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5 Ways How to Make Your Wish Come True in Islam

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As human, We must have a wish, goal or hope. We want all of them will come true or granted. But, Not of all our wishes can be granted. Instead, there is unimportant thing come true. While something that we fight so hard, instead it is no success. In other words, There is our hopes that will come true and the other is not. Because, someone who decide and grant your wish is only Allah S.W.T. He can do all of that.


While we are a human, we can only pray and try to realize it. But, it is not meant that we have to give up and resign without struggles, although our wish is impossible to be granted. We must be optimistic and aware that Allah S.W.T knows more something that we did not know. Maybe, Allah S.W.T is not granted our wish soon, or Allah S.W.T will grant our  wish in the eternity later.

Praying is a based way of our wish delivery to Allah S.W.T, hope Allah S.W.T will grant our wish soon. Because of that, Don’t get bored and never stop praying because we never know when Allah S.W.T will grant our wish or with what thing, Allah will answer your wish. Of course, it will be better as His will.

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Notice The Best Ordinances of Praying

Everyone hope that his dua or wish can be granted by Allah S.W.T soon. Dua is a way and media for human to communicate with Allah S.W.T. Through dua, we can approach and express what I want to Allah S.W.T. Praying can help us to make quieter our heart. Through dua, we can also help each other, although we don’t show it with real action.

We can do dua any times and everywhere. But, It will be better if we followed the ordinances of praying. So that, our wish is likely to be granted by Allah S.W.T. There are things that you have to notice in Praying :

  1. Taharah

Of course, Praying can be done any times, everywhere and every moments. But, it will be better if we take our time to taharah first (wudu or ghusl). So, we avoid from najis and hadast. In taharah condition, we will be more comfortable when we face and expect to Allah S.W.T.

  1. Praying in the right time

There are times that are recommended to pray and insha Allah is likely to be granted by Allah S.W.T :

  • In Suhoor or third of the night
  • When you are fasting
  • In the night of Lailatul Qadar
  • When you heard adhan
  • Times between adhan and iqamah
  • Sujud in salat
  • Before salam in Fard salat
  • On Friday (see also Importance of Jummah in Islam)
  • When rainy
  • Time between dzuhur and ashar on Wednesday
  • On Arafah day (9 Dzulhijjah)
  • When there is a war
  • When you drink zam-zam water

You may also read best time to make dua for acceptence.

  1. Start with praising Allah S.W.T and end with salawat to The Prophet Muhammad

Allah S.W.T is a creator of us and all the universe. Obviously we should give praises only to Allah S.W.T because He The Only One who can grant our wish. Because of that, start your pray with reading dhikr and praising Allah S.W.T with humility and sincerity.

Then, when you want to end your pray, you have to offer salawat to our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. because he is very loved by Allah and the only one man who can give us intercessory in the end of the day later. For that, we as Moslem from The Final Prophet of God and  Rasulullah which Allah choosed, we must love The Prophet of Muhammad S.A.W with all of our heart.

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  1. Face Mecca and Raise Your Hand

Rasulullah S.A.W said :

“Your Lord is Kind and Most Generous, and is too kind to let His slave,if he raises his hand to him, bring them back.”

  1. Lower your voice and Don’t be hurry

Praying have to do with soft voice and humility. Do not be hurry. In Quran, Allah S.W.T said :

Indeed, they used to hasten to good deeds and supplicate Us in hope and fear, and they were to Us humbly submissive.” (Q.S Al-Anbiya’ : 90)

In hadith by Abu Hurairah,  Rasulullah s.a.w said “one of you is granted (to his supplication) provided he does not say: ” I prayed but I was not granted an answer.” (H. R. Imam Bukhari)
Here’re examples of charities that Insha Allah if we do them, our wish will be granted by Allah S.W.T.

  1. Said lafadz : “Ya Allah Ya Allah Ya Allah” 5000 times in a day regularly. Do it with humility and sincerity.
  2. Said lafadz : “Ya Mujib” less 55 times after Subuh prayer sincerity, istiqamah and humility.
  3. Said “As Samii” meant The Hearing, you have to read at least 500 times every Thursday after Dhuha two raka’at. It will be better if you often do it with humility and sincerity everyday.
  4. Salat ul Hajat is a sunnah prayer that we did if we have a wish or hajat. Salat ul Hajat is a specific way to do if we have a wish. We hope Allah S.W.T will grant our wish. Besides prayer, we can request to Allah through salat ul Hajat. So our wish can be granted. Allah S.W.T said “And seek help through patience and prayer.” (Q.S. Al-Baqarah : 45). See also Types of sunnah prayer in Islam.
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The important thing in request to Allah is we have to believe that Allah will grant all of our wish. Although we never know when and where or what and how, our wish will be granted by Allah S.W.T. We must always try and pray. Then we have to believe that Allah will grant our dua and wishes.

Remember, dua and hope will be better if we also do efforts and actions. Because of that, beside praying we should do righteous deeds and try hard. Then we must hold firmly to Allah S.W.T and go far away from all His and Rasulullah prohibiton. So that, our dreams will be come true.

See also how to increase iman in Islam and patience in Islam.

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