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13 Easy Ways How to Get Rid Yourself of Jealousy in Islam

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Jealousy is a fatal illness that even the greatest doctor in the world can’t cure. When a person get jealous, he become unhappy to whatever goodness come to other people, thinking that it should be his. A severe jealousy could even make someone to wish other people losing all of the good things and hold grudges toward the. If that person living even better life than before, jealousy increase.


No doctor can cure the jealousy for sure. Except Allah SWT, whom nothing is impossible to. Only by get closer to Allah then your jealousy can be cure. Here are the ways how to get rid yourself from jealousy in Islam:

1. Be Grateful to Allah

Say “Alhamdulillah” all the time even when nothing particular happen. It’s a form of gratitude to Allah SWT that will keep you away from the jealousy. By feeling grateful to Allah, everything would be sufficient for you, because there is nothing greater in world than Allah SWT.

2. Remember That Allah Would Not Give it All

When other people’s life seems better than us, it’s because they actually hide their hardships well. They always try to smile on the outside while feeling miserable on the inside. Allah will never gives it all to one person. Nobody can be perfect but Allah.

3. Pray to Allah to be Distanced from Jealousy

As a mere human, there will be time when we can’t contain the jealousy. Say “Astaghfirullah” and take Wudhu’ right away. Pray with the utmost sincerity to Allah SWT so that you can be distanced from jealousy. Don’t let it stay any longer in your heart and rotting it slowly.

4. Seek Protection from Allah

Take Allah into consideration in everything. Allah is the ultimate shield from the most evil thing in the world. For the illness that has no cure, jealousy, nothing can protect you better than Allah SWT. As the Almighty said in the Holy Quran,

 “…seek refuge with Allah from the mischief of the envious one as he practices envy.” (Al Falaq:3)

We never know where jealousy might lead us to, as the first murder in the Earth happened because of jealousy.

5. Hold Yourself from Anger

Always behave calmly and hold your anger. Jealousy comes from hatred as the result of anger. Acting jealous means we questioned the decision of our Creator, and it can shake our faith. Remember that the one who envy will be killed first other than the one he is envying. Learn not to vent anger easily.

6. Do Your Best to Suppress Your Ego

Jealousy is affected by the ego. We think that we are higher than somebody else, thus we feel that we deserve better. Who are we to judge, because the only one holds the right to judge is only Allah the Almighty. Don’t let your ego win and control you.

7. Jealousy Kills the Good Deeds

Act of jealousy wipes away the good deeds you have done and the thawabs you have earned from those. As the Prophet said in a Hadith, “Avoid being jealous. Know that jealousy wipe out thawabs just like fire wipes woods out; it sweeps them away.”

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While another Hadith by Ibn Majah said,

“Jealousy eats up thawabs just like fire eats up woods. And charity (sadaqa) sweeps faults away just like water extinguishes fire.”

Spend every time in our lives in a way to please Allah SWT. The Prophet (SAW) said,

“An unbeliever and one who has killed him cannot come together in Hell; the fire of Hell and dust in a servant’s stomach which was swallowed on the way of Allah cannot come together; belief and jealousy cannot come together in a servant’s heart, either.”

8. Don’t Ever Doubt Allah

If ever in our heart contains a jealousy even it’s as big as a dot, it means you are doubting Allah’s decision. From here, we are unconsciously questioning our faith. It begins with the bounty that other person’s get, and we ask why should he get that and not us? We must not questioned Allah’s fate to us because Allah knows best. By acting jealousy, we draw ourselves closer to Shaytaan.

9. Be Jealous to a Better Person Than You are

Even though jealousy is an evil act that even Allah hates, but Islam allows us to be jealous under certain conditions. Don’t jealous on someone because of the worldly thing they have: possessions, positions, prosperity, and wealth. It is okay to be jealous or envy to people who are better than us in a religious term. That jealousy means we want to be as good as them.

10. It Damages You More

Jealousy won’t do good in you. Only because you wish other people to lose everything, it won’t be happen that way. Jealousy would never make Allah to change His decision. It only cause damage to you instead of bringing good things to you. Caliph Muawiyah said twice about these:

 “Avoid jealousy because it causes more damages to you than to one whom you are jealous of.”

Also he said,

“I can please everyone, except for the jealous one because he wants people to lose their boons. (As long as I have got what he is jealous of, I cannot please him no matter what I give to him.)”

11. Jealousy Won’t Help You Reach Your Dreams

People who get jealous will never get what they want. It won’t help you to reach your dreams at all. Moreover, jealousy shorten your lifespan and causing you living in despair. The one who is envied will never be harmed by it, instead they will gain benefits. Rather than busy chasing your dreams, you spend the whole time being jealous to other people who you think. To get rid of jealousy, come to the people you are jealous to, shake his hands and be his friends.

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12. Jealousy is a Test

Jealousy is a test to every human living in the world. When you see rich people you are jealous of what they have, and yet other rich people say they’d like to giving up everything just to buy more time with his family. It’s a test that not everyone know and aware about.

13. Remember the Warning of the Prophet (SAW)

One of the good way to get rid yourself from jealousy is by hearing the warning from the Prophet (SAW) himself,

“When you think of bad luck, do not quit the thing you like. When you are suspicious of something/someone, do not investigate. When you are jealous, do not act accordingly.” Because according to the Prophet, “There are three things; nobody has ever managed to get over them: Bad luck, negative suspicion and jealousy.”

So those are the ways how to get rid yourself from jealousy in Islam. Keep in mind that jealousy in an illness that no one can cure. Get close to Allah by increasing our imaan. May all of us be protected from the things that could damage our hearts and soul.

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