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17 Ways on How to Control the Mind in Islam – Benefits

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Mind is one of the most dangerous thing in a human. A strong Muslim should be able to control his mind so that it would not occupied by the Shaytan. Here are the ways how to control mind in Islam:


1. Avoid Negative Thinking

One of the most important thing to control the mind is by staying away from the negative thinking. All the negativity drive the mind in the wrong way. In one hadith, there are one Sahabah who came to the Prophet (SAW) that feels uneasy during Salah, and it turns out that Shaytan has come to disturb them.

The Prophet (SAW) then said, “That is a devil called Khanzab. If he affects you, seek refuge in Allah from him and spit drily to your left three times.” He (the Sahabi) said, I did that and Allah took him away from me. – Muslim

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2. Notice Your Speech and Action

Control your mind by being careful with your mouth and your action. Be a person who control their mind and not the other way. Stay focused and aware of the evil whisper of Shaytan and don’t let it slip through your mouth and action. Don’t talk too much or put into action thoughtlessly because it means your mind has been controlled by Shaytan.

3. Fight Negative Thoughts

Control your mind from being dominated by negative thoughts. As it is the work of Shaytan, once you let it in you will be hard to get out form. As said by Ibn al Qayyim in his book Al Fawaid, which he refers to negative thoughts:

“You should repulse a thought. If you do not do so, it will develop into a desire. You should therefore wage war against it. If you do not do so, it will become a resolution and firm intention. If you do not repulse this, it will develop into a deed. If you do not make up for it by doing the opposite thereof [the opposite of that evil deed], it will become a habit. It will then be very difficult for you to give it up.”

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4. Make Dua to Allah SWT

Allah SWT is the one who would easily direct your mind into good thoughts, helps you to control it, and protect it from the work of Shaytan. Ask for Allah’s help and guidance for everything in your life, including when you feel like its’ very hard for you to control your mind. Never will Allah SWT not helping you because,

“You alone we worship, and You alone we seek help from.” – Al Fatiha (1:4)

5. Focus Your Mind

Keep your mind occupied and focus the whole time to avoid Shaytan from entering it, especially when you are doing Salah. It’s the time when you meet Allah SWT so that you have to drive all your mind and focus only to him. Make sure that you are not thinking about anything else and got distracted by anything. Immersed in you Salah and Shaytan won’t get close to you.

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6. Listen to Your Deepest Heart

Listen to your inner heart and act logically by what you thinking. Don’t use your logic all the time that you neglect what your heart wants. However, not all the desire in your heart could be fulfilled. But it shouldn’t be ignored as well that it wave by just unnoticed. You will become a strong Muslim who won the fight against Shaytan when you are able to control you mind and your heart as well.

7. Watch Your Mind

You mind is the enemy inside you. If you can’t control it, then it may betray you by many negative thoughts and creating evil inside you. But it could also work like a predator for the negative thoughts. Once you are able to control your mind, it will cut off the evil from its root and direct you to the right way in life. All you have to do is controlling them, so instead of becoming your enemy, you should make your mind your best friend. Because all the bad things and good things are coming from inside your mind.

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8. Acknowledge Bad Thoughts

You can’t avoid the bad thoughts no matter what. Constantly all the bad thoughts will be arising from it without even you knowing it. Whenever this happen, instead of denying it, you should be acknowledging those bad thoughts for you to fight it. Acknowledging it doesn’t mean you have been defeated, but you are collecting the power to fight against the bad thoughts.

9. Reattribute Your Brain

Whatever your brain thoughts, don’t take it as the way it is. So that when you have some bad thoughts going, your brain will labeled it and you have to change it not to get carried away by it. Process any thoughts many times before in enters tour heart and become one with your body.

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10. Think About the Impact That May Take

Whenever bad thoughts are arising from your mind, think about the people you love. Think about how this will affect them. Your family, your spouse, your children, and your friends. Would you lose them because a mere thought that doesn’t worth it?

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Benefits of Controlling the Mind in Islam

Here are some benefits you could have if you are strong enough to control your mind:

  1. You will be a wise person who always carefully saying and thinking.
  2. You become a strong Muslim whom Shaytan is afraid to get close to.
  3. You will be closer to Allah SWT.
  4. You have followed the right path that the Prophet (SAW) did in the past.
  5. You have defeated the most dangerous enemy inside yourself.
  6. You will live rightly and happily.
  7. You can fully worshiping Allah and doing good deeds in the world.

So those are all the ways on how to control your mind in Islam. And for no surprise to you, surely it brings many benefits. Allah never asks His servants to do certain things without enormous benefits behind them.

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