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17 Precious Ways How to Gain Beauty in Islam

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Beauty is something that makes people happy whenever they see us and we will be the center of the attention because of the beauty.


Gaining beauty is not only using natural ingredients or face bleach creams but also can be done without drugs and simply undergo religious commands. In the Islamic religion gaining the beauty is very easy as long as diligent in performing worship such as prayer and others.

Well, then for those of you who want to look beautiful and radiant face then there is no need to buy various beauty products that are expensive because there are some Islamic ways to gain beauty that you can try. In addition, you look beautiful from the outside, this way will also make you beautiful from the inside so anyone who sees you will be fascinated.

Indeed, We [We] have produced them (into) a creation, And We have made them virgins, Devoted, equals in age. For (the) companions (of) the right. (Al-Waqiah 56:35-38)

Here is presented how to gain beauty in Islam.

1. Do wudhu

Wudhu is one of the preoccupations done before the salat as a remover for the dirt in our face and heart and the perfect of worship. In addition, doing wudhu will also remove sins. After doing this, we will be looked more fresh and gain beauty like having a new light from Allah in our face and body.

Abu Hurairah said: “I heard Rasulullah Saw said,” Actually my people are called on the day of the end of time in the condition of ghurran muhajjilin (his face shines and his body shines) because the former perform wudhu, then whoever is capable to extend the ghurran should do it. “ (HR Bukhari and Muslim)

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2. Wear the hijab

Beautiful women are not those who spit their beautiful faces to men who are not their muhrim. Based on the teachings of Islam, the beauty of women should be kept only for her husband. Therefore, Islam requires women to wear the hijab and hold it over their chests. A woman dressed in long clothing will certainly look more graceful and charming than a scantily clad woman who shows her nakedness. By wearing hijab, it will increase the beauty of a woman inside and outside.

O Prophet! Say to your wives and your daughters and (the) women (of) the believers to draw over themselves [of] their outer garments. That (is) more suitable that they should be known and not harmed. And is Allah Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Al-Ahzab 33:59)

3. Do tahajjud prayer

Practice tahajjud prayer is not easy. The reason is that this prayer must be done in the last third of the night (around 3 am). This is the moment when we are asleep. No doubt, many people are lazy to undergo this sunnah worship. But you know, tahajjud prayer not only increase our chance of prayer is granted but also make the aura of our faces radiate beautifully.

“Whoever performs a lot of night prayers, then his face will look handsome or beautiful during the day.” (HR Ibnu Majah)

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4. Keep the appearance

This must be done especially for the woman because she can invite someone to do something bad because of her appearance and looks. The woman should maintain it and never show something alluring or wear something that shows the body too much because the beauty is not only from the appearance but also the inside of the heart.

And say to the believing women (that) they should lower [of] their gaze and they should guard their chastity, and not (to) display their adornment except what is apparent of it.


And let them their head covers over their bosoms, and not (to) display their adornment except to their husbands, or their fathers or fathers (of) their husbands or their sons or sons (of) their husbands or their brothers or sons (of) their brothers or sons (of) their sisters, or their women or what possess their right hands or the attendants having no physical desire among [the] men or [the] children who (are) not aware of private aspects (of) the women. And not let them their feet to make known what they conceal of their adornment. And turn to Allah altogether O believers! So that you may succeed. (An-Nur 24:31)

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5. Have a good akhlaq

Beautiful women are many but rarely have a good akhlaq. Like a beautiful flower, but not fragrant. The beauty is formed from the goodness of the heart and the form of a good act. Remember that the beauty radiates from the inside out. Not the other way around. So, the women should grow their heart with faith and truth (al-haq), which is based on true science (saheeh). Then, do it with good deeds (moral), as the fruit of the fruitful liver and it will grow the buds of faith.

O Allah, as You have beautified my (physical) incident, then beautify also my akhlaq. (HR Ahmad)


“Allah is beautiful and loves a beautiful, generous and loves generosity, loves a noble akhlaq and hates low akhlaq.” (HR.Bukhori)

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6. Siwak (clean the teeth)

The law of siwak in Islam is sunnah. Siwak serves as a natural herbal toothbrush, the shape of the rod a bit soft and very easy to use that is by directly rubbing the area of our teeth.

According to the Prophet Muhammad SAW by Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawzijja, if the siwak is used sufficiently can help clean teeth, prevent cavities, refreshing breath, and many other benefits that have been proven by modern scientists, such as killing germs and bacteria.

In addition, we will gain the beauty from a refreshing aroma from the mouth and the cleanliness of teeth.

“Siwak is a cleanliness for the mouth and pleasure for Rabb”. [Hadiths shahih history Ahmad, Irwaul Ghalil no 66)

7. Balance the care of the body and face without changing the shape of self

To just use cream, soap, scrub, hand body, and other items are allowed in the rules of Islam. Origin you do not use the way that the ultimate goal to change the form of self-like injecting to the nose, perform facial surgery, eyebrow embroidery, embroidered lips, straighten hair, and so forth. This is what many become contradictions in Islamic law.

Many people feel it is fine because there is no specific hadith that prohibits it. In fact, Allah has already said in Qur’an and hadith that we must not change the creation of Him especially our body.

Not they invoke besides Him but the female (deities) and not they invoke except Shaitaan – rebellious. Allah cursed him and he said, “I will surely from your slaves a portion appointed.” “And I will surely mislead them and surely arouse desires in them, and surely I will order them so they will surely cut off (the) ears (of) the cattle and surely I will order them so they will surely change (the) creation (of) Allah.” And whoever takes the Shaitaan (as) a friend beside Allah, then surely he (has) lost – a loss manifest. (An-Nisa 4:117-119)

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8. Give a smile to people

Smiling sees easy to do but in the reality, it is difficult to do especially if we are in bad mood, situation, and have many problems. In fact, we will look different and gain a beauty if we smile a lot at their surroundings. In addition, we will create a positive vibe that increases their beauty and make people comfortable with us.

“Your smile in the presence of your brother (fellow Muslims) is (worth) sadaqah to you.” (HR Tirmidzi and Ibnu Hibban)

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9. Do fasting

Fasting is a special worship that is essentially restraint such as refraining from hunger and thirst, refraining from lust, refraining from anger, and controlling emotions. Psychological fasting proves to bring peace and peace that comes from patients. Calmness and peace affect the physical in shaping the faces more shady and graceful that increases our beauty.

O you who believe[d]! Is prescribed for you [the] fasting as was prescribed to those from before you, so that you may (become) righteous. (Fasting for) days numbered. So whoever is among you sick or on a journey, then a prescribed number of days other. And on those who can afford it, a ransom (of) feeding a poor. And whoever volunteers well then it (is) better for him. And to fast (is) better for you, if you know. (Al-Baqarah 2:183-184)

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10. Understand the knowledge of Islam

We should choose the woman who can understand the knowledge of Islam because she will be looked more beautiful with it. In addition, it can save us in the hereafter later because of her beauty and religion.

“The woman is married to four things, that is because of her wealth, because of her offspring, because of her beauty or because of her religion. However, choose her because of her religion to save yourself. (HR Bukhari and Muslim)

More Ways to Gain Beauty in Islam

Here is presented more ways to gain beauty in Islam.

  • Eat properly with right amount
  • Dhikr to Allah
  • Take a bath regularly
  • Be gentle with everyone
  • Always greet everyone
  • Avoid sunlight and rain
  • Maintain cleanliness everywhere

That’s all how to gain beauty in Islam. Hope we can do all of these ways and never do prohibited ways such as change Allah’s creation.

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