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9 Blessing Importance of Surah Ar Rahman

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Ar – Rahman is known as the tides of Al-Qur’an, which is literally meaning the bride of Al-Qur’an. Imam Baihaqi was narrated that the Prophet of Muhammad SAW said,


” Everything has a bride, and the bride of Al-Qur’an is Ar-Rahman.”

It is because of the beauty of the surah which is contained several times repetition of the verse fabi ayyi aalaa’i Rabbikuma Tukadziban likened as the ornaments worn by the bride.

Ar-Rahman is a name of Allah SWT means “All the Graceful of Earth and Hereafter.”

It has special meaning until Allah SWT made it become one special surah to be read. It is a remainder surah to all human kind about the forgotten of abundant bounties that Allah SWT given.

The theme of this surah is about the biggest bounty of Allah SWT which is Al-Qur’an.  Thabathaba’i said that Ar-Rahman contains about all creatures of Allah SWT which consist of the earth and the sky, the land and the sea, human and demon, whereas Allah SWT arranging all those creatures into one cycle so it have benefit to all human and demon both in the world and hereafter.

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Here are the virtues of Ar-Rahman:

  1. Ar-Rahman helps human to praise Allah SWT more

Ar-Rahman itself means that Allah SWT is All the Gracious one. We will feel the virtues when we read Ar-Rahman with heartfelt and surrender ourselves to Allah SWT.

By reading Ar-Rahman, we are hoping to be grateful to Allah SWT more because the existence of everything in  this world and the doomsday are because of His will.

2. A reminder to human that Allah SWT has a characteristic of Ar-Rahman

The content of Ar-Rahman is describing about the abundant bounties of Allah SWT. It also explains about human kind to have a nature of loving both to Allah SWT and also to other human kind

3. A reminder to all human kind not to deniable the bounties of Allah SWT

The 3rd verse mentioned,” has created human kind.

” When we read the surah with heartfelt, we must realizing that our live is because of Allah SWT. We are created by Allah SWT with all the perfect condition of living. Thus, we are expected to increase our worship as if as our thankful to Allah SWT aside getting the rewards.

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4. A reminder that there are other creatures aside of human that also having worship to Allah SWT

It is a genie or demon or jinn which belong to Muhammad SAW as a messenger of Allah SWT. All creation of Allah SWT is not limited to the visible one but it is also the invisible too.

The kingdom of jinn with all others worlds which is invisible were created by Allah SWT.

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Jabir said: the Prophet of Muhammad SAW was seeing his relatives and read them Ar-Rahman surah from the beginning until it is finished while all of his relatives were in silence. He said,

” I had read this surah to the jinn when they are gathering and they were gave a better version responded rather than all of you. When I came at the verse fabi ayyi aalaa’i Rabbikuma Tukadziban (which were the bounties of Allah SWT deniable by you?)


they answered,” We are not deniable anything from the bounties that you have given, to All of Praise.” (HR. Tirmidzi)

By this hadidh Rasulullah SAW taught all his relatives ways to think and muse of Al-Qur’an which is about the verse contains a question.

Al Thibbi was mentioned the silence of Rasulullah SAW relatives means that the good response. It is also confirmed by Ibnu Al Malik which mentioned that the silence means a recognition that the jinn clan were deniable the verses of Allah SWT while in the vice verse they were not admitted of it.

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5. A reminder that human kind is forgotten

The repetition the verse of “fabiayyi aalaa’i Robbikuma tukadziban” is a soft reminder to be answered with all human kind about the abundant bounties which have already given by Allah SWT.

By answering the question, all human kind will remember about the greatest bounties that Allah SWT given and expected to be more thankful to Allah SWT as His perfect creation among all the other creatures.

6. Be blessed by Allah SWT for all the bounties be given

In Ats Tsaqolayn commendation, Rasulullah SWT said,

Those who are reading surah Ar-Rahman, Allah SWT will love all the weakness and be blessed of all the bounties given to him.”

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7. Those who are died reading Ar-Rahman is likened shaheed

Tsawabul A’mal explained that Rasulullah SAW said,

” Those who are reading Ar-Rahman, and when come to a sentence fabiayyi aala’i Robbikuma tukadzibaan and answered with there is no one of Allah SWT were deniable by me, if he read it at night and then he died, then he died as if as shaheed, and when he read it at noon, the dead is considered as shaheed.” (Narrated by Imam Ja’far).

It is mention that we are free to read surah Ar-Rahman either noon or night whereas both occasion are have the same rewards when we are applied it.

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8. Get blessing at the doomsday

Rasulullah SAW said,

” Do no leave reading Ar-Rahman, wake up with him, it is calming the hypocrites people hearts, you will seeing that Allah SWT is with him (Ar-Rahman) at the doomsday, it likewise a human which is fragrant and beautiful at the doomsday, when the day come there is no one standing in front of Allah SWT closer than ever.


At the time, Allah SWT said: who likes to read you at the night? He answered:  Dear God, Fulan bin Fulan and their face become glowing. He said to them: give blessing to all who loves you. He gave the blessed to them until the last moment which is no one left behind. He said: please come to heaven and stay there as you like.”

Those are the virtues of reading Ar-Rahman both at noon or night.  May Allah SWT will blessed us to always be grateful to all His bounties that has been given. Wallahu A’lam. 

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