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13 Ways on How to Motivate Yourself to Study in Islam

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Studying is said to be a never ending process of learning in Islam. But young people especially find it hard to get motivation to study. Young people means those who are still in school. When you find it hard to motivate yourself to study, maybe you need some of religious enlightenment. Here are the useful ways in how to motivate yourself to study in Islam.


1. Make Sure About Your Intention

Anything we do depend on our intention. The rewards and blessing we got is also based on the intention. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW said,

“Verily, deeds depend upon intentions. Indeed, every person will be rewarded based on their intentions…” – Bukhari and Muslim

Studying is indeed the most important thing for a student. Only by studying you could pas the exam and move on to the higher level of education. Make up your mind and tell yourself that you have to end it by studying hard.

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2. Make It as a Way to Get Close to Allah

Our God Allah SWT is indeed merciful, full of love and blessing toward us, His servants. Every good deeds take into account and you will gain the reward on the Day of Judgement. Seeking knowledge through studying make us closer  to Allah SWT as Allah likes those who try. All source of knowledge come from Allah SWT, and Allah would be glad if we want to understand it.

Keep the intention in mind to motivate ourselves when we are at difficult time and too lazy to open the book. Don’t be easily discouraged when it’s hard to understand certain topic. Allah’s help will always come to us, even though it’s not a typically religious activities, it brings many rewards from Allah SWT.

3. Set a Fix Schedule

You don’t have to study all the time because it will exhaust your brain. Instead, make a fix schedule of when to study and when to rest. Follow the schedule diligently and soon it will become your most effective way of study. Make your own version of schedule and you don’t have to follow other people’s. And don’t forget your main obligation of five daily prayers.

If you would like to study at night, take time between Maghrib and midnight. End the day with Isha then go to sleep. It will be better if you can wake up at the third half of the night to perform Tahajjud, and studying after that until Fajr. Make an adjusted schedule to your best time of study. Whether it’s midnight or early in the morning, the most important thing is to follow them.

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4. Keep in Mind Allah Will Help You

When you find it hard, ask for a help from Allah. As the Almighty said,

“Call upon Me; I will respond to you” – (Ghafir:60)

Whenever we called for help, Allah always ready to give it. You can do it anytime, when you have difficulties to understand a topics or when you are just too lazy to open the book, make dua to Allah. Even though Allah know the deepest of your heart, you need to say it out loud to make it real.

5. Emphasize the Advantage of Tahajjud

Allah has promised that all the duas made during the time of Tahajjud will be granted. Emphasize this advantage by waking up early before Fajr. The Prophet (SAW) said,

“Our Lord descends each night to the nearest Heaven when only the last third of the night remains, and says: ‘Is anyone praying that I may answer him? Is anyone seeking forgiveness, that I may forgive him? Is anyone asking, that I may give to him?’, and this continues until dawn.” – Tirmidhi

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6. Study Long Before the Exam

To be successful in study, we have to prepare it long way beforehand. Nothing done in a rush would be successful. Start studying one or two weeks before exam and take it slowly. Thus you will have plenty of time to recount every single thing, especially the part where you find it hard to understand. Study hard before prayer time and review them when you have done praying.

7. Treat the Book Like You Do to Quran

To understand the Quran, we have to reread it several times along with the meaning. To fully understand it, we have to pass on the knowledge to someone else. Ask your friend to study together and to review what you have been studying. As the Prophet (SAW) said,

“The best among you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.” – Bukhari

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8. Set the Goals

What achievement you wish to gain this exam? To raise the grade or to take the first place? Set your goals before studying, write it down, and look at it every time the laziness come. By setting the goals, you will know how fast you must run and how many hours you have to study each day.

9. Create the Rules and Strictly Follow Them

Every day, allocate certain time to study and follow it through. For example, time after Maghrib until midnight is your study time. Set aside the other things and make those time only to study. After a while this will become a good habit of yours. A good habit resulted in a good things. Also by studying at certain times a day, your brain will recognize the cycle and will prepare itself to work harder during those times.

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10. Do a Mental Preparation

Don’t say no to yourself. Made up your mind first and tell yourself “You can do it!” Never say such negative things like “There is no way I can do this” or “This is just too difficult”. Those words decrease your spirit right away and makes you no longer willing to study.

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11. Keep away from internet

When you are going to study, stay away from your phone, laptops, tablets, and anything have an internet access. If necessary, turn all of your device. Internet is the biggest distraction for student and you will be lost the track of time once you open the social media or Youtube.

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12. Pray to Allah in Your Shalat

Allah will never deny anything you ask for, including when you wish for yourself to study well. Studying is a deed Allah fond of, and His help will came right away when you ask for. This is why one of the best time to study is after Shalat and making dua.

13. Put Trust in Allah

All you need is to study hard and pray hard, and Allah will take care of the rest. Don’t doubt the power of Allah by thinking “Can Allah really help me?” or “Did Allah really please if I study?”. Put all the trust in Allah and do your best. Allah’s rewards is equal to your effort.

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So those are the useful ways on how to motivate yourself to study in Islam. Always remember that studying is not only useful for school, but also big rewards come along. When you passed on the knowledge to someone else, it will become your jariyaah.

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