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10 Spiritual Ways on How to Deal with Ego in Islam

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People say that ego is what could destroy our lives in the world. If we have a big ego, then we always feel sufficient about ourselves and never learn anything. Also, we tend to look at people with smug gaze, belittling them and thinking highly about ourselves. Islam never approve of that behavior. Allah SWT reminds us to stay humble and fight our ego. Allah owns the universe and we are nothing without Him. Not a single thing in the world belongs to us, and it is a good reason why we should not be full of ourselves.


Sometime we find it hard to deal with ego, so here are the ways on how to deal with ego in Islam:

1. Always Remember Allah SWT

Selfish act only to feed your ego is something not only upset people around you, but also your Creator, Allah SWT. Keep in mind that Allah will never be happy to hear you boasting about your ego. Remember that everything belongs to Allah and you are nothing compare to Him. Mean the words not only by keeping them in mind, but also out an act to it. Mention Allah’s name every time. Say Alhamdulillah as often as you can to be always grateful toward Him.

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2. Learn to be Uncomfortable with Praise

Praise is the most dangerous food to your ego. If you take it to the heart, your ego can fly you higher and you forget how to step on the ground. Learn to be uncomfortable when you hear people praise you. Put Allah’s name into your words and learn to be humble. Give all the credits of the good things only to Allah, and instead of praise, told everyone that what you need more is their dua. The same thing happen when somebody said bad things about you, consider it as a gift from Allah, as He wants you to be more humble.

3. Surround Yourself with Good People

You are who your friends are. Human can think so highly of himself only because he is smart and got a brain. He sometimes forget where all of those cleverness came from and who gave him that brain. Rather than making friends with those who are always full of himself, surround yourself only with good people who know and realize that the reason everything exist in the world is solely because of Allah. Human will just become a mere being if Allah had not given them with brain and desire.

Good people around will always remind you of Allah. Thus, you will be thankful to Him for every good things happen to you.

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4. Keep Our Mouth from Saying Unnecessary Words

The source of the sin we commit is none other than our mouth. In fact, it was where our biggest sin come from and becoming the beginning of other sins as well. It’s important to keep our mouth shut from saying unnecessary words, especially when it’s going to cause harm to others. Say things only when they are useful or praising Allah SWT. Riya’ or showing off is one form of unnecessary words.

Showing off can be belittling others and even increasing our ego. When other people praise you, say Allah’s name and praise Him instead of showing off about you more. Keeping the mouth shut from showing off is how to deal with ego in Islam.

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5. Remind Ourselves to Stay Humble

Islam is a perfect religion. Muslim are not. Day by day while they still living in this world, Muslims has to learn more and more how to be a good person. We can’t learn anything unless we lower the go and live humbly. Muslims are also the one of the main pillars in Islam, and they have obligation to one another and also duty in live. It is to remind and willingly be reminded. Remind other Muslim to live humbly, and you remind yourself while doing so. Don’t ever feel high and proud, because the words come out of our mouth will be counted by Allah. Don’t worry about the afterlife, all we have to do is live according to the guide of Allah.

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6. Our Fate is in Allah’s Hand

Human must not forget that the reason why they exist in this world is because Allah want him to. So that as long as human live, they have to continue worship Allah and believe in Him. Our fate is in Allah’s hand after all. Just like how Allah SWT wanted us to be exist, He can take our lives anytime he want. Moreover, we will reap what we sow in the world. We are nothing without Allah and we have no value at all. Everything is from Allah and belong to Allah SWT. We don’t know when and where will we meet our ends. All we have and all we are is all because of Allah.

7. Don’t Seek for Perfection

Nothing is perfect in this world except of Allah. But human often forget this and the seek for perfection in anything. This could be the highest form of ego, because looking for anything perfect is like looking for another form of Allah. If this continues, we can do Syirik and it’s not good. Instead of looking for something perfect, try your best to make things work.

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8. Don’t Ask for Rights

People have rights and obligations in all aspects of their lives. Disunion, rifts, and dispute often happen because everyone asking for their rights, while forgetting to give people their rights. Be humble and hold the ego by prioritizing other people’s right than asking for our own. Once we give people their rights, we would also have our rights fulfilled as well.

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9. Avoid Pride and Arrogance

Don’t be so proud of ourselves and got carried away by worldly matter. Just because we are rich, wealthy, and have all the good things in the world means we are above people who don’t have it all. Never credit the achievement we have to us, because without Allah everything is not going to happen. But arrogance often win, and we tend to look down to others just because they have less than us. In this state, Shaytaan will be easily entering our heart and give us the evil whispers to drive ourselves away from Allah. Allah has warned us not to fell in the Shaytaan traps of arrogance.

“And turn not your face away from men with pride, nor walk in insolence through the earth. Verily, Allah likes not any arrogant boaster.” (Luqman:18)

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10. Don’t Make Fun of Others

People who thinks highly of himself like to make fun of others. Allah has warned us about this as well:

O you who believe! Let not a group scoff at another group, it may be that the latter are better than the former. Nor let (some) women scoff at other women, it may be that the latter are better than the former. (Hujurat: 11)

After reading how to deal with ego in Islam, you will find it no longer hard to hold it down. Living humbly will not cause harm to us. It will make us a better person instead. Allah loves His humble servants and He will give that servants a big rewards upon holding his ego in.

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