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15 Judicial Ways How to Make a Good Decision in Islam

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Everybody often feel confusion over decision they have to make. Starting from such small things until a big injunction like selecting job, getting married, having a child, it’s all need to choose. We, as muslim, have the greatest weapon to face all hardship in this world and those are Al-Qur’an and sunnah Rasulullah SAW.


Through this article, we will discuss one by one the steps how to deal with intricacy in our life. Here, we present 15 how to make a good decision in islam

  1. Do Istikharah prayer

Most of us ever heard about the eminency of istikharah prayer. We could do 2 raka’at of istikharah prayer when we need to choose between 2 choices or more. Aftermath of prayer we will feel peace in our heart, clear mind, and zero stress. Allah will help us by giving steadiness of heart and unaninomous decision.

Rasulullah SAW said:

“ O Allah, I pleade for your guidance with Your knowledge, I plead strength with Your power and I plead Your Virtue”(Bukhari)

  1. Seek advice from respected people

Sometimes we need to seek advice from other people to solve the problem. Every people have various opinion with different point of view. It helps us to deliberate all possiblities  and decide the best decision.

  1. Seek information related the problem as much as possible

Confusion for making decision may be raised because of our lack knowledge on the issue. If we face difficult situation, we should look for information as much as possible from many sources. The input could help us to take decision faster. Read more, dig many references, talk with the expert to make the best decision.

  1. Always recite dzikir

Ibnu al-Qayyim, in one of his book, said dzikir is like a nutritious food for spirit and body. Dzikir could erase hardship, sadness, and anxiety from our life. Dzikir presents happiness, joyfull, strength, and peace to our heart. Allah said:

Believers, remember Allah much. And glorify Him morning and evening” (Al-Ahzab [33]: 41).

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  1. Do more sunnah prayer

We get used to praying 5 times a day, fasting in ramadhan, pay zakat, etc. But if we have a big issue, we must multiply the pray’s part by doing sunnah prayer. Do sunnah prayer after the main prayer, fasting on Monday and thrusday, pray tahajjud and dhuha. So, Allah will listen our nerves and help us to get out from the perplexity.

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  1. Ask blessing and pray from parent

Parent are the most meritorious people entire our life. We were born within their intimediaries. Their blessing will give massive impact to every aspect about how we live in this world. Never forget to ask their opinion before making a decision.

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  1. Take a rest

We often feel stuffed with repetitive events which happened everyday. Take some days from your work and go to the vacation. Holiday gives some time to re-thinking all issues of the problem, refreshing your mind, and energizing your soul. It’s also the perfect time to do meditation and be grateful for the blessing Allah had given us.

  1. Avoid negative thoughts

If we want to take the right decision, we should calm our heart from negative thoughts such as anxiety or anger. So we will have a clear mind and think straight to make a choice. Consider the positive and negative aspects from every choice we had and take the best decision from it. 


  1. Don’t be too hasty to take decision

From Anas bin Malik, Rasulullah SAW said

Cautious comes from Allah and hasty comes from Satan”(Baihaqi)

It means we should not be hurry to do anything, include taking a decision. If it’s so hard to make a choice, we should take some time and make judgement at the right time. Allah always remains us to be careful and avoid hastiness.

  1. Start every action with basmallah

Allah said on Al-A’raf verse 17:

“Then I will come upon them from the front and from the rear, and from their right and from their left. And You will not find most of them thankful.”

Syaikh Nawawi wrote on his book Syarh Marâqil Ubûdiyyah about the miracle of basmallah. It said by reciting basmallah, Allah will give protection and shelter from danger and hesitation. Get used to say basmallah in every action in our daily. It will give us strength and peacefulness inside our heart.

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  1. Be sure to take the best decision

If all the stages are done and we have made a good decision, leave it all to Allah. Because God will give anything we ask and never loose hope upon Him. Allah always stays by our side and helps us from the hardship.

  1. Be bold to take a risk

There is a risk lingering every decision we make. Do not get discouraged when the risk is bigger than we expected. Remember we have given our best, so we will feel more confidence to resolve the problem. Allah said in An-Nisa verse 19

It may be that you dislike something in which Allah has placed much good for you”

  1. Read istirja’

If the outcome is not as we please, don’t be sad or regret the past.  Allah always has a better plan than for us. Ummu Salamah said; Rasulullah SAW said

There is no muslim struck, and he utters a prayer commanded by God: ‘We belong to God, and we shall return to Him. O Allah, grant me reward for the misfortune that befall me and give me a better replacement.’Unless God will give better replacement. ‘’ (Muslim)

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  1. Create plan B

When we make a decision, we should have plan B or a backup plan. This is aimed to resolve the problem quickly if our first plan is not working as we pleased. So in the future we will not act reckless in our deeds.

  1. It’s all Allah ordinances

Allah said

“It may well be that you dislike a thing even though it is good for you, and it may well be that you like a thing even though it is bad for you. Allah knows and you do not know.” (Al-Baqarah: 216).

Lastly, we must always remember that Allah is the one who determines all. We’ve done the best and let Allah do the rest.

That’s all the explanation on how to make a good decision in islam. Hope this article will give some glimpse how to fulfill our desire and take the right choice in our life.

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