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Benefits of Drinking While Sitting in Islam

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Drinking while sitting becomes one of eating and drinking adab that is advised in Islam. Drinking is one of body’s needs and human always do it in their daily activity. Islam gives the limit of drinking adab that must be done while sitting as the history of Anas and Qatadah Rasulullah shallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said :


“Indeed  he prohibits someone drinking while standing, Qotadah said : “How about eating?” he said : “It is worse” (Narrated by Muslim and Turmidzi)

In other hadith, it is also narrated when Rasulullah SAW was in ‘Aisha’s home, he was eating meat on a tray and he was sitting on his knees, suddenly a cruel woman came and saw Rasulullah SAW, then she said : “Look at that man like a slave.” Then Rasulullah SAW answered : “I am a slave, then I sit like a slave and eat like a slave.” Then Rasulullah SAW invited the woman to eat.

Although it is classified in a trivial matter. In fact, the suggestion of drinking while sitting is looked from health sciences, it has many benefits. Therefore, in an effort to improve themselves to care more about the health of the body. So this article will explain about benefits of drinking while sitting in Islam.

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The Virtues of Drinking While Sitting

Abu Hurairah,

“Do not you drinking while standing. If you forget, then he should vomit it.” (Narrated by Muslim)

Some hadith asserted that drinking while sitting is an adab where Rasulullah SAW taught it directly. Of course, as a role model of all Muslims in our world, we must follow him.

But, sometimes we do not care about that wittingly or unwittingly. Because of that, this article want give you more understanding about drinking adab, here are 13 benefits of drinking while sitting in Islam. Let check them out more.

  1. Purify Digestion

Rasulullah SAW never gave an example of eating and drinking while standing. Dr. Abdurrazaq Al-Kailani argued that “Eating and drinking while sitting will be healthier, safer, and more polite.” If the meaning of the word healthier is peeled broadly, it will refer to the result of research that is quite surprising. Drinking and eating that are done while sitting will make the work of water or food slowly to intestines.

Contrarily, if it is done while standing, the water will hit the wall of intestines hard. If the habit of drinking while standing continues, then it is not impossible that the intestines will be elastic.

And it causes digestive tract dysfunction. Where the stomach will have difficulty in digesting food.

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  1. Purify Kidney

The habit of drinking while sitting will be useful to purify kidney. Kidney is an organ that has function to filter body fluid and remove it in the form of urine. While sitting, the water that we are drunk will be filtered through sfringer.

So, the performance of kidney will be lighter. Conversely, if we drink while standing, then sfringer will be opened, so the water will enter directly to the bladder without screening process. In addition, it will make absorption not optimal. The habit of drinking while standing will be able to break the kidney.

  1. Avoid from Acid Reflux

According to Dr. Ana Budi Rahayu, SpS Reflux stomach can be caused by the habit of drinking and eating while standing. Then this thing cause gastric acid rise to the esophagus and irritate it. To avoid this condition, you should drink and eat while sitting as the advice of Rasulullah SAW. 

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  1. Avoid from Dehydration

Drinking is one way to fulfill water needs in the body. In a day, we are advised to consume water as much as 8 glasses a day. If we consume water less than that, then we will get dehydration. Dehydration is a deficit of total body water. The water level in the body tissue have to be arranged correctly.

If there is a difference ten percent, then serious symptoms will arise. If this difference until twenty percent, then the person will die. Because of that, we are recommended to vomit water if we have drunk while standing as it is mentioned in the hadith above.

Ulama have also give a way out. If you are forced to drink while standing, you can move the two big toes. Insha Allah, it can refuse negative effects as it is mentioned above.

  1. Give Fresh Effect on Body

According to Ibnul Qoyyim, there are some afat (bad results) if we drink while standing, such as the water cannot give fresh to body optimally and t will descend to the lower organs quickly.

This is caused no water in the maiddah (Stomach) where it will be pumped by heart to be distributed to all of body organs. Thus, the water will not spread  to other organs of body. Whereas according to medical science, seventy percent of human body consists of liquids.

  1. Calm Down the Nerves

Dr. Ibrahim Ar-Rawi said that when we are standing in a state of distress,  the nerve balancer will become very active. So that, the nerve exercises active control over all human organs.

This thing can be overcome when you eat or drink while sitting. This condition will relax the nervous system. So the digestion can work better and optimal.

  1. Avoid from Stomach Injury

Drinking while sitting will avoid us from stomach injury. Because when drinking while sitting, water will flow from the esophagus to the stomach the folds and it will get to the stomach slowly. Conversely, if you drink while standing, then the water will hit stomach wall louder. This condition will  cause a wound in stomach.

  1. Avoid from the risk of kidney stone disease

The habit of drinking while standing will increase the risk of kidney stone disease. Where the liquid is congested because the liquid cannot be absorbed completely. So the liquid will collect and form a layer of crystals in kidney. If you have this, then the solution is certainly a treatment that must be taken.

  1. Avoid Arthritis

Arthritis is an inflammation of one or more joints that is accompanied by pain, swelling, stiffness and limited movements. This disease can be triggered by the habit of drinking while standing. Drinking while standing can disturb the balance of fluids in body. As a result, it can cause the accumulation of fluid in the joints and arthritis.

  1. Be easier to lose thirst

Drinking while sitting will be more quickly to lose thirst. Because we will absorb water little by little. So of course, it will lose thirst quickly.

  1. Make Kidney easier to filter the water

Drinking while sitting will help kidney easier to filter the water. So, the risk of kidney disease and kidney symptoms that are caused by kidney absorption dysfunction will not attack you.

  1. Help to dilute body acid levels optimally

Water should be drunk a little and slowly while sitting. That way, water can help to dilute acid levels in body that are adapted with the proportional of water needs. So, if you drink while standing, the dilution process of acid levels can be disturbed.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Heartburn and Ulcer

Drinking while sitting can increase the risk of ulcers and heartburn. Heartburn is a major symptom of GERD disease (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease), which it happens when the contents of stomach rise into esophagus.

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That was 13 benefits of drinking while sitting in Islam. From now we should have a good habit of drinking while sitting, so the health of our body will be more optimal. Hopefully this article can help us to take care our body. Thank you.

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