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Importance of Silence in Islam – Islamic Manners

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One of the enjoyments we have is tongue, however most people are not using his tongue nicely. It starts from dirty talk, lies and even gossip. In fact, the tongue is created to dzhikr of asthma Allah SWT. Ali bin Abi Thalib said,


“People is stumble because of his tongue and he will not died because of stumble his legs. Stumble of his mouth will bring headache while stumble of his legs will recover slowly.” (HR. Bukhori).

Some theologians said,

“The whole good deeds are come from four hadiths, there are,” those who is believe in Allah SWT on the doomsday, he shall speaks in good or silence.” Most of theologians are interpreting the hadith with the meaning, “If someone wants to speak, and what he told is true and good, he shall get rewards. Therefore, he shall say something good. If it is not, he shall hold his self even the laws of the words is forbidden, makruh and mubah.”

Rasulullah SAW also gives a kind remainder to us the danger of useless words.

“Indeed, most of the son of Adam sins is from his tongue.” (HR. Ath-Thabrani, Ibnu Abi Dunya and Al Baihaqi).

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Here are the virtues of silence in Islam and the virtues of oral in Islam:

  1. The lightest worship but high

Rasulullah SAW said,

“Would you like to know the easiest and lightest worship for our body? Silence and good deeds.” (HR. Ibnu Abi Dunya).

It is very danger to say useless words until silence is assuming as the highest worship. As Rasulullah said,

“Silence is the highest worship.” (HR. Dailami from Abu Hurairah).

Rasul is giving a command to us to keep silence from everything are useless, but it has the different condition when the person is alone, the silence is not worship.  Once Rasulullah was asked,

Who is the prime Moslem?” He answered, “Those who can take care of his oral and hands from bad deeds.” (HR. Bukhari)

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2. Survive from hell torment

Like a double-edges sword, our tongue can bring us to get charity or it is included to things will remove charity even big sin in Islam. When there is a discussion about someone’s badness or disgrace, he shall be silent and go away. Read more about Importance of the Call to Prayer

Indeed, they will be put into hell of jahanam for those who like to gossip and spread the lies including riya’ in Islam. Rasulullah SAW said,

“Indeed, when someone talks in a sentence that Allah SWT hate without realizing the impact, then he will fall into Jahanam.” (HR. Al-Bukhari).

‘Uqbah bin ‘Aamir said,

“I asked, dear Rasulullah, what the cause of the salvation is?” He answered, “Be careful of your tongue, it shall wide of your house and weep up of your mistakes.” (HR. Tirmidzi).  “There is no one will be dragged into hell with all their faces (on the ground), except it is caused of their tongues.” (HR At Tirmidzi, Ibnu Majah and Al Hakim).

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Al Qur’an is also mentioned a story about a conversation between hell and heaven,

Who put you into Saqar (hell)?” They answered, “We are not doing praying, we are not give some food to the poor and what we are doing is talking to others.” (QS. Al-Mudatsir 42-45).

Once Rasulullah SAW said,

” It will not forthright for someone’s faith before he is honest with his heart before he takes care of his tongue.”

People are not belonging to heaven if he can not secure of his words.”People who like to disturb his neighbor with his tongue are forbidden to get heaven. Read more about Akhlaq of Prophet Muhammad SAW

In Prophet Era, there was a woman to be reported to Rasul because she likes to hurt her neighbor with her tongue though she is always fasting every day and do Tahajjud every night. Rasulullah SAW said,

“Her place was in hell.”

Therefore, women are the most occupant of hell because of their tongues which are gossiping especially to their own neighbors. Not only in Islam history, today we can still seeing and hearing our neighbor are gossiping until it ended with fight due to the issues, Astagfirullah.

3. The virtues on the doomsday

Khalaid bin Abi ‘Imran was narrated that Rasulullah SAW decreed while he was stickle of his oral for a long time,

” May Allah SWT be blessed of his ummat which is already speak for the truth and he shall get big rewards or silence from the badness and then he will survive.” (HR. Ibnu Al Mubarak).


“Those who are silence, they will survive.” (HR.At-Tirmidzi).


“Those who are believe in Allah SWT and the doomsday, then speaks for good or (if not) please be silence.” (HR. Bukhori and Muslim).

Silence is the only way can help all human in the doomsday when we are willing to say bad words. The tongue is sharpening than a sword which can smash everything. Read more about Best Dua of Prophet Muhammad for Life

Therefore, Rasul commanded us to be careful of our tongues. Abdullah bin Sufyan was narrated from his father,

“I asked to Rasulullah SAW, dear Rasulullah, please advise me more about Islam, with a matter that I will not ask to anyone aside you.” Rasulullah SAW said, “Please say, I do believe and then Istiqomah.” He asked,” What should I take care of?” and Rasulullah SAW hinted with his hand to his tongue. (HR. At Tirmidzi, An Nasa’i, Ibnu Majah).

4. Avoid from hypocritical

Silence can avoid us from hypocritical. As Rasul said, “Silence is our finery for devout people and blanket for foolish one.” (HR. Abu Syaikh from Muharrriz).

Hasan Al Bashri said, “Indeed, the tongue of the devout people was located inside his heart, when he wants to talk about something, he thinks it carefully before he speaks. While hypocrite people were located in front of his heart, when he wants something then he speaks first without reconsider the impact of the words.”

5. Will be rewarded a heaven

Sahl bin Sa’ad was narrated of Rasulullah SAW decrees which means,

” Those who are guarantee for me (to take care of), what is in between of his beards (tongue) and in between of his foot (his genital), then I will give a heaven for him”. (HR. Bukhori)

6. Get lots of wisdom

Anas, one of Rasul’ relative told a story that when the battle of Uhud, I saw a young man tighten up a stone into his stomach because of hunger. His mother then wiped up the dust from his face and said, “May heaven greets you my dear son.”

When he saw the silence of the young man, the Prophet said,” Do you know the reason of his silence? He might not want to say something unnecessary things or refuse from things that endanger to him.” In other narrated, Prophet SAW said,

When you find someone who is very prestigious and lot of silence, please be aware that he might find his wisdom.”


“The silence contains lot of wisdom, but people are less to do it.” (HR. Qadha’i from Anas and Dailami from Ibnu ‘Umar).

Those are explanation of the silence in Islam. Indeed, silence is became our salvation and it can also became our reason into hell. Hope that we can always maintain our tongue so it will not plunge us into badness. Amiin.

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