we have ready for the worse in the beginning, we would mitigate and solve root of the problem right away. Do not forget to always seeking help from Allah to stay strong and keep up the good works.

“But when the Prayer is ended, disperse in the land and seek Allah’s Bounty, and remember Allah much so that you may prosper.” (Al Jumu’ah : 10)

  1. Do not forget Tahajjud prayer

From Jabir R.A said “I heard Rasulullah SAW said: Indeed, at that time of the night there was a time when a Muslim servant pleaded with God for the affairs of the world and the hereafter, surely God would give it to him. It’s on every night. “(Muslim)

Someone who wakes up in the morning and then prays tahajud, in the morning he becomes excited and happy. A person who is passionate and joyful, will have an effect on the improvement of creativity and work motivation that is scientifically proven by a number of studies directly proportional to performance.

  1. Work hard

Hard work is the source of succeed. There is no succeed gained without a hard work. Allah loves His worshipper who works well. From Ashim bin Ubaidillah Rasulullah SAW said:

Allah loves mu’min who works / works hard. “And in the narration of Ibn ‘Abdan,” a young man who works / works hard” (Baihaqi)

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  1. Be conscious of Allah

The last, remember Allah always stays by our side. If we have done our best, followed His guide, prayed to Him, and done good deeds, Allah will fulfill our needs. Allah always hears and knows what the best for us. So don’t loose hope and be conscious of Allah. Allah said:

“That is to what all those that believe in Allah and the Last Day are exhorted. Allah will find a way out for him who fears Allah. and will offer him sustenance from where he never even imagined. Whoever puts his trust in Allah, He shall suffice him. Surely Allah brings about what He decrees; Allah has set a measure for everything” (Ath-Thalaq: 2-3)

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So, that’s all 15 how to be successful in business in islam. We must walk in the right path to gain Allah blessing and attain succeed in everything we do.

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