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20 Ways How to Increase Iman in Islam (Faith)

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In this millennium era, we are facing many changes, problems, and challenges. Those things are tested our faith or Iman whether we can handle it or not. However there are many ways to increase your Iman (or Faith in many terms) in this millennium era, which is very easy and effortlessly to do, but still referred in Qur’an and Hadist. Here is presented how to increase your Iman.


1. Fixing or Improve Prayer

One of the easiest way to improve our Iman and Taqwa is fixing your prayer. It is need a quality and solemn shalat, which is reflects the faith and devotion (or Taqwa in Islam terms). In Surah Al-Ankabuut ayah 45 has been explained that :

“Recite, [O Muhammad] what has been revealed to you of the Book and establish prayer. Indeed, prayer prohibits immorality and wrong doing, and the remembrance of Allah is greater. And Allah knows that which you do”

Beside of five times shalat that we always do, we can do another Sunnah prayer such as Dhuha, Tahajud, and Rawatib (Qabliyah and Ba’diyah) to improve our shalat.

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2. Learning or Studying Koran/Qur’an

We all know that Al-Qur’an is our source for guidance in life, but if we learn (or tadabbur) Al-Qur’an, our Iman will be improve and believe more to God. Learning Al-Qur’an is not just read that text, but also pervert and implied its contents, and make it function of Al-Qur’an in real life and mankind. This is as God says in Surah Yunus verse 37 : 

It is impossible that this Qur’an was made by any other than Allah; but (the Quran) justifies the previous books and explains the laws which it has established, there is no doubt in them, (revealed) from the Lord of the worlds. “

For that, tadabbur Al-Quran is something that must be done and when it has learned it will appear confidence and no doubt at all.

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3. Gathered with the Righteous

Talk and chatting with righteous and pious people is one of the way that very effortlessly. The pious man cultivates faith, while with him we will be motivated and enthusiastic in carrying out all the commandments of God. Human beings are social, requiring friends and accompaniment to live a colorful life and there is an impetus coming from outside.

Seek those who are righteous. Form interaction with them and let us socialize, blend with each other, and remind each other kindness with them to help us stay in faith in Allah SWT.

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4. Reading Islamic Books

One source of faith is the science that we have. The existence of the usefulness of science makes our faith and taqwa more and more. One of them by reading the books of Islam that bequeathed scholars or other knowledgeable people of other true. Modern mysticism, Islamic monotheism, Fiqh science, and Kalamic science in Islam can also be studied because as part of the science that forms the foundation of the faith.

All of Science in this world is belong to Allah SWT, sometimes we just don’t know how to catch it thoroughly in everyday life. Reading science and studying it will make us more subservient and amazed, because human science is nothing compared to what God has. In Surah Al Hajj ayah 8 explaining that

“Yet there is among men such a one as disputes about Allah, without Knowledge, without Guidance, and without a Book of Enlightenment”

From that verse, we can take a conclusion that human science is a drop from the vastness in the Ocean. All of this belong to Allah, and support each other, not across.

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5. Evaluate Ourselves

Before we started our faith-improvement, we need an evaluation for ourselves. To be able to continue our faith and devotion improvement we must also carry out self-evaluation. This evaluation is to measure how far we have been faithful and carrying out Allah SWT commands. Evaluation should be run by yourself, not by others. For that, who measure it is ourselves, because the self is better know how our faith and devotion to Allah SWT.

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6. Avoiding Bad Environment

If we feel we are not been able to adapt and avoid all disobedience, then our choices can stay away from that environment until our faith and piety power increases. Keeping yourself better than having to stay in an environment that makes us worse.

However, avoiding a bad environment does not mean we have to be exclusive so there is no social interaction with other humans. Allah tells us to socialize and spread goodness in order to create good Islam in society.

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7. Attending the Assembly of Science

Attending the assembly of science is also a way for our faith and devotion to be increased. It certainly will give us a lot of wisdom and enlightenment. After all, science always we need and make ourselves better all the time. Attend the assembly of science, which discusses the science of Islam, useful science, so that the greatness of God is increasingly present in us.

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8. Dhikr to Allah

One of the very easiest way to increase our Iman is dhikr. Dhikr means remembering Allah. Remember Allah in every condition that we had, and make our faith and devotion getting increased. In Surah Az-Zumar ayah 10 tells about :

“O my servants who have believed, fear your lord. For those who do good in this world is good, and the earth of Allah  is spacious. Indeed, the patient will be given their reward without account.”

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9. Belief in God’s Predestination

Everything happen in this world is because of Allah’s decree, even just a leave which is fall from the tree. We known as Qada and Qadar, which phrase means ‘divine decree and the predestination’.  It is one of six archive of faith, which is also known as arkan al-iman. In Surah Al- Hadid ayah 22 tells about :

“No calamity befalls on the earth or in yourselves but is inscribed in the Book of Decrees (Al-Lauh Al-Mahfuz), before We bring it into existence. Verily, that is easy for Allah.”

Despite of all decree, it does not mean that we are doing everything with no effort. We still keep doing everything with all effort that we had, and let Allah do the rest.

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10. No Complacent with World’s Life

World often offer temporary happiness and sadness, so with keep ourselves not to lured by world’s life, it will keep our Iman and Taqwa. But it does not mean that we have to stay away from the world. We just have to be balance between our world and our pray.

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11. More Grateful, Less Complained

Sometimes we facing bad things that makes us complained. For some reason, it is okay if we complained. But the things that we have to know is there are more people which is had a problem or worse condition than us. So be grateful for everything that we had, no matter everyone get something better than we get, because human is never get enough. Instead of complaining, we can direct it to the positive things that can channeling our bad feeling.

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12. Think Positive

Another way to increase our Iman is think positive. Why? Because we know that Allah has decree every single things, include the bad things that happen to us. We just keep thinking that Allah know best for His ummah, and everything that Allah give is the best. So, all we have to do is just think positive.

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13.  Be Consistent

Running Allah command will certainly have an impact. To that end, feeling the benefits and the meaningfulness of Allah command will only be obtained when we actually run it. For example, fasting as a form of self-training. We will not be able to feel the benefits of fasting to health if not performing the practice of fasting itself. The higher and often we carry out God’s commands, the higher we will feel the significance of Islamic values and their usefulness for us.

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14. Enjoy the Life that Allah Give

A strong and increased faith and devotion is obtained only by people who enjoy the life that Allah SWT gave. They  will gain faith and devotion because they feel a life with gratitude, blessing, God’s help, and sustenance. Those who  feel those life will certainly get the enjoyment of life in the world and hereafter.

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15.  Be Tawadhu

Rasulullah SAW said “humbling oneself is a part of Iman” (Ibn Majah). It means that being humble person is realize that everything is belong to God, and we just have to keep and maintain that Allah gave to.

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16. Ma’rifat to Rasulullah SAW

One way to increase our Iman is learn and know our role model : Muhammad SAW.  Who really knows him will undoubtedly never doubt his truth and the truth of the Book, as-Sunnah, and the religion he carries.

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17. Tafakkur

Another way to cultivate faith is tafakkur to the universe in the creation of the heavens, earth, and various types of creatures that exist in it. Likewise to think of all that is in man and the nature that is in Him. They are all powerful drivers of faith. Because everything that exists is the majesty of creation that shows the qudrat and the greatness of the Creator. Moreover, this amazing beauty and order of nature also shows God’s vast knowledge of Allah and His wisdom (wisdom) covering all things.

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18. Avoiding bad deeds

Another thing that will strengthen the faith is to abstain from everything that leads to kufur, nifak, ungodly, and immoral. With avoiding those things, it will keep ourselves to pray and remember Allah.

19. Maintain and Regulate our Mind

Sometimes our heart is full of envy, and other things such as other people got something better or we never get. And sometimes we want something that people got. But if we have a strong Iman and devotion, we will realize that perhaps we have not yet to get what we want, or it is not for our good.

20. Prayer

And Last but not least, is Praying. Allah is the only one who pray to. And Allah will grant the wishes of the devoted servant of Allah SWT. In order for our prayers to be answered by Allah SWT, we must believe that Allah will answer all of our prayer, even will not answer it at the moment. But if we think that our pray is not answered by Allah SWT, believe that it will be our saving in afterlife.

All those 20 ways How to Increase Iman in Islam is easily practice in daily life. But if you feel a little bit hard to do all those things, you can do one by one and with consistency.

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