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15 Better Ways How to Deal with False Accusations in Islam

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In life, we wish that everything could be going smoothly.While in fact, Allah SWT give trials to His beloved servants when He wants to elevate his position closer to Him. Trial can take many forms, and one of them is false accusations. The false accusations is even considered worse than backbiting. Accusing an innocent person of something that they never did is indeed wrong.


But a strong Muslim should be ready to face any obstacle ahead. If they are fated to face a false accusations in their life, then there will no chance to run away from it. Instead it should be face with the ways how to deal with false accusations in Islam.

1. Proving That We are Right

When we said that we are falsely accused it means that we think we are right. If we are really sure that we are not guilty, then there are no better things to do but proving that we are right. Only then we can end the false accusations to ourselves.

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2. Bringing the Evidence and Witness

How can we prove that we are right? The best way is by bringing the witness and evidence of the events. We must studying the case carefully to find the gap between. Since there’s no lie that can be perfect, the truth will eventually find its way.

3. Seeking for Protection from Allah SWT

No better place to go when we are facing difficulties but Allah SWT. Ask for His protection so that you can get through this safely. Allah is the greatest of protector and know the best for His servants.

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4. Asking for Support from Family and Friends

In a difficult situations, you will need the support of the closest and dearest one. Seek for support from your family and friends so that you can be stronger and more optimistic in facing the false accusations.

5. Recheck On What Being Accused to Us

Before being so sure that we are not guilty, it better to recheck on what being accused toward us. What if all the accusations turns out to be true and we are the one who are wrong. If it did, then we must acknowledge the mistake and make apology. As life is a never ending learning process, everyone make mistakes and become someone better from that.

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6. Keep Our Tongue Silent

Keeping our tongue silent doesn’t mean that we are not standing for ourselves. But we are correcting our tongue and the way we speak. Our tongue is the biggest source of our problems.

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7. Repenting from All of Our Sins

Every human is sinner who continuously committing sins without we even knowing. Repent for all of our sins to Allah SWT. All the bad things that happen to us could be due to the sins we have committed.

8. Asking for Forgiveness from Allah SWT

Sincerely ask for forgiveness from Allah SWT. It’s the best step after repenting for the sins we have committed. Asking for forgiveness from Allah means that we are acknowledging our weakness.

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9. Do a Self Reflection

Reflect deeply on ourselves and what have we done all the time. We could have committed many sins and wrongdoings to other human or even to Allah SWT. We should be a better Muslim. The bad thing that happen to us could be a warning from Allah SWT.

10. Pray for the One Who Accused Us

Even though we have been wronged and falsely accused about something, doesn’t mean we have to treat that person with evil. We should still pray for that person so that Allah SWT will open their heart and stop their bad deeds.

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The Danger of the False Accusations

False accusations is not a mere sin that could be taken lightly. As it could be dangerous for one’s life and could kill someone’s character, the punishment and danger for a false accuser are also big. Here are the danger of the false accusations:

1. Tasting the Worst of the Hell

“And whoever commits a fault or a sin, then accuses of it one innocent, he indeed takes upon himself the burden of a calumny and a manifest sin.” – An Nisa (4:112)

2. Destroying the Good Deeds

“One, who is indebted to his religious brother in respect to reputation or wealth, should seek his forgiveness, before that day in which there is not any Drachma and Dinar. In that day, it will be deducted from his good deeds, and if he does not have any good deed, the sins of other party will be added to his sins.”

3. It’s Not Compatible with Fellow Muslim Brother

“Do not envy and spite each other and do not slander about each other, and O, God’s servants be brother with each other.”

4. The Good Deeds and Prayers Won’t be Accepted

My Lord has instructed me to prevent reaching the goods deeds of slanderers towards My Lord.”

5. It’s Not Compatible with Belief

Prophet (SAW) spoke for us, and so loudly that even the girls in the houses too heard. He said: “O the group who has believed by tongue, but not by heart. Do not slander about a Muslim, and do not spy their secret affairs, the one who is curious for the secret affairs of his religious brothers, God shall reveal his own secret affairs and scandalizes him inside his own house.”

Those are all the ways how to deal with false accusations in Islam. As long as we know that we are not guilty, we must be sure that Allah SWT will not keep in silent and His helping hand will come down to sort that matters. May we always be blessed by our Almighty God.

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